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The 1960s

  • Compilation of listings initiated 1/99
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The 1970s

  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Rumours
  • Tusk

The 1980s

  • Mirage
  • Tango In The Night

The 1990s

  • Behind The Mask
  • Time
  • The Dance


  • Lindsey Buckingham:
    • Out Of The Cradle
  • Peter Green:
    • The Splinter Group Featuring Peter Green
  • Christine McVie:
    • Christine McVie
  • Stevie Nicks:
    • White Winged Dove (Bella Donna)
    • Wild Heart
    • Rock A Little
    • The Other Side Of The Mirror
    • Whole Lotta Trouble
    • Street Angel
    • Enchanted

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TUSK Dec. 7, 1979 At The FORUM in Inglewood, Cal

Written by Jim Wade Dec 11, 2012 at 04:39 PM
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Slow start but when the USC Marching Band Marched In Playing TUSK Was A Highlight Till The Second Set Began W/"Second Hand News" We Were On Our feet. "Say You Love Me" By My Favorite Christine McVee.
Tremendous Show & Wish I Had Kept My $15.00 Ticket Stub
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Holstebro Hallen, Denmark, November 1st 1969

Written by Carsten Tolbøll May 18, 2012 at 04:52 PM
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I was 16 and together with a bunch of friends we had bought tickets to this Saturday night concert for about one and a half Euro. We had warmed up with some booze and looked forward to hear some blues and the new album "Then Play On". I considered FM to be a good club band although a bit traditional. We had all laughed when we heard the four blues boogies on "Mr. Wonderful" that sound almost exactly alike with the same slide guitar opening.
So much more surprising as it turned out to be one of the best rock concerts of my life. Only half of the tickets (about 700 as I remember) had been sold, mostly the cheap ones in the back. Peter Green entered by telling us to come closer to the stage and fill up the empty seats. He was wearing a scarlet kimono and looked like Jesus with his black curled hair and beard. John McVie was a solid rock. Mick Fleetwood drummed with enthusiasm while making wild eyes - he was so tall that you could see his knees above the bass drum. Jeremy Spencer was hidden behind a grand piano where he was hammering out distinctive boogie and rock'n'roll chops. For some songs he would come out in front and pick up a black arrow shaped guitar that he had placed directly on the stage floor. The guitar looked much too long for the tiny man, but he didn't bother and played the wildest slide solos, especially in "Shake Tour Money Maker".
The interaction between guitarists Peter Green and Danny Kirwan was simply breathtaking in songs like "Albatross", "Oh Well" and "Closing My Eyes". The latter was sung by Green in a sensitive matter that simply told what blues is all about.
I remained a FM fan but lost some interest in the band's new music after the "Tusk" masterpiece. Unfortunately I never saw them again, but that night in Holstebro, Jutland, Denmark so many years ago reached the stars.
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Tusk Tour 1980, Kaiserslautern Germany

Written by Peter Ludes Feb 21, 2010 at 03:41 AM
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In 1980, when i was 18, I visited my first rock'n roll concert. It was an open air concert and I was deeply impressed from the great atmosphere on this sunny summerday. It started (if I remember well) with Rockpile, than Fischer Z, followed by Bob Marley and finally Fleetwood Mac. For me it was unbelieveable to see such a big show with a funny drummer, a very charming guitarist and two lovely ladys and a lot of well known, phantastic songs. Nearly happy we left the concert; after two days, my ears became able to hear well again.
After all this years and roundabout 250 rock shows later (Stones, U2, B.B. King, Neil Young, Pretenders, AC DC, Joan Baez, ....) this Fleetwood Mac gig stays for me as the "concert". I remember it always with a smile. Thanks to Fleetwood Mac for this , I hope we'll see us again, Peter from Karlsruhe!
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