Fleetwood Responds To Inaccurate Near-drowning Story
By WENN (Showbiz Spy), July 22 2008

LATEST: FLEETWOOD MAC founder MICK FLEETWOOD has issued a statement following reports his six-year-old daughter almost drowned at his family home in California on Friday (18Jul08).

The rocker's daughter Ruby is recovering in hospital after falling into a swimming pool, but Fleetwood insists she wasn't at her own home when the incident occurred.

A Fleetwood spokesman says, "On Friday, Ruby and her twin sister Tessa were on a playdate with close friends of the family at a pool in the Hidden Hills area of Los Angeles.

"Contrary to recent Internet reports, the child was not doing cartwheels near the pool and did not hit her head. The accident did not occur at the Fleetwoods' home."

The spokesperson confirms Ruby passed out in the pool and was revived by CPR before she was taken by ambulance to West Hills Hospital. She was later transferred to Cedars-Sinai Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, where she is currently being treated.

Attending doctor, Keith Kumble, confirms young Ruby is in critical, but stable condition.

He says, "Ruby was the victim of an accident that is potentially extremely serious, but she is doing quite well and the medical staff at (hospital) Cedars (Sinai) is optimistic that she will make a full recovery."