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Meadowlands Review

Written by Lisa and Marty Adelson Jun 10, 2008 at 05:10 PM
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Well, here's my review of the Meadowlands show on 9/30/97. After arriving and parking the car about 2 hours before the show, we walked through the lot to go pick up the tickets, and of course every car had a song by FM cranked up. That in itself was surreal! About an hour before the show we were able to pick up our 6th row tickets and VIP backstage passes (and actually sold our former tickets to 2 cool girls, one of whom was an avid reader of our page! Gina and Heather can testify that I was a basket case waiting for these tickets to be sent up by the band. :-) Upon finally getting backstage, we realized that the type of passes we had didn't really let us anywhere but outside the hallway where the dressing rooms were; however, this was still pretty cool since we got glimpses of all the members but Chris walking around getting ready before the show.

Finally I began to start feeling like I had to DO something or I'd miss my chance forever. Marty did speak to John Courage for a minute, but I found him way too intimidating to ask for a favor! Eventually I noticed a nice looking, tall, youngish guy smoking near us who had on a pass. He'd gone in w/ the band several times. I almost approached him once, then finally went over to him and asked him if he could do us a huge favor and bring a note back to John McVie. Marty told him that we run the FM page 'the Penguin' and the guy (who turned out to be Mick's personal assistant) says, "Oh, you run the Penguin? So you're Marty and Liz (Lis but close enough) Adelson? We check that out all the time. We like to read the reviews-- see if the fans opinions are in line w/ what the band is thinking." He knew who we were-- pretty cool! I think this impressed Marty the most that night. :-) ) So he brought the note back to John, and in a heartbeat he came right out to meet us. We were just thrilled to bits. We had written to each other via e-mail several times in the past few years, so it was great to finally meet him and make sure it had truly been him and not some bogus imposter. At some point I actually touched the penguin tattoo on his arm-- he must have thought I was insane! :-P We had a really nice talk w/ him for about 10 minutes, and then John Courage came out and told him he had only 15 more minutes before the show. (He still had to go get dressed in his stage clothes). So, I just had him sign a picture for me and of course gave him a little kiss. He told us to come backstage after the show and we'd work on trying to get the rest of the band to sign the picture. An extremely nice guy, and so sweet of him to come out to talk w/ us. That was absolutely the highlight of MY night!

The seats we had were incredible-- 6th row, towards the right in front of Lindsey. All around us were folks who seemed to have some connection w/ the band. On our right were 2 guys who knew Mick's wife. On our left were 2 women who knew Lindsey's guitar guy, Ray Lindsey. We took tons of pictures and the security there didn't give a hoot. (We did scan the better shots, but many didn't quite turn out the way we hoped!) The music was intense. Chris looked absolutely beautiful and I don't think she has ever sounded better. She let LB and Stevie do most of the talking that night. Stevie also sounded just wonderful and her songs especially got tons of applause. I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience watching her sing Landslide and Silver Springs. Mick, as always, looked as if he was having the time of his life, and made me worry he'd have a heart attack up there. John's playing is brilliant, such a major part of the band's sound. I don't think many people realize how much of the great sound coming off that stage is coming from him, or how much he carries some of the songs, because he stands in the back and doesn't draw any attention to himself. And Lindsey-- well, what can I say. The man never left the stage. True, he did lie down and take a breather during Mick's solo, but not for long. His energy and passion and intensity are truly stunning; as I watched him do Big Love and Go Insane I was moved to tears. I saw him on his solo tour a few years ago and I just remember being totally floored by the way this one man onstage with a guitar could create this overwhelmingly strong, beautiful, emotional music. There just aren't words to describe him. Seeing him on the solo tour was wonderful, but seeing him back playing with Fleetwood Mac-- and happy to be there-- was fantastic. They all looked healthy and happy and sober. :-) I truly just wanted to stop time and freeze those moments.

Well, the show did come to an end eventually :-( -- but after the show there was some sort of problem w/ the passes and no one was allowed back. The security guys were a bunch of tough cookies. Stevie did come out for a minute and we got to shake her hand. Very soft skin! :-P She looked terrific-- a very petite lady, very sweet smile. The band didn't stay too long afterwards anyway-- as luck would have it they left the stadium at the same time we did-- we're about 99.9% sure were riding behind their limos on the NJ Turnpike and saw them pull off into Newark Airport. (Strange, since last time we saw them in 95 (I think?) we ended up next to their tour bus, purely by accident. Saw Bekka in the window!) Anyway-- that's our experience. Having adored this band since I was a child-- appreciating the music and the members of *every* incarnation-- I can't tell you how great it was to see them all back together and happy. (You all may be surprised to know that Marty hadn't a clue about the band before he met me 8 years ago- and now look what a fan he has become, creating this incredible webpage for them!) With a band like Fleetwood Mac, there's so much to love. What a great night!!
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