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Nashville, TN

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20 Year Rewind

Written by  Jun 17, 2008 at 11:52 AM
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I saw Fleetwood Mac last night (11/6) at the Arena in Nashville, TN. It was as though I too had gone back 20 years. I had also seen them on the "Mirage" and "Behind the Mask" tours, as well as everyone's solo tours. However, they were my very first concert 20 years ago and last night was very special.

I loved the stage set up.... very open with no amps blocking any views. The first few songs were verbatim with "The Dance" special but it really seemed to come to life with Lindsey's solo on "I'm So Afraid"! He was in rare form and seemed to get the other members really into the show. I had almost forgotten what an incredible spark plug he is to the band and how much his presence was truly missed.

The song list is the same as listed on the page. However, I purposely avoided reading any reviews, etc. so I would be totally surprised. The biggest surprises had to be "Go Insane", "Stand Back", "Not that Funny" and ESPECIALLY "Farmer's Daughter"!! As always, "Songbird" was fabulous and seems to be a "tradition" to close a wonderful evening with.

Throughout the show, I was in awe of seeing them back together again and sounding so wonderful. I was/am so proud of them. They seem very sincere about what they are doing.... enjoying the reunion with each other and with their fans. I appreciate the tickets being kept reasonably priced and giving everyone their $$'s worth. Sans time between intermissions, I enjoyed an incredible 2 1/2 hrs. of music and memories. I know I got every penny's worth.

Thank you, Fleetwood Mac!
You are all fabulous!
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The Music City

Written by Ann Sissom Jun 17, 2008 at 11:51 AM
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Here are my thoughts on the Nov. 6th Fleetwood Mac concert in Nashville, TN (The Music City :-)

This morning, I still have a Fleetwood Mac hangover :-) My hands are sore from clapping, I've almost lost my voice from screaming and my shoulders are killing me from holding up my binoculars through most of the show. Thank God for binoculars :-) Anyway, I went to the show with my husband, my two sisters, two nieces and one of their boyfriends.

The show was a complete sell out by the way :-) Our first stop was to purchase tee-shirts. There was a wide variety and it was very hard to make a decision. Finally, we decided on one and we made our way to our seats. I cannot tell you the feeling I had when I looked down to that stage and saw all the instruments set up and the roadies milling about. I was like, wow, I'm really here and this show is really going to happen! Now, onto the show itself.

They started at about 8:30 pm. The crickets started and the lights went down. It seemed like forever until they hit the stage, but when they did, the roar from the crowd was deafening. I immediately grabbed up my binoculars, making sure they were in focus. I watched as the five came onstage. Stevie and Lindsey came out holding hands. Then, the first drumbeats of the "Chain" started and it was like I had been transported back in time. I felt like I was 18 years old again and it was 1977. Everyone looked and sounded incredible!!!! Stevie dedicated "Landslide" to her grandfather and said he would have loved to have played on a stage in Nashville. I guess she was referring to the Grand Ole Opry. Lindsey dedicated "Bleed To Love Her" to Greg and Mindy, whoever that is :-)

Here are some other highlights for me (in no particular order):

"Not That Funny"- Lindsey and Mick stole the show on this one. Mick was very energetic with his drum pads, hopping around the stage like a crazed elf with his red shoes on :-) Lindsey, well what can I say? I love this song live!!! During Mick's solo, Lindsey laid down on the stage, kicking his legs up and down. I watched him through the binoculars and loved every minute of it ;-)

"Big Love" and "Go Insane"- What can I say? Lindsey is the most incredible guitar player. I can't even begin to explain these performances. They were very passionate and intense as always.

"Gold Dust Woman"- Really rocked. Stevie's voice was really clear and on the money. The scream at the end literally sent chills down my spine.

"Silver Springs"- The ultimate Lindsey and Stevie moment of the entire evening. Toward the end of the song when Stevie was singing "Never get away," Lindsey walked over to her, never taking his eyes from her. As she kept singing, he walked right up to her and was looking right into her eyes. I was watching through the binoculars and all I have to say is "Wow!" What a moment! The look he was giving her was indescribable. Afterwards, he laid his head on her chest for the rest of the song. From where I was sitting, that's how it appeared to me. Someone else that was there may want to elaborate. Very intense indeed!

"My Little Demon"- My husband thought this was the best song of the night. It really rocks and the entire crowd was getting into it. More so than the other new songs.

"Second Hand News"- It was so nice to hear this one again :-) Stevie and Lindsey were having a really fun time singing this one. They were both smiling and the crowd was singing along to it.

"Songbird"- Chrissy alone at the piano, looking as beautiful and elegant as always. A really classy lady. She sang like a songbird last night and I will never forget this performance. She's a consummate professional.

"Stand Back"- The light show was great! The band displayed a lot of playful energy on this one. John was even rocking :-) He didn't do any twirling though :-) I watched the interaction between Lindsey and Christine and they were having a blast. Lindsey was even singing along at one point with this huge smile on his face.

"Farmer's Daughter"- A very nice way to end the show. I almost cried thinking it was over. The harmonies were flawless and the crowd really loved it.

Anyway, I could go on and on about this concert! It was fabulous and one show I will never ever forget!!!! Thank you Fleetwood Mac for getting back together and giving us this incredible tour! Your fans love you!
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