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Since this work has taken literally years to develop, both due to my laziness, and the nature of the subject at hand, a great number of people need to be thanked for their cooperation and/or patience with me during the development of One Together:

For inspiration, Margaret Voss and Cathy Jones Hurt.

Thanks to Wally Podrazik for encouragment, Ann Marshall, Margaret Duke, Dan Jones, Steve Hurt, John, Leslie, and Ellen Williams, Charles Owen, John Wikle, Cliff and Lisa Harris, George Goodwin, John Buchanan, Carter Perry, Phil Colombo, Doug Duchene, Tom Holzemer, Mimi Garringer, Wendy Kelley, Tia Sillers, Joab Stieglitz, Jonathan Tite, Jaki Demarest, Celia Tite, Jeff Johnson, and Desirae Monts.

Also thanks to all the record stores that didn't throw me out when I was conducting research, including Tower Records and The Wiz in Washington, The Great Escape in Nashville, The Record Bar in Knoxville, The Record Mart in Alexandria, and especially Mike Proctor at The Last Record Store in Knoxville for letting me peruse his inventory of used records.

Thanks to Jeff Kenney for discographical help and for putting this stuff on line, to Marty and Lisa Adelson and their The Penguin website, to Steve MacDougall and his World Turning website and also to the gang on the (especially Mark Perry) and (especially Steve Girdler) internet news groups. And to Mike Lawson for updating me on Bob Welch's recent activities.

And to everyone else that I forgot to mention.



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