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Washington Post, November 12, 1990

It's been three years since Fleetwood Mac came up with the lineup that performed at Capital Centre Wednesday night, enough time for it to appear that former singer-songwriter and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham is not only gone but nearly forgotten.

Except for a few moments when the six-piece band (augmented by two backup singers, a keyboardist and a percussionist) recalled Buckingham's contributions, the group essentially followed the advice of one of his best-known tunes: "Go Your Own Way." Dotted with featured roles for all the members (save for retiring bassist John McVie), the show benefited from terrific vocals by Christine McVie and refreshingly understated ones by Stevie Nicks, who sounded far better than she did on her recent solo tour. As a result, "Rhiannon," "Dreams," "You Make Loving Fun," "Landslide" and the new "Save Me" all came off without a hitch, each sounding as good, if not better, than the recorded versions. Of course, Nicks was her usual tediously theatrical self at times; wrapped in satin and lace, her arms outstretched during a series of slow pirouettes, she often looked as if she were taking part in a seance rather than a rock concert.