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Hartford, CT

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Meadows Music Theatre Concert Review

Written by ACE Jun 17, 2008 at 05:49 PM
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We arrived at the park about 7:00, after being in traffic for about a half an hour getting off the exit. I was so nervous about not being in my seat when the show began. We walked in the main gate and went straight to the rest rooms.We then went to the merchandise booth. I couldn't believe my eyes. They had so many T-shirts and sweat shirts to choose from. The line was real long. I waited my turn and picked out three T-shirts, one with the "Rumours" design, one with the "Dance" cover and a black one with the publicity shot that has Stevie's hair is being blown and she is leaning in towards Lindsey.They are too cool. No programs, but I was assured they would be ready later in the tour.

We then went all they way up front to our fourth row seats. They were amazing! I had never been that close to the stage at any Stevie or Mac show. We were told by the security that there was no opening band and that Fleetwood Mac would take the stage at around 8:00. Well it was the longest 15 minutes of my life, then they made an announcement at 8:05 that due to traffic there would be a delay but the band would be out in about 15 minutes. Aargh!

Well at about 8:20 the lights dimmed and you could see the band members come out and take their spots on the stage. The drums began the familiar beats to "The Chain" and Stevie stood with her back to the crowd in the middle of the stage. She had on a long brownish velvet coat that touched the stage. Her hair was perfectly straight with bangs in the front. She finally turned to face the crowd as she sang "Listen to the wind blow..." Her makeup was done to give her a milky complexion and her lips were bright red. She had on a low cut bustier, with spaghetti straps and a shirt made up of layer upon layer of black chiffon

Lindsey was all in black with a jacket and an untucked shirt. Christine had on tight black slacks that were sort of baggy near the floor. She wore a beautiful velvet blazer that had leaves in the design. Mick dressed in velvet also with bright red slippers, and John wore jeans with a vest and oversized shirt and had a bandana tied around his head

They went right into "Dreams", which was done to perfection, then into the bouncy "Everywhere," and then Stevie said "It's great to be here in New York City", then she appeared very embarrassed as she realized she was in Boston, she then apologized to the crowd and turned to look at Lindsey as to say "Ooops!"

She then put on her golden shawl and did a fantastic version of "Gold Dust Woman", then it was Lindsey's turn as he performed an electric "I'm So Afraid". After that the band did two new songs, "Temporary One" and "Bleed to Love Her". Christine looked a little shy and Lindsey used the same verbiage that he did on the album. Maybe he was nervous.

Then Stevie delighted the crowd with "Gypsy". She appeared to be very happy. Then everyone left the stage except for Lindsey who did an amazing version of "Big Love" followed by his new version of "Go Insane" which really sounded wonderful.

Then the crowd got back on their feet for "Landslide". It was absolutely beautiful! They then lined up like in the MTV video and did "Say You Love Me", as Christine kiddingly told the audience that this had now become "John and Mick's song."

>From there the band went into a flawless "Sweet Girl" by far the highlight of the show for me! It was right after this song that Lindsey started to introduce "My Little Demon",by saying this next song is about demons, when Christine piped in and said "No Lindsey, it's not about demons at all..." Without missing a beat the band went right into "You Make Loving Fun", as Lindsey had that "Oops, I goofed expression on his face. "My Little Demon" was next and it certainly rocked.

Then the light show began, as spotlights danced on the ceiling and the tempo sped up as Stevie threw on a black shawl with gold thin stripes and belted out the verses to "Stand Back." "Oh Daddy" was next, not one of my favorite songs but, definitely a treat since it has been rarely performed in concert. It was done real well. After that came "Not That Funny", I really think Stevie hates this song, she left the stage immediately as did Christine and then came Mick's infamous drum solo which was actually shorter than I remember. The best part was seeing Lindsey laying on the stage watching Mick soaking up his turn in the spotlight.

Rhiannon was next, I must have been in another world cause I can't remember a thing about this. Oh well! "Second Hand News" was the best, for a song just added to the show it went smooth and really rocked. Everyone including the band seemed to really get into this one. "Silver Springs" had the audience caught in the spell of Stevie's magic. The lights were blue and green (not flashing though), and Stevie's vocals soared as this performance was comparable to the MTV television special.

Tusk was next. I always loved this song but never thought it was done well in concert and still don't. I think it really needs the horns. I wish they would arrange to have a high school marching band to come and perform. I think it would add so much to the show, and give some kids a real thrill as well.

"Go Your Own Way" had the audience singing along loudly. Stevie wore a long tuxedo coat and her and Lindsey traded looks with each other as their vocals wrapped around each others. "Don't Stop" had everyone on their feet singing along as well. It has really become the band signature song.

Christine then came out alone and did a crisp and crystal clear vocal on "Songbird". We all knew we were nearing the end now. Finally the band lined up again like they did for "Say You Love Me" and performed "Farmer's Daughter." I thought that was a fitting end to a wonderful night full of musical surprises. The band then lined up and took their bows, Lindsey was hanging all over Stevie at this point, they really looked like they genuinely enjoyed each other. Stevie took one bouquet of flowers from a very lucky fan before disappearing backstage.Until next time...
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The Mac is Back!

Written by Gypsy 23 Jun 17, 2008 at 05:47 PM
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This is Gypsy23, your intrepid roving FM reporter. I attended the Hartford opening on Wednesday, 9/17/97 and wanted to inform you and other FM fans about the experience. I would personally estimate the crowd to have been around 20,000. Although they were scheduled to open at 8PM EST, Fleetwood Mac didn't actually go on until 8:30. The audience definitely got what they were waiting for (for 15 years!!!). They were AWESOME. They were definitely at their peak, and it was so good to see them back together in person. I traveled by bus and train for 4 1/2 hours both ways to see them (this was truly an historic moment, I felt, and I simply had to be there), and I didn't get back home 'til 8 AM this morning, but it was so very very 'worth the trip'!

I think most FM fans thought they had gone to heaven. The vibes between people in the audience was great, with people hugging, dancing, and with the crowd chanting along to most of the songs, the band blazed away in typical FM fashion. They played 22 songs, until 11:15PM. Here is a song list (not in order, sorry-I was too busy dancing around in sheer rapture most of the time.) [The song list is provided above in order]

The band thanked repeatedly us for being there to welcome them back, and Stevie dedicated 'LANDSLIDE' to the crowd. She changed from a black velvet dress with gold shawl halfway through the concert to a red velvet brocade dress and a multicolored fringe shawl. Whenever she twirled around on stage, the crowd went WILD. She sounded wonderful.

Lindsey played ferocious guitar to the delight of the crowd, show casing his talents on BIG LOVE, EOTW, NOT THAT FUNNY, & I'M SO AFRAID. He was into it and it was evident. He had a ball, as did: Mick- When he did his electronic techno-vest thing, the crowd went into a truly tribal frenzy in the dance area. Christine did a beautiful SONGBIRD, and jammin' EVERYWHERE and TEMP. ONE. John, Lin, and Mick got into some hot jamming sessions on a couple of the tunes. All the band members were in peak form, they had a great time together, and.............

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