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Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY

Featuring:Fleetwood Mac
Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 (8:00pm)
Address: 51 South Pearl Street, Albany, NY 12207
Ticket Price: 48.50-125.00

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Lindsey Buckingham is amazing !!

Written by Frank Conley from Troy NY Sep 19, 2008 at 12:49 PM
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I have never seen Fleetwood Mac before, but have always been a fan. This was simply one of the best concerts (by any band) that I have ever seen!
As a huge Lindsey Buckingham fan, this show was evrything I could have wanted.
Great singing, guitar playing and solos, and unbelievable enthusiaism.
WOW !!
Please contact me if you have a bootleg of this show !!
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Do not miss this tour!

Written by Anonymous from Albany, New York Sep 19, 2008 at 12:42 PM
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Fleetwood Mac put on a tremendous performance at this small venue. The concert was a solid, non-stop, 2 hours performance of new tunes, including Peacekeeper and Say You Will, and of course all of the old favorites. I was most impressed by the hard work the band put in to their performance. Mick pounded the drums relentlessly, and provided a terrific drum solo in World Turning, John played bass, while Stevie and Lindsey fronted the stage, and alternated vocals on their individual hits. Stevie sang all of her great hits, Rhiannon, Dreams, Silver Springs, Landslide, Stand Back, Gypsy, Gold Dust Woman, and Lindsey did Dont Stop and Go Your Own Way, to perfection. The Chain and World Turning were classic too. The dynamic energy that was put into this performance was amazing, and nothing was held back. Lindsey also made an extra special effort with all of the fans in the front row, he made sure that everyone received a handshake, a class act! Mac fans must not miss this tour!
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Written by MaryLiz from Syracuse, New York Sep 19, 2008 at 12:41 PM
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When I saw Fleetwood Mac perform at the Pepsi Arena as part of The Dance tour I believed that had been my final opportunity to see my favorite band live in concert. To have the chance to see them tour again was an unexpected surprise...and last night the Mac was as magical as they had been in 1997. So much has changed in my life in the years since The Dance tour. Finishing college and moving on into the real world had left me with less time (and finances!) to indulge my Mac/Stevie obsession; however, seeing them last night reminded me of all that had started my fandom in the first place.
I wont give a play by play of the entire concert, as Im sure others can do more justice to that than I can; for me, the evening went by as one big, wonderful blur.
Needless to say the band was outstanding. Stevie and Lindseys voices sounded great, there were the ever-fabulous harmonies, Lindsey was a maniac on guitar, a very full and complete sound...they flat-out rocked. I also loved the video screen behind the band and thought the use of lighting complemented the performance perfectly. Unlike previous Mac and Stevie tours, I had not been online to check out fan reviews and set lists prior to the concert, so I was in for a few pleasant surprises. From the opening drumbeats to The Chain to the final notes of Goodbye Baby I was captivated. I
love, love, LOVED the addition of Beautiful Child (!!!) and Eyes of the World to the set list and was beyond relieved that Silvers Springs and Stand Back were again included this time around. I also thoroughly enjoyed the new twists added to several songs this tour, such as Stevies harmonies on Never Going Back Again. Though I missed hearing some of Christines songs, I can never hear too much Stevie and thought
she was great singing Christines parts for World Turning and Dont Stop (done as the first encore). I was also really impressed by the new stuff the Mac performed, particularly Peacekeeper and Say You Will (both of which, in my opinion, sounded more complete than they had when the band was on The Tonight Show several weeks ago). My only disappointment with the new songs was that Running Through the Garden and Destiny Rules, two of my favorites from the album, were not included in the set as they apparently had been at the start of the tour. Of course, if it were up to me Id have had FM playing their entire catalog... For me, the highlight of the show was probably Landslide, from hearing everyone singing along, to Stevies adorable smile after the Im getting older, too line, to the huge ovation it received, Landslide was simply beautiful.
I attended the concert with my roommate from college, who was a first time Fleetwood Mac/Stevie concert attendee. After being exposed to Stevie and the Mac through our college years, I was finally able to get her to a concert! We had tickets to see Stevie during her Trouble in Shangri-La tour, but the show was scheduled for September 12, 2001 and canceled for obvious reasons. She told me it was well worth the wait,
however, and she was totally impressed and enjoyed the show (almost!) as much as I did.
To me, Fleetwood Mac concerts seem to lack a little of the intimacy and warmth of Stevies solo shows; however, they make up for it with sheer intensity and that Stevie/Lindsey chemistry that is still fun to watch after all these years. To anyone on the fence about going to see the it! It was phenomenal and I only wish I could go again!
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