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Auburn Hills, MI

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Written by Sara A. Jun 17, 2008 at 01:00 PM
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ok, if those of you don't know, this was my first time ever seeing the mac last night. I have waited eighteen years for this opportunity. In growing up in a mac household and being to young to accompany my parents this was my first opportunity. ok, here goes I'll try to make it through this without crying.

First off it took me over six hours to even get to Michigan and the entire way there I listened to the mac over and over. So when I got their I was totally pumped. I waited by the west entrance for Jill. (I'm sorry we couldn't meet. I even went up to one woman who I thought might be you but wasn't. sorry) When I got to my seat I was so amazed how close I was. I knew that my fourth row seats were close but not that close. (seated on Christine and Stevie's side). While waiting for the show I was jamming with my friend Chris (who isn't that big of a fan, but now loves them) He kept asking me when were they going to come out and I kept saying, "wait for the crickets" once those started you couldn't keep me in my sit I was to knocked out. From the time FM came onto the stage I never sat down. I started crying when they came out. Never in my life have I been to a concert where I have been overcome with that much emotion. Everyone looked so elegant and beautiful. At first I was just completely mesmerized with Stevie. I was actually seeing the one person in the world who I totally adored. But once the show really got going she seemed to be facing LB so much that her side was kinda of towards us and I found myself yelling and cheering for Christine. Once THE CHAIN started a lot of people sat down and in the area where I was this woman (who I must say made the show so much fun. I loved jamming with her.) and I were the only one's standing and dancing. This got Christine's attention and she kept smiling and giving us the thumbs up. My parents happened to go to this show too and where they were sitting they said people were standing in the back but the front section near the stage was pretty weak. I must say I'm kinda of disappointed in some mac fans. Is it so bad to stand and dance and show the mac some respect. When we're up dancing, cheering, and singing along with them they have to feel our energy and put more out from themselves. So I'm proud that I stood and cheered and love the mac so much for making this the best night of my life. I sang along to every song they did even FARMERS DAUGHTER. A couple times during the show Christine would look at me and give me a smile and a little laugh because I was getting so into the show. I just had a huge smile on face the entire time and didn't care what others thought about me because I was here to see the mac. I'm having the hardest time cause I still feel like I'm in a dream. I know this sounds weird but I'm having the hardest time remembering details that happened during the songs. So I'll give it a whirl, if I miss anything and any of you were there please feel free to correct me. I really can't remember the exact order of the songs so bear with me.

THE CHAIN: the mac sounded really tight on this one. I've always loved this song because it hold so true and it had such an intensity being there and hearing it live. A couple times during the show though there was some feedback and I'm not sure from what. I know it wasn't the mac's fault and I continued to rock.

DREAMS: WOW, hearing Stevie and seeing her emotions during this song is wild. I couldn't see much eye contact on her part on this or really on any songs with LB since she would have her back to us. So I hope someone can fill us in on that. sorry.

EVERYWHERE: now this is something that I don't understand. The crowd really gets into Stevie and Lindsey's songs but at least in the beginning and where I was sitting when EVERYWHERE came on people seemed to cool down. I find EVERYWHERE to be a great song and cheered Christine on the entire time.

GOLDDUST WOMAN: Stevie totally rocked the house on this one. I was really into this one also considering it's one of my fav. Again I was word for word with her on it and at one point she pointed at me and my friend (never got here name) and gave us a huge grin. Considering we were the only people standing in our section. The entire song I did all the motions with her and when she did her "little" primal scream I cheered as loud as I could and so did everyone else. I thought it kind of took her off guard and she gave us her kind of sheepish smile like wow. Not sure how many twirls we had but the more we cheered the more she went around. :)

TEMPORARY ONE: I really like this new song. To me it signifies that no matter what happens to individual members of the mac they will always be FM and the bridge will bring them back together. I yelled at the end to Christine that I loved it and welcome back She looked down and gave me a big thumbs up.

I'M SO AFRAID ROCKED: It rocked. LB was so into it and this is when I finally got brave enough and busted out my camera.

GYPSY: This is another of my all time favorites. I started crying again but it didn't keep me from singing along. I found myself just watching Stevie and thinking about the words and how powerful they are. She really rocked this one.

BIG LOVE and GO INSANE: I've seen them performed on THE DANCE but was blown away. Time just stood still and it was just LB and his guitar. It was like he was in his own world. He took me and GO INSANE to a totally new level. This man is a genius and a GOD among guitarist. I'm still in awe.

LANDSLIDE: Another tear jerker for me. Just the two of them on stage interacting among themselves it makes me wonder what's going through there heads. We all applauded while Stevie hung on to "snow covered hills" and at the end I knew they hugged but it was like I wasn't out of my body or something and totally missed an awesome picture opp.

OH DADDY: I like the song and loved watching Christine on it.

SAY YOU LOVE ME and YOU MAKE LOVING FUN: These definitely got the crowd up and going. And it just gave me the greatest feeling see everyone dancing and cheering and seeing the smiles on the faces of the mac. MY LITTLE DEMON: at first the crowd wasn't that into it but soon started grooving. Can you believe I don't even remember hearing the demon sounds. How could I miss those??

LANDSLIDE: kicked ass. this was one of the highlights of the concert for me. Stevie looked so beautiful up there on stage and I was lost in the words of the song.

The only thing I don't understand was why there wasn't a huge at the end. Or did I miss it too? SWEET GIRL: another one of the new songs that I'm totally into. The sound was great. But maybe it was because I couldn't always see Stevie's reactions but there wasn't much interaction between her and LB. Not just with this song but the entire show. Maybe I missed it cause I was jamming with Christine but that kind of made me sad.

RHIANNON: maybe people forgot about the little addition they added to the beginning of this song but when they started it people began to sit down. I was thinking this is RHIANNON, this is one of Stevie's first songs that we all fell in love with how can people sit. So I turned around to the people behind me and said, "Don't you recognize this song, it's legendary man, its rhiannon." Then the guy behind me was like your right and busted out his lighter. Pretty soon there were people with lighters everywhere on the floor in my section swaying. It was awesome. I wonder what Stevie thought up there singing??

GO YOUR OWN WAY: This kicked ass too. The crowd sang along to this one and we all screamed when it came to the part you can go your own way. We all had our fists in the air and at times we were just screaming at the band. It was really intense.

TUSK: had us all jamming. and when it came time to scream tusk I threw my hands in the air and then the people around me started doing it. We rocked. :)

DON'T STOP: again the crowd was really into this and so was the band. I loved it.

SECOND HAND NEWS: I've always loved this song and was at first surprised to hear it. I really got into this one and was screaming out the lyrics. I don't know why but the band was really into it and it got me pumped. When it came time in the song when LB does his little babblings I was right with him and Stevie looked over at me since I was just totally into it and gave me a huge grin.

SONGBIRD: I really wanted to hear it live but it was kind of bitter sweet because I knew that the show would be closing. Christine was very elegant with it and I didn't cry but shed one tear. I really got lost on this.

Any of you that went do you remember them playing OVER MY HEAD? I don't and if they did that really bothers me that I would totally miss an entire show. Well I know I rambled on forever but I can't help it I'm still on a mac high and can't think of anything else. I know that I didn't speak much about SN and LB but I really didn't have a good view of the two of them. They rarely faced my side together so I hope someone who was there can fill me in. THANKS so much for letting me share my experience with you and I hope I didn't take to much space.
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Written by Annie Corrigan Jun 17, 2008 at 12:57 PM
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The Detroit concert was so amazing! They're definitely getting better as they get older, that's for sure!! They were playing so perfectly together and they sang so sweetly, it was like being in music heaven!! Lindsey's, Stevie's, and Chris's hair was noticeably longer, and who knows about John's and Mick's! Lindsey's hair was about as perfect as it could be, in between Go Insane and OOC. Drool, swoon, gasp, drool!! Stevie looked gorgeous with those sparkle things on her face and it looked like she lost a few pounds, too. Christine looked really elegant and her outfit was so neat. (My brother always says that she looks like she just stepped out of [Lindsey] Buckingham Palace. Very true!!) John had the coolest floral shirt on. Oh, I want to thank whoever said to look at John's performance during the show. He was really getting into it and jamming with everyone. What a guy! Mick was so full of energy, and I don't think I'll ever get sick of seeing him in that outfit. That get-up is to Mick and chiffon and such are to Stevie!

I snuck a camera in and I thought I was dead when the security guy asked to look in my bag. Thankfully he took my word (no matter how false it was!) that I only had binocs. I didn't take any, though, because it ended up that we were too far away. Oh well. My brother and I had 20th row floor seats, which were pretty amazing. The only problem was that there were 4 huge guys in front of us and since neither of us are very tall, we had to crane our necks and stand on tip toes and sometimes just listen. But I had my trusty binocs and I could practically see the sweat beads on Lindsey face. It was great!! The crickets started and they filed onto the stage: Mick, Chris, John, and Lindsey and Stevie holding hands. They started the Chain and everyone went nuts. It was strange, though, because their vocals didn't come on the PA right away and then they blared on at "Watch the sun rise." There weren't very many other technical difficulties, thank goodness.

From what I would see, the crowd was practically an all middle aged one. I was pretty surprised and my brother and I got a few funny looks because we were some of the youngest people there at 16 and 21. Go figure!

Lindsey was so great with the crowd! The faces he made were priceless. And when that man stares, traffic stops!! I sure wish I could've been on the other end of some of those glances because even through my handy binocs, they were so powerful!! I envy all of you who had really close seats! Stevie was doing some playful stuff with the crowd too, but definitely Lindsey had the best connection with everyone.

I'll go song-by-song now, so maybe that'll jog my memory a little.

THE CHAIN: I think the PA problems screwed them up a little in the beginning because it took a sec for them to get their harmonies locked but it ended up fabulous! Lindsey really cut loose on his solo and you could tell that this was going to be an energetic concert from the get go!

DREAMS: Stevie sounded great! She goofed the first couple notes but got it back right away. Everyone on the floor sat down for this one, which was odd I thought.

EVERYWHERE: I think everyone had a bit of a problem getting in the groove because this one sounded really off especially on "Oh IIIIIIIIII!!!" Chris was still great and she plays the maracas like nothing!!

GOLD DUST WOMAN: Wow!! Stevie came out in her gold shawl and everyone backed away to give her the spot light, which was nice. She looked so good I just kept thinking that there's no way this woman is nearly 50 years old! And she sang GDW like she was 27 again!

I'M SO AFRAID: That's it. I don't want to marry Lindsey Buckingham. I want to BE Lindsey Buckingham!! He hit the notes perfectly and then he kicked the living s**t out of his guitar!! After watching the Dance for the millionth time, I didn't think this one could get any better. Boy, was I wrong! He was like "You thought that was good? Watch this!!" And it was the cutest when he pumped his fist at the crowd after he was done!!

TEMPORARY ONE: This didn't get quite the response we thought it should have unfortunately. It sounded great, though, and Chris's voice was so steady.

BLEED TO LOVE HER: Lindsey said a little shpiel before this one (not anything about cycles or organic demons which is probably why I don't remember it!) and the he dedicated it to beautiful Kristen. Any guesses on this one? I think this one is definitely my fav of the new ones. His guitar work is amazing and he got all the high notes right on the dot.

GYPSY: Stevie had a little help on this one because everyone in the Palace was singing along. It's not as good as the studio version but it's still great sounding. Lindsey's "Lightening strikes..." was the perfect accent to the song.

BIG LOVE/GO INSANE: 'Nuff said! Before he started Big Love (after cycles) Lindsey did little finger calisthenics and gave everyone a look like "All aboard, here we go!" He really played with the audience on this one, which makes me even more sure that there was someone in that front row that he knew. The poem was great, but I swear that he didn't do the accent the first time around to Detroit. Does anyone know? I wish they had Go Insane on one of their singles. It's so fabulous!

LANDSLIDE: Stevie dedicated it to us because we're the only reason they have to play it anymore. While we were cheering like crazy, she and Lindsey had a little conversation. Lindsey looked like Stevie had just told him the funniest joke, very cute! Stevie sang beautifully, very smooth. Lindsey looked like he was zoned out completely. During the guitar interlude, Stevie walked behind Lindsey and put her head on his shoulder. He didn't seem to notice really, but he was playing the guitar, I guess. I hadn't noticed before how cool his guitar solo is in Landslide, very nice. The hug afterwards was sweet, but nothing to write home about. I kind of get the feeling like they know they have to do something after Landslide because that's what we want, so they just hug and not get too involved. But I think their emotional release with each other is coming at different points during the show. In other words, there were more meaningful glances at other times during the show. But a hug is a hug.... ;-)

SAY YOU LOVE ME: The banjo is great! Everyone sang along to this one. I was glad because Chris seemed to get lost a little in the show. Even though she's so underestimated, she's the glue that holds everything together!

MY LITTLE DEMON: This got a great response from the crowd and Lindsey really went all out. He looked so loose and carefree up there. Every time he wasn't singing he was making a face at the first few rows. Very funny!

STAND BACK: As soon as those synthesizers started pumping, I let out a huge yell knowing it was Stand Back but no one else around me had any clue what the song was so I felt pretty ridiculous, and I probably rattled some heads with my own primal scream. :-) Anyway, Stevie belted it out on this one. She really got into it with the back-up singers and everyone was dancing in the aisles. Lindsey strutted up to Chris and they had a funny interaction.

OH DADDY: I don't think anyone expected this. I wasn't too fond of the Rumours version but they tinkered with it a little and now it's one of Chris's great ones!

NOT THAT FUNNY: This was hilarious. Right before Mick's solo, Lindsey fell down on the stage and everyone let out one collective gasp. He was just doing his bit but everyone was like "He didn't fall," and "Where'd he go, is he okay??" Mick is a wild man, that's it!! One of his vest pads kind of sounded like a repeated f**k this, but that might just be my dirty mind! When Lindsey crept back on stage, he stood right behind Mick and it looked like Mick moved unexpectedly because Lindsey took a huge jump back and had a very amused look on his face. Very cute!! Then it was a duel between Mick's drums and Lindsey's guitar which was great. They are both such characters!!

This is getting really long, I'm sorry!

RHIANNON: We were all singing with Stevie on this one, too. This probably got the best response all night, too, and it deserved it! Stevie was at her best and Chris's piano intro was beautiful.

SECOND HAND NEWS: I thought this was very interesting because at one point during "Won't you lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff" Lindsey sang directly to Stevie with an ear-to-ear grin. Only our imaginations can guess..... ;-)

SILVER SPRINGS: This was the highlight of the concert for me. I can't say how great it was, so delicate and intense. Lindsey had been singing away from Stevie, for some reason. She kept looking over to see what he was doing but he wouldn't really respond. Then at "I'll follow you down..." he faced her and she sang like a woman scorned. It was great!! At the end he walked over and they were face to face and he gave her some looks that I have no idea how to interpret (need some help on this one, whoever else went!!). It seems like Lindsey is really in charge of what interaction they do in this song. This is probably overrationalization, but it seems like Lindsey enjoys having a position of power on this song because it's something special to Stevie.

TUSK: Lindsey went nuts jamming with Chris and John, and Stevie got into it too, doing a semi-head banging thing with the tambourine. The synthesized marching band they had going worked really well, I thought. I love it that Chris plays the accordion! Gives it such a cool effect.

GO YOUR OWN WAY: What a great song! They played it with such energy and Lindsey's solo was so cool! There's nothing like hearing it done live, wow!!

DON'T STOP: A fun moment: when Lindsey sang "I never meant any harm to you," he pointed at Stevie. It was a very sweet thing for him to do! It's so great that they're getting along now, too!!

SONGBIRD: I convinced my brother that we should try to move up towards the stage and we ended up getting to the 10th row for the last two songs. I got a huge lump in my throat during this, it was so beautiful. And the "Thank you, Detroit. We love you!" was really touching. No, we love YOU!!

FARMER'S DAUGHTER: It was so sad that this was the end but it was the perfect way to end the concert. On the final chord, Lindsey had a huge smile on his face, like he goofed up somehow and Stevie looked at him with a funny look. They walked up to each other and Lindsey gave Stevie a look like "I have no idea what that was!" They looked like best friends up there! When they took their bow, Chris and John were playfully fighting about holding hands and Chris reluctantly gave him a kiss on the cheek, then John whispered something funny in her ear and they kept going like this. Very funny! When Mick was bent over saying the final good-bye, Stevie peeked over his shoulder and she led him by the hand off stage. And that was it!

Wow, sorry this was so long, and God bless anyone who made it all the way through! I had the best time last night and FM, if you're reading, THANK YOU!! I don't think it can be stressed enough that everyone has to see these guys in concert. And when you're there, savor every note because it goes by so quickly. I can't wait to read what everyone else has to say!
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