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Gift of Screws 2008
 September 7, 2008Mountain Winery, Saratoga, California
 September 9, 2008Moore Theatre, Seattle, Washington
 September 10, 2008Newmark Theatre, Portland Oregon
 September 12, 2008Harrah's Casino, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
 September 13, 2008Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California
 September 14, 2008Royce Hall (UCLA), Los Angeles, California
 September 16, 2008Humphreys, San Diego, California
 September 18, 2008Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona
 September 19, 2008The Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, California
 September 20, 2008The Joint, Las Vegas, Nevada
 September 22, 2008Depot, Salt Lake City, Utah
 September 24, 2008Opera House, Denver Colorado
 September 26, 2008 Brady Theatre, Tulsa, Oklahoma
 September 28, 2008Uptown Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri 
 September  29, 2008Pageant, St. Louis Missouri 
 October 1, 2008House of Blues, Cleveland, Ohio 
 Octtober 2, 2008 House of Blues, Chicago, Illinois 
 October 4, 2008 Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
 October 5, 2008Egyptian Theater, Indianapolis, Indiana 
 October 7, 2008 Hamilton Place Theater, Hamilton, Ontario 
 October 8, 2008 Music Hall, Toronto, Ontario 
 October 10, 2008 Sovereign PAC, Reading, Pennsylvania 
 October 11, 2008 Xanadu Theater, Atlantic City, New Jersey 
 October 12, 2008 Lebanon Opera House, Lebanon, New Hampshire 
 October 14, 2008 Calvin Theatre, Northhampton, Massachusetts 
 October 15, 2008 Ridgefield Play House, Ridgefield, Connecticut 
 October 17, 2008 Berklee Performing Ats, Boston, Massachusetts 
 October 18, 2008 Keswick Theater, Glenside, Pennsylvania 
 October 19, 2008 Nokia Theater, New York, New York 

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Turn of the Screws 10/11/08 TajMahl Xanadu, Atlant

Written by Pattycake99 Jan 29, 2009 at 10:11 PM
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This was my first Lindsey concert, I've always been a fan, but never befor got
to see him solo. Well this by far has been one of the best concerts I have ever
seen. The audience was captivated, and Lindsey knew it, it was like he was playing to friends he knew for along time, He spoke to us about each song, and added alittle private tidbit about the time he was writing the song. He is in my
opinion very underated. There are muscians out there that don't have an ounce
of the talent Lindsey has. I was just addicted to him in minutes, I mean that.
He seduced the whole crowd with that guitar playing and great vocals. At one
point he was done playing a song, and it was sooo quiet the crowd was all
breathless, I couldn't help it, I yelled "Lindsey, you are a Beautiful Ledgend"
I was up close (10th row) and he just bowed and every one went crazy with
applause. Then comes the encore, and man did he rock us! His band is
awesome too, and they have all been together for along time, which was nice to know. During the encore, Lindsey let his fans storm the stage, and no fuss
made as we all took pictures and video, it was the coolest thing.
I will be looking forward to more solo concerts for sure.
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19 Again

Written by Tom Harris Nov 17, 2008 at 01:36 PM
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I closed my eyes and I was 19 again. The best. We need you to put Panama City Florida on the 2009 tour!!!
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Lindsey Rocks Cleveland

Written by Todd Richards Oct 02, 2008 at 01:24 AM
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A great night had by all in downtown Cleveland at the House Of Blues. Lindsey and band were in great spirits, and very moved by the enthusiastic reception from the Cleveland audience. Launching into "Great Day" with no pre-show fanfare, bring the crowd to a quick frenzy. That was followed by the blistering "Love Runs Deeper" with many in the crowd already singing along with every word from the new GIFT OF SCREWS track. A full band "Trouble" and "Go Insane" followed, reminding any who might have forgotten of the earlier solo heyday of LB. The wonderful "Tusk" again was on this tour with drummer Walfredo Reyes holding his own in the stomping madness.
Other must-visit FM tracks also made the set, including "Never Going Back Again" "Big Love", "Come" (LOUD!), "World Turning" (another great drum and sample solo with Brett Tuggle playing mastermind) "I'm So Afraid" (even more bluesy than on the UNDER THE SKIN tour) and of course "Go Your Own Way". Guitarist Neale Heywood provided great sonic support for LB, sometimes laying down the melody lines for some of the best new of the new - including the (gasp!) first single "Did You Miss Me" "Gift Of Screws", and the band-set closer "Treason". The evening ended with a great encore of "Second Hand News" (with a very surprised audience reaction - how can you not see that coming?), the aformentioned "Treason" and a lovely solo "Time Precious Time". LB promised to see us "next time" - we can only hope. Now on to the rumours of a 09 Fleetwood Mac trek......
Thanks LB and band for a great night - stop by anytime...
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