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say you will (fleetwood mac)

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Schizophrenic is probably the best way to describe this new Mac attack. Is it a band album or a Lindsay Buckingham solo effort? A bit of both because calling it a band album is a bit much when Christine McVie's only appearance is as backing vocalist on a few tracks. That's not to say this is a disappointing album. Far from it.

Buckingham has ensured this has almost as tough an edge as Rumours, even though some of the wonderful pop-rock tracks - such as the title song and Stevie Nicks' Thrown Down - sit uncomfortably next to the experimental proton-rock of Buckingham's Miranda, Murrow Turning Over in His Graveand Say Goodbye. Nicks says the band had enough material to put out a double CD set. Well, Say You Will is nearly as long as the two-disc set Tusk. This album shows the Mac is back.

With some judicious listening, you can enjoy this, despite McVie's absence.

greg kelton