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People Magazine Reviews Tango In the Night, June 15, 1987 


So polished is this quintet, so clear and in tune does everything sound, that they could probably turn out something musical even if they all happened to fall over at the same instant. After five years without making a record together, though, the group might have been expected to come up with something more provocative than "Oh...pretty baby/This feeling I just can't hide/You got me mystified" or a tune (Big Love), on which the background vocal by Lindsey Buckingham's girl friend, Sherry Caspari, seems to suggest either lovemaking or a cramp in the foot -- maybe both. Christine McVie, Buckingham (who co-produced with Richard Dashut) and Stevie Nicks, taking turns on lead vocals, are all in good voice. Buckingham's guitar figures are still captivating too. Nicks' tune Welcome to the Room...Sara and Buckingham's Caroline show some of the melodic and lyric sophistication that ought to be expected from musicians this talented. But there's no fire here, and little joy. It's like a reunion among people who realize they haven't missed each other all that much. (Warner Bros.)