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Atlantic City, NJ

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Written by Daniel Wagner Aug 17, 2008 at 08:59 PM
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I just have a brief post. I was only 14 when I went to this concert, I was with my dad, aunt and uncle. I have to say it changed my life forever. You all were amazing, and I still tell people it was the best concert I have ever been to. Thank you so much for that night, it was right up there with my wedding!
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Written by Steve Starsinic Jun 17, 2008 at 05:40 PM
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Hi Marty & Lisa. You may not remember, but I was the one who originally sent you the venue and ticket info for the AC concert. My wife and I were there too. We luckily had the foresite to get a sitter (first time in about two years) and got a room in a boardwalk hotel 10-minute walk on the boardwalk from the Convention Hall. We arrived about 4:00 pm the day of the concert. We're from Hershey, Pennsylvania. On the way down, we noticed prominent signs at the AC Expressway toll booths (of all places!) announcing the concert at the "New Convention Center" which is a brand new facility, whereas the original info was that the concert was at the Boardwalk Convention Hall, which is the old facility. When we arrived in town (first time I've been there in 25 years) we drove around until we found the New Convention Center, and there was suspiciously no sign of an impending concert. When we checked into the Claridge (a major casino hotel) we checked at the front desk and they "verified" that it was at the "New" center. I also made about $10 in long distance calls to try to verify the change in venue. Ticketmaster insisted it was at the old Convention Hall, so we just walked up to check. Sure enough, at 5:00 the concert tee-shirt booth was already in operation (which we took advantage of) and we were at last assured that the concert was at the "old" Convention Center. I don't know who was responsible for this mix-up, but I cause a lot of havoc. We were in our seats (6 rows back at the right end of the stage) by 8:00pm, and by 9 only half the place was filled. I was starting to get a little disappointed in the apparent lack of interest, but then a lot of the latecomers were complaining of the traffic problems and the confusion as to the actual site.

Regarding the use of cameras, there were several signs posted at the enterance announcing the prohibition of cameras or camcorder in the facility. I sympathize with you about this, but from my view it was clearly stated. I friend of mine who was sneaking pictures and was eventually threatened with expulsion (he did it anyway with the flash off). They even started to come after my wife until they realized she was using binoculars (10X magnification from 6 rows back produced some magnificent closeup views).

All this aside, I was swept away by the concert. I've been an FM and Nicks fan for many years and despaired of ever seeing them live, and in such form. I only recently became aware of Lindsey Buckingham's incredible talent, and he was my inspiration to 4 months ago start formal study of fingerstyle acoustic guitar at age 45 after 30 years of frustratingly only being able to strum chords and pick out a few melodies. After four months I can actually PLAY!. I currently taking a humble stab at a slowed Big Love.

This concert has burned many enduring images into my mind, ones that I will fondly remember the rest of my life. As the group stood and sang Farmers Daughter, I looked at the face of each of the Five through my binoculars and silently said Thank You for years of incredible music, and for giving it to us again. My 6 and 10 year old kids (who know The Dance tracks by memory) are proudly wearing their FM tee-shirts today: another generation of FM fans.

Thanks again for The Penguin. You too have touched us all.
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Written by Janet L Strayer Jun 17, 2008 at 05:37 PM
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Hi, I’m Janet and this is my review for the Penguin for the Atlantic City show at the AC Convention center.

The show started at 9:30--the next 2 and a half hours were the most amazing of my life!!!!

Everyone looked amazing. Stevie in center--blond hair trailing--wearing a black shorter dress and brown platforms. Her bracelets were shining. Lindsey to the right of her and wearing his all black attire shirt opened-hair curly and his guitar around his neck. Chris to the right --her hair was longer--to her shoulders and she looked amazing--purple velvet jacket and leggings. John looked great in his Hawaiian shirt. He’s a hoot. Mick behind those drums--but you cannot miss the red shoes and the black hat--he’s the man.

The crowd was very rowdy. a lot of people were late because no one knew which convention center it was in. It was the old one and though the building wasn't too nice--the music was so loud and raw!!!!!

When the crickets started--everyone cheered. By now everyone knows what that means. They came out for the Chain--Mick first and he waved then everyone followed. Everyone stood and screamed. The Chain is the perfect first song!!!!!!

Dreams came next and everyone still stood up. Stevie’s voice was on --not at all tired. Everyone had smiles and we all knew that they were going to give 100% tonight.

Everywhere came next and Chris's voice was also very on and strong. By now we were made to sit down. Hopefully the Mac knew the only reason we sat down was because we had to.

Gold Dust Woman was amazing!!!! She put on a white long sparkly robe that seemed bigger than her. She spun a lot and everyone lost it totally!!!!

John missed the bass I think and Stevie went up to him (hmmm) Bleed To Love Her was good--Lindsey was in a good mood and he felt like jamming!! And he did.

Temporary One is such a nice song--Chris is perfection

I’m So Afraid--He was so amazing--I was so amazed!! he went form one side of the stage to the other and jumped and rocked. I lost my composure and jumped up and down and screamed his name--no way in hell he did not here me :)

Gypsy --everyone was so excited!!!! She didn’t really spin--she went to the front row and like talked to them or something. I really wanted to be up there so bad!

Big Love and Go Insane--they both are treats for the ears. His voice was amazing--his playing was amazing--his intensity was amazing--and his reading was amazing. I could not get over his smiles and joy this whole night.

Landslide--Stevie’s voice was very raspy--total trademark Stevie. But she went up behind Lindsey and he leaned back on her while he played--so sweet. The hugged in the end. She dedicated the song to a little girl out in the audience--she is so nice :)

Say You Love Me --they all lined up--it was so cool

Sweet Girl--very sweet

Stand Back---SO COOL!!!! Its solo Stevie yes--but FM probably does it best and Stevie gives it 100%--you cannot imagine how wild the crowd gets over this one!! One that sticks in my head.

My Little Demon--everyone started to make the noises!!! Not much red though--but he’s like this is Mick’s song now.

Rhiannon--People got up and danced--this is the ultimate Stevie song and everyone cheered loudest here. And she went nuts in the end screaming like she used to--not like the Dance--so cool!!!

Silver Springs--Stevie lost hr place or something--but Lindsey walked behind her and he turned around and he helped her finish the song--it was so like romantic. Bu then he kissed her hand and she seemed really choked up--awwww.

Second Hand News--DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!! So cool!!!

Go Your Own Way--- He rocked so hard on this--he was all over the place--he was so crazy--I must stress this to you--it was amazing!!

Tusk--everyone stood and Mick was rocking and I know I heard Stevie sing too--that’s so cool!!

Don’t Stop---everyone lit their bics and sang with them--it was unity for the same band.

Songbird--Chris seemed to get choked up--it was very well done

Farmers Daughter--no matter what --how tired--they are perfect for this song--I cried--everyone cried--no one wanted to leave.

This was the perfect show--It was my second and it danced circles around the first one. There were more song of course--but those were the highlights--it was amazing. everyone wanted to give more of the last two shows and it was amazing how they bonded and how Stevie and Lindsey were and how Mick and Lindsey were and Chris and John and the love. This is my favorite band for a million reasons. But this show could have been the only one!! FM ROCKS!!!!
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Still Mystified

Written by Gail & Charlie Cahill Jun 17, 2008 at 05:36 PM
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Hi everyone! It's the morning after the Atlantic City concert and I'm still mystified. We had 5th frow seats, two seats to the right of Lindsey. The stage was not very high at all and there was only about three feet from the first row to the sage. We were extremely close and had a great view of everyone on stage. The band came on about 9:35, and, of course, it began with the crickets. The set was the same and the costume changes from Stevie were the same, but she did change from the cream boots to deep rose boots. Stevie again had the wide rhinestone braclets on and a rhnestone sparkle on her far head. There was a surprise of the evening and I'll get to that later.

I was almost in tears during "The Chain". We saw Fleetwood Mac in the 4th row during the Behind the Mac Tour, but in all my years seeing the band I never was this close to Lindsey and I was beside by self because he looked wonderful and now I was seeing him pick the hell out of his guitars. I got to see his facial expressions and playfulness with the audience on our side. It was truly an exprience for me.

All I can say is WOW! The band looked and sounded fabulous. They all seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Stevie especially. She was all smiles. And, so was Christine. They all had their chance to talk and Stevie kept saying Thank You after her songs. Lindsey thanked all of us for making this reunion a success and he gave us a hand. His talking of how the reunion came about and how as the tour progressed Mick became the little demon. Lindsey also gave a chilling rendition of the "poem" before "Go Insane".

Again, everyone was in top form. Stevie absolutely sounded superb. She every song with a fever. She ROCKED on "Stand Back" and brought the house to their feet. She dedicated "Landslide" to a little girl in the audience and said that if would have had a little girl the name would have been the same. "Kelley Ann" Also, during "Landslide" where Lindsey has his solo guitar, Stevie went around his back and put her arms around him. And he was leaning back into her as he played.

I was just happy to see Stevie happy and having fun. She definitely did a ton of twirls throughout the show. Played the heart out of her tambourine and a set of castanets during Chrintine's "Oh Daddy". She move frequently around the stage, talked with everyone in the band and made many gestures and facial expressions (eye contact) with the audience. I got one of them during "You Make Lovin' Fun" when the lights were up bright. She nodded and smiled and shook head approvingly. I gave the same back. She apparently took notice to my Nicks Fix Pass, which a friend of mine made up with blue paper with black lettering and had laminated.

Mick was engrossed with drum pads and kept asking us if we were "ready" and "are you with me" during "Not That Funny". I still don't like this song, it was a bit drawn out. But, Lindsey did get me laughing because he began to act as if he was possessed. You saw just the whites of his eyes as he blinked through his solo and moved around like a puppet's strings being pulled as he returned to play at the end of Micks' solo. Both he and Mick were having a fun time facing off with each other while playing.

Christine was extraordinarily "Perfect". She's a crooner. Just a pleasure to hear her sing and harmonize. John, with his jeans, hawaiian shirt and cap was brillant. The bass man was on! John was first in the line up during "Say You Love Me", then Chris, Stevie, Mick & Lindsey.

Well, here it comes, the surprise...Stevie was really into "Silver Springs". She sang some of the lines a bit differently by drawing them out as she sang. The change sounded great and she was still in line with the tempo. Well, at the end when Lindsey joins Stevie to sing "you'll never get a way from the sound of the woman who loves you" and Stevie begins to rant "never get a way, never get a way" I could tell she was getting very emotional to a point where she didn't know how to continue her ranting. As the music turned softer at the end where she sings the last verse she had moved to over to Christine's stage mic grab it and turn her back slightly to the audience, she had the mic titled to her level. Lindsey sensing something was up walked over to her (he was facing the audience) and even from where we sat you saw her tell Lindsey at least three times that "I can't do it, I can't, no". So, Lindsey finished the song looking her dead in the eye, "you could be my silver springs, my blue/green colors flashing"! Absolutely fantastic! He sang it in a tiny voice almost matching the way Stevie sings it. At the end Stevie put her arm and hand out to him and he took hand and touched in face with it then kissed it. Very emotionally. I believe Stevie had some tears and when Lindsey came back over to his mic he place both hands over his face, then shook off the moment. I had chills! What a thrill!

Stevie blasted "Rhiannon". I almost thought I was back in 1977. Lindsey had the housing rockin' with "Second Hand News" and "Go Your Own Way". Lindsey said their time was almost up before they did "Go Your Own Way" and after the song as the band was leaving the stage Stevie again thanked everyone for coming. Of course, they came back in about five minutes with "Don't Stop" which had everyone on their feet. They once again left the stage. Christine came out a few minutes later with "Songbird" and graciously thanked everyone for coming and said there was still another song, maybe two. The stage was already set up for them to do "Farmers Daughter". The band did a fabulous job with this song. And it's still a great concert closer for this reunion tour.

Everyone thanked us again. Stevie said, "as I've said many time of the course of this tour...thank you so very much, be well and safe". The band took closing bals after "Go Your Own Way" and "Farmers Daughter". Everyone was leaving the stage as Mick said his last thank yous and good-byes, but Stevie again waited for him off the side and they exited the stage together.

I was drained last night and I am now. I can't say enough about the concert. The second to the last show of this reunion tour (as it stands right now) and the band was in rare form. The sound was great, their voices were great, their personalities were great, the evening with Fleetwood Mac was awesome! It's permanently burned in my memories as one of the best concerts I've seen them perform.

I wish everyone is the band well and god speed to their individual homes after the Landover, MD show tonight. You lucky dogs. I also wish the band the very best this Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year! For me, I look forward this new year to the solo projects of Lindsey and Stevie, but I'll be wishing to hear news that possibly this band will record another album. This tour proved that they can over come anything and that they do indeed have staying power.

Thank you from a very loyal fan. Cheers to All!
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Old Atlantic City Convention Center Review

Written by Marty and Lisa Adelson Jun 17, 2008 at 05:30 PM
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We had the great fortune of seeing Fleetwood Mac for the second time last night and we would like to address several issues in this review including the venue, the crowd, the band, and our motivation for the Penguin. We would like to once again extend our gratitude to Ava who had two extra tickets to the show and thought of us on Friday morning. She sold them to us for face value which was a fraction of their actual cost which we could just not afford.

dance_ac1Their 43rd concert on this tour was held at the Atlantic City Convention Center which was very disappointing. Traffic to the venue was extremely congested and apparently, there are two convention centers and our cabbie (who did not speak English very well) naturally took us to the wrong one. Our cab ride cost $18.00 to go to the wrong place, approximately 10 blocks and 20 minutes from our starting location. There was a large crowd with us at the wrong one, too, and finding the correct location was difficult as there were no signs at all to point you in the right direction. Luckily we caught a shuttle that let us out a bit closer to where the venue was, but still we were basically following the crowd since there were no signs to direct us.

We finally got there at 9:30, and the band had just come out onstage and started The Chain. Security at the Convention Center was ridiculously tight—there were three levels of security, the yellow shirted people house staff, the black shirted staff with headphones, and actual police officers. We saw at least one person escorted out of the convention center by a police officer. Lis had her film confiscated on the second picture—the yellow shirted security guy came running over to us and told us that taking pictures violates the ticket agreement and is reason for expulsion. He wanted our camera but seemed satisfied with the film. There is nothing at all on our ticket about this and I tried calling the Convention Center all day yesterday to ask if cameras were allowed (as they were at the Continental Arena), but there was only a recorded message. In retrospect, I was probably calling the wrong place—there are two convention centers in Atlantic City, as I am now aware! Luckily, we had a second camera and got a couple of shots at the end. Oh, and throughout the whole concert, other there were flashbulbs going off every few seconds. Apparently, *we* just couldn’t take pictures.


The crowd was terrible in our opinion. We were eleven rows back and practically everyone sat the entire time in our section directly in front of the stage. There was one guy two rows in front of us who would get up and start to jump up and down (not dance, really just jump—very funny; Chris, Stevie, and Lindsey all saw him and appeared to be laughing), but the people behind him kept telling him to sit down. The row in front of us even had security come over several times and tell the guy to sit. I admired his free spirit and wished that more people would stand—we were dancing while sitting in our seats (pathetic, yes, but since we already had our film taken, we didn’t want to push our luck). On the way out the guy who was sitting next to us was cursing to his wife about since he paid for a ticket, the people in front of him should sit the f**k down during the show. This isn’t television, people—you should have the right to stand if you want! Experience the music!

Anyway, for all the negativity with the Convention Center and the crowd, the band was absolutely fantastic and we would do it all again in a heartbeat. In contrast to when we saw them in September, they seemed so much more relaxed and playful than before. The music was, of course, incredible. There were plenty of Stevie/Lindsey moments, including her standing behind him holding his shoulders during Landslide and the two of them sharing a mike during the end of Silver Springs (we couldn’t see Lindsey as he was behind Stevie but they actually finished the song together). Actually, we think Stevie blew her voice at the end of the song and Lindsey sort of had to help her finish it. She was standing with her back to the crowd and looked a bit upset when the song was over, and even Lindsey looked emotional. Then as they went to start Tusk, Lindsey mouthed to her, ‘Are you OK? You wanna sing?" and gestured towards the mike, but she didn’t sing on Tusk at all. Lindsey was so playful—at the last concert he was so intensely concentrating on what he was doing—now it seemed effortless as he goofed around with the rest of the band—especially on ‘Not That Funny’ where he pounded out some rhythms with Mick’s vest drums and danced around swami style. He even left the stage for Mick’s solo this time. Stevie went back and spoke to John on multiple occasions (maybe pointing out the jumping guy) and he cracked us up during ‘My Little Demon’ when the funny opening noises are played-- he looked up in both directions as if to see where they were coming from. Then he looked at Chris and said, "Wow!" like a little kid. Very cute. They all sounded fantastic. Mick took a moment to introduce a few of the other musicians that were helping out onstage, and then he went on to say that John was "my best friend in the whole world, my partner." Chris is one classy lady; she is just so beautiful. She sounded better than she did at the last show, and seemed to have loosened up and was smiling more and interacting with the other band members. At the end of the show she was waiting for John to come out and take her hand, and as he sauntered out she tapped on her watch with her fingers and said something like, "Look at the time—we don’t have all night!" He laughed and took her hand. The five of them looked so proud of themselves. Lis was standing there trying to send all her positive vibes up to them to always be happy and healthy! All and all an unbelievable experience.

Just out of curiosity, I went through the ‘What’s New’ sections of our site and determined (not manually) the number of additions that we have added to the Penguin since its inception on April 2, 1995. There are 670 entries and the log started around six months after the site was implemented so there were actually plenty more. Some were easy like adding the concert reviews—others were much more time consuming like adding the scrolling album covers on the Fleetwood Mac discography page and, especially, the integration of Jeff Kenney’s discography which was without question, the biggest improvement ever to this site. The Penguin now encompasses 1657 individual files and more than 26 megabytes of information (not counting the video clips). We were surprised to hear from Ava that she thought the expenses of our website were covered by our links to Music Boulevard and CDNow. This is, unfortunately, just not true—we do get a small percentage of those albums purchased as credit towards merchandise at their sites. The cost of running the Penguin is actually quite high for us each month. It is such a labor of love, though. They really deserve more. On the way home last night from Atlantic City, we were discussing my second favorite band, U2. I really like this band and own all of their albums, but it just not the same. I rarely think about the lyrics or care about the inflections or gestures between Bono, The Edge, Larry, and Adam. With Fleetwood Mac it is so much more—you do care. As Lis says, "With Fleetwood Mac, you don’t just fall in love with the music; you fall in love with the people." Whether it is the failed relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, financial or professional failure or success—whatever it is, you feel for the individuals and can relate to them from afar. We have had the good fortune of either coming in direct or indirect contact with just over half of the sixteen members of the band because of this site, but it not just about that. As was evident from last night’s concert, there is so much chemistry between the members and so much love there. They really care about each other and the music. We most certainly care about them and will continue to support their future career goals as much as possible through this web site.

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