Live Daily, By Suzanne Kayian / LiveDaily Contributor 3/5/2009

Mick Fleetwood [ tickets ] will appear March 20 at the Barnes & Noble store at 555 Fifth Avenue in New York City to commemorate the release of "Blue Again," the new album by his Mick Fleetwood Blues Band, according to a press release. The album, which will be released March 17, revisits the classic blues songs of early Fleetwood Mac [ tickets ]--pre-Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham--in addition to newly written songs.

Among the songs on the album are "Fleetwood Boogie," "Stop Messin' Around" and the Peter Green-penned "Black Magic Woman," which Fleetwood Mac recorded and released in 1968.
Though the British-born musician continues to be a driving force in Fleetwood Mac, which recently kicked off a world tour, he continues to feel a strong affinity for the type of music the band played in its early days. "Over my career I've been called a pop star and a rock star, yet in my inner heart, I will always be part bluesman," Fleetwood said in a statement. "On my journey from blues to a life of rock 'n' roll, I've always remembered where I started."

Mick Fleetwood Blues Band features guitarist and lead vocalist Rick Vito, bassist Lenny Castellanos and keyboardist Mark Johnstone.