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Ford Center, Oklahoma City, OK

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Written by Erick Church from Tulsa, Oklahoma Sep 12, 2008 at 06:09 PM
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I'm not sure what the previous reviewer is referring to when he talks about sound problems. From where I was sitting (floor, directly right of the sound board), the sound was perfectly mixed. There were absolutely no flaws I noticed (except it seemed that during the first few notes of "Dreams", Lindsey's guitar didn't seem to be plugged in, or wasn't on).

The only major problem I noticed is that the crowd seemed unwilling to accept the new music! Anytime a song they didn't recognize started, they hit the stairs running, I assume going for more beer. Or, they just sat down. It was very embarrassing for me, and I hope this isn't happening at other stops.

Hopefully they'll come back to OKC soon! It's been a long time since they were there for the Mirage tour!
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hire new sound techs

Written by Randy Homburg from OKC, OK - worst music venue on Sep 12, 2008 at 06:06 PM
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I have been to numerous concerts and venues since 1970, and this was one of the worst concerts I ever attended. The sound was the equivalent of a drive-in movie speaker. The reason I perceived was the sound board operators had two blond bimbos in the booth they were fooling around with, and it wasn't until "Bad Love" that the sound even got close. We left about then, because the drums were way over mixed and all we heard was throbbing noise. We couldn't hear guitar, bass or vocals, and that's a shame because Lindsey is the star. All we heard was Mick's bass drum. Worst sound I have ever heard.

Fire your board engineer and sound crew or give them a dose of salt peter before the show. Try to hire Paul McCartney's or the Eagles sound techs. They made a bad venue sound fairly decent. Love the band - hated the concert. Screwed on the ticket price, but had some great beer afterwards.

Saw the band back in about 76 or 77 in Dallas. Great show, great band, great sound. I truly long for the old days, when a sound crew could get the mix right during the first song. Must be this digital crap is too complex for simple minds with tin ears and too much crotch candy too close? You would do well to either cut the sound way back on the drums or play back, man.
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Written by Jasmin Mehl from Munich, Germany Sep 12, 2008 at 05:39 PM
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Im April plante ich meine Reise zum Fleetwood Mac Konzert in Oklahoma City. Durch Zufall stiess ich auf die Tourdaten und rief meine frühere Schulfreundin, die in Oklahoma verheiratet ist, an. Anke und Mark waren sofort begeistert und kauften Tickets (137,50$). Ich stieg in München (Munich) in den Flieger. Aber was mich im Ford Center erwartete, überstieg meine kühnsten Erwartungen. The Chain, Live und in Farbe. Ich hatte es geschafft!!! Fleetwood Mac nochmal seit 1980 Live zu sehen. Koste es was es wolle. Ich war im Ford Center und nochmal mehr im Mac-Rausch. Wir hatten Plätze in der 13. Reihe. Mir war das, wenn ich schon aus Deutschland kam, nicht nah genug. Irgendwie stahl ich mich an Securitys vorbei und landete direkt an der Bühne. Lindsey - himself- umfasste meine Hand und sah mir direkt in die Augen. Wow, oh my Gawd!!! Ich werde diesen Moment wohl nie in meinem Leben vergessen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ich bin seit meinem 18.ten Lebensjahr Mac-Fan und das ist für mich das absolute Highlight gewesen. Abgesehen von Mick, wie er die Bandmitglieder vorstellte, Stevie ihr "Rhiannon" singt, und bei "Go your own way" sich mit Lindsey "verträgt".
Ich schaffte es noch ein zweites Mal zur Bühne hin und konnte Lindsey am Arm kraulen. Brrrrr.
Ich komme aus dem Staunen nicht mehr raus.

Anyway, die weiteste Anreise hatte wohl ich an diesem Abend....und ich bin stolz drauf. Fleetwood Mac! Sogar meine Tochter (4) steht schon drauf :-)
Jeder hier in Deutschland erklärt mich für verrückt, aber Fleetwood habens mir angetan und ich bin verrückt nach ihnen. Sie werden immer ein Platz in meinem Herzen haben!!!

Jetzt, zuhause angelangt, wird mir erst bewusst wie nah ich an Stevie, Lindsey, John und Mick dran war. Und sie haben in all den Jahren an nichts (ausser Christine) verloren. Im Gegenteil.

Mac is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love you!

Jasmin Mehl from Munich, Germany

(To my neighbour in row 13. Please send me the pictures you have taken at this special night. Thank you and god bless.

You are welcome if you want me to translate this!
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Excellent fun show!!

Written by Rick Bert from Oklahoma City Sep 12, 2008 at 05:36 PM
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What a great feeling knowing that I wouldnt have to travel a ways to see Fleetwood Mac concert this time around. They finally made their way back to Oklahoma City. From the moment Stevie yelled out OKLAHOMA CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the closing song it was pure electric.

After months of planning for this concert, making sure family and friends had great seats, the day finally arrived. Everyone was happy with their locations. I was 8th row center next to the right aisle. I was wearing a Stevie shirt made up of pencil artwork sketches drawn by my friend and Stevie artist, Jolynn Gooshaw. A lot of you older fans may remember her work from the 80s. One of the sketches included was the one Stevie uses as her stationery. What a great compliment for Jolynn. My nephew, Senaca, was there. He was wearing a t-shirt that had a photo of him onstage with Stevie during the Oklahoma City 1986 show. Hes 24 now. All in all, everyone really enjoyed themselves.

It was a pleasure meeting Nelda & Tommy. I spotted them outside the Ford Center. I filmed them and took a couple of photos. Nelda was dressed in really cool Stevie finery. Another couple showed up which I cannot remember their names but they are from Dallas. They were really cool and friendly. I enjoyed their company as well.

All I can say about the concert is to read Brians review. I agree with it 100%!! I was quite surprised at how strict security was. You couldnt stand in the aisle. There were people trying to get up front and were immediately sent back. Security was strict to the very end. All I can say is that they were on a mission and mission completed.

Thanks Fleetwood Mac, we missed you.
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Written by Brian Scarborough from Santa Fe, New Mexico Sep 12, 2008 at 05:34 PM
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This was the best show I have ever seen. The energy was awesome and the singing was as well...I do not think I have ever had so much fun in my life!!! I drove 9 hours to see this show and it was well worth the trip! Fav Parts:

The Chain
Goodbye Baby
World Turning

Grrrrrreat Show!!!
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