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From Sioux Falls Classic Rock, 102.7

 Lindsey Buckingham says that he had to make a concerted effort to set aside an extended period away from Fleetwood Mac to finally get his solo career back on track. Buckingham releases his fifth solo studio set, called Gift Of Screws, on September 16th. After a 14-year wait between albums, he amazed longtime fans by embarking on a solo concert tour, releasing two studio albums, and a live CD/DVD collection -- all within two years.

Buckingham says that setting aside time to create and complete his new music had to take priority over Fleetwood Mac for a while: "I think I accomplished that by putting boundary around a three year period in which I told Fleetwood Mac to not come knocking on my door. And it kind of allowed me to formulate a game plan and to follow through on it -- which hasn't always been the case. There has been, certainly a history of what might have been called 'interventions' on what my attentions might have been. So yeah, I'm very happy we got this done."