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Columbus, OH

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Worth the Wait

Written by Troy Hash Jun 10, 2008 at 05:50 PM
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I have been reading everyone's accounts of the shows as they come in. I don't think I can add much that hasn't already been expressed but the concert was GREAT!! Definitely worth waiting for.

The concert was about 40 minutes late, but once it started they rocked The Crown for about 2 1/2 hours. Everyone was truly spectacular!! The song lists were exactly as those previously listed! It was also Lindseys' birthday on the 3rd and Mick especially called that to our attention for those few who might not have already known it. Lindsey especially looked as though he were having a ball. He received several long ovations for his guitar work and deservedly so, I never gave him the credit he deserves for his talent. Chris and Stevie were there usual stunning selves! Gypsy and Stand Back particularly were my favorites. Chris really shows her stuff in You Make Loving Fun, all the songs were great. Only negative comment is that the drums and overall loudness of the instruments many times drowned out the voices. For me the incredible harmony that they have is what The Mac is all about, but very worth the $ I had to pay for 23 row floor seats!!

Can't wait to see them again in Nashville on November 6. Maybe they will have tour books and change a song or two. I enjoy reading everyones' views of the shows, please everyone keep up the good work and like Mick says, JUST HAVE FUN!!!!!
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A Dose of Good Ole Rock and Roll

Written by Lisa Wellman Jun 10, 2008 at 05:45 PM
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Well, it is almost noon and I just woke up.Lol I have no voice! Knowing that they have left or are preparing to leave my city is killing me. It always does..... it just breaks my heart:(

I saw no one from the list, but it was very crowded. Our men took my seats in Section E row S and me and my friend were in row G. There was really no bad seats in the amphitheater. I saw no one dressed up either.

The band was late coming on...some man told everyone it was cool to go get something to eat, because the band had gotten "tied up" in New York city traffic. Then the crickets started and my hair stood on end, in the dark the band took there places on stage and the opening thumps of "The Chain" started and the whole place went wild. We were loud! I am so proud of my city for being so receptive of the band and every bit as fanatical as I am!

The song set is no different than the others and it was almost a "mirror" of "The Dance" but none the less, the crowd got it's money's worth! Stevie looked beautiful. Her hair looked like honey dripping down her back! Lindsey has won me over for life! Forever will I be a fan of his now, no matter what! My husband who is not a big fan was SO impressed by this man! I don't know how he does it without really taking a break. I thought on the first song his voice was a lot deeper, but he must have just needed to warm up, because he rocked my entire world for 2 1/2 hours. I am really sorry to go on about him, but his passion for life comes straight through those guitar strings and rip's through my soul and then there is this piece of me that understands his reasoning, as to why he ever left FM, in the first place. Like Stevie having so much material where she writes so much, he definitely needed an outlet too, to accommodate his craft. Christine is very thin and beautiful and elegant! This was my second time for seeing the other members of the band, because I went to a "Behind The Mask" show. Her voice was in perfect form, her outfits appropriate and classy! Her songs made the audience stand and dance and sing and sway! She felt this too, because she thanked everyone for being generous! John McVie wore a blue bandana, jeans and a vest and looked great while he played! Mick is wild! A very underrated, talented, percussionist! The Polaris has made major news recently because of the "noise." I thought last night, while Mick was center stage playing his body, that all the neighbors must be thinking that some type of 'war-dance' was going on...and you was! Well, here are some highlights from each song as best as I can remember, so now I will enchant you!

The Chain - The crowd was as loud as the band, till at least half way through this song! Lindsey was intense with his "run" line!

Dreams - The crowd sung along. Stevie pointed at Lindsey when she sang "players only love you when their playing."

Everywhere - The crowd danced and swayed to this upbeat tune! Chris didn't miss a note and the band didn't miss a beat!

Gold Dust Woman - Stevie sung the chorus to Lindsey and smiled at him when it came time to do her primal yell, which was not like "The Dance" yell, but more like her "Red Rocks" yell during "Edge of Seventeen." At least least that is how it came across to me.

I'm So Afraid - I knew where the pause was during the intro, so I took it upon myself:) to scream like a maniac 'ROCK ME LINDSEY" and he did! He unleashed his demon and held the audience in awe at his expertise guitar method. The crowd's ovation didn't seem to want to peek. And the man looked forever grateful and so embarrassed!

Temporary One - Chris was very charming on this song and delivered it great! Sometimes it's hard to play a song the fans aren't really familiar with, but all these people must have had a copy of "The Dance" because many were singing right along with the band.

Bleed To Love Her - Again the crowd was receptive and danced away as Lindsey delivered his new tune! Seemingly singing the brunt of the song to Stevie.

Gypsy - Stevie really sung great here! She smiled to us when she sang "You see your Gypsy.." Something about when Lindsey chimes in with his "lightning strikes...maybe once...maybe twice" line. I think he tries to hard or something. In my opinion he needs to soften his vocals at this point. Maybe if Stevie was to sing it harder, then it would sound ok. But she treats it very delicate. I love at the end when she says almost in a whisper "maybe twice" almost referring to Lindsey's return in to the band.

Big Love - Fabulous! Here is where new people become hooked. Like my very own hubby:) "That guy is good!" I told you so honey:)

Go Insane - Here is where I hurt my own voice. I tried to match LB note for note! Proves I'd better stay on the porch and not try and hang with the "big dogs!"Lol

Landslide - Lindsey did not do his hand under the chin thing. Instead he held out his hand as if to say "this is your song play it the way that you feel it." Stevie didn't miss a note. She smiled a lot towards the end of the song. During the instrumental, she put her hand on LB's arm and touched his chest hair with one finger from the other hand. At the end they hugged, he kissed her cheek and she just held onto him for as long as she possibly could. It was like she wanted everyone to know, she didn't want this moment to end. Before the song she even told us "this song is for you, because without you, there would be no reason to play it." My best friend said "they are going home to make love" I just laughed and said "do you think so?"

Say You Love Me - brought us all back to reality:) and the dancing once again started. I like the banjo and Mick's playing on this one! J. McVie did sing on this one but I couldn't pick his voice out. He didn't look up much, instead opting for concentrating on his bass part.

You Make Loving Fun - We all sung! I think this impressed Chris...

I'm not sure about the sequence of songs after this....

Sweet Girl - Stevie performed it very well and really got into the "Come on down here for a minute" part. She is holding back people! She could unleash if she wanted, but I think most of us know what is playing on her mind at the moment. I think she is being very lady-like and doesn't want to willing steal the show from anyone. Just my own opinion here folks.

My Little Demon - The whole band jams to this one...Stevie played her tambourine with passion here! This song is just a rocker for me! Stevie did her famous signature kick!

Stand Back - Stevie Nicks owned the house! The crowd went absolutely wild when they realized what they were about to hear. I watched LB on this one and he jammed! The song is fast paced but Stevie didn't miss a beat! She looked stunning! And every hair on my body stood up just thinking about her solo career! Her "I need a little sympathy" draws on the verge of a new meaning while performing this with her fellow fireflies! POWERFUL!

Oh Daddy - Beautiful and rich with harmonies. At the end Chris said something to the audience like "oh daddy!" And kind of laughed. Maybe in reference to Mick.

Not That Funny - The boys jam! They could take this duet on the road (Mick and Lindsey)! Mick was vibrant while Lindsey laid down. God only knows if he was resting or letting his body tell us "Hey! Here comes that drum solo!" Mick might be crazy but no one could ever say he don't have rhythm.Lol

Rhiannon - My personal favorite from "The Dance." I thought the piano at the beginning had a muffled sound, but when almost 20,000 people stand up and rock out, no performance could be bad. Yes, Stevie does add to her ending here! The whole band seems to love to do this song! Their bodily actions says it all!

Silver Spring - PERFECT! It makes you think what really was the reason this song was dumped from the album. It was too beautiful to be omitted. Stevie turns at the end and sings/tells Lindsey " You COULD be my silver spring... my blue-green colors flashing! " I somehow managed to to miss this tidbit, but my friend says when Stevie sang "Was I just a fool?" Lindsey answered to her "NO!"

Tusk - I don't know why the reporters don't like this version? It is crisp and fine tuned and rocked the house! People behind me were so amped up, saying "Here We Go!" Stevie sung great on this!

Go Your Own Way - I know Stevie doesn't care for this song and I couldn't help but almost "feel sympathy" for her at this point, because 20,000 people screamed the entire song along with the band! Talk about a hair raising event. Words can't really describe it. Did this happen like this at other shows? Whoa!

The band thanked us, said good night and left! Stevie and Lindsey walked off together very close and holding hands. Many fans started to leave at this point (it was down in the 30's by this point) but the band was encored back out for a riveting version of "Don't Stop." By the way, LB and SN came out together and Stevie gave him a kissy-poo and Mick one too:) They left again, and fans started scrambling and once again we encored Chris back out and she performed her trademark Songbird. Then they all returned for Farmers Daughter which brought the evening to closure. It was a great dose of good ole rock and roll, folks!
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