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Dallas, TX

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Written by Stacey Vernick Jun 16, 2008 at 05:20 PM
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Our seats were 31 rows back - way on Lindsey's side. The sound was "crisper" than San Antonio and much better. It probably helped that this was at an outdoor venue. We decided San Antonio was the "visual" show, while this was the "audio" show.

Karen and I were both wearing black tails. I was also wearing a top hat with a shiny gold and black scarf tied around it.

Lindsey dedicated Bleed to Love Her to "Don, Sharon and the kids." (Whoever they are).

Stevie dedicated Landslide to Gordon Perry and said something like, "Gordon, even though you've heard this song a thousand times and to all of you for being here tonight." After "snoooooow covered hills", Stevie put her arm out to Lindsey as if to say, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Lindsey Buckingham" and then he did the same thing back to her. Then she sang the end. I was looking through binoculars and they hugged, but it didn't look like there was a kiss.

Rhiannon - When Stevie came back out, she had brushed her hair off her face and added more rhinestone dots. She had one at the corner of each eye.

Not That Funny - Lindsey was on his back and when Mick was saying, "Are you still with me?" - Lindsey would raise his leg up.

Silver Springs - It looked like Lindsey was beating his chest while Stevie was singing, "was I just fool...". It was hard to tell with his back toward me, but it looked like he would hit a chord, beat his chest once, hit another chord, beat his chest again...I don't know. Maybe someone who was closer can add to that?

Security in our section seemed nonexistent. I took a picture at the beginning and another one of Mick and Lindsey "dueling" at the end of Not That Funny.

To those of you who haven't gone yet, I'm jealous! If you don't have seats up close, try to upgrade if you can - it makes such a difference!
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