Associated Press, March 10, 1981


British rock star John McVie and his wife, Julie Ann, were fined $1,000 and ordered to pay $1,000 to a rehabilitation facility after pleading guilty to drug and weapons charges.

McVie, 35, a member of Fleetwood Mac, appeared with his wife in Circuit Court on Monday to face the charges stemming from their arrest Dec. 23, when police found 4.5 grams of cocaine in their home on Maui island.

McVie pleaded guilty to three violations of failing to register firearms. A felony count of promoting a dangerous drug was dropped after McVie passed a lie detector test, said his attorney, Brook Hart.

Mrs. McVie, 29, pleaded guilty to third-degree promoting of a dangerous drug.

Judge Kase Higa agreed to defer acceptance of their guilty pleas, which means the defendants' records will be erased as long as they do not break the law in the next year.