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Houston, TX

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The Summit Review

Written by Betty Credeur Jun 16, 2008 at 05:19 PM
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It was finally time for The Mac to hit Houston. Starting with the Chain, they rocked the summit to the ground. Stevie dressed in black chiffon with tan boots, kicked and danced away. Christine looked terrific and everyone sounded great. The Houston crowd never even got up out of their chairs. The ones that did were usually told to sit down. Stevie's blistering Mac version of Stand Back almost sent the crowd into a frenzy. She reappeared half way through the show wearing a beautiful velvet jacket and red boots. Gypsy was when Stevie hit with some unexpected singing like almost off the top of her head. I've never seen the Mac, so this almost felt like I was watching the Mirage video or something. During Mick's solo. Lindsey stayed on stage, where the spotlights didn't get him. He laid on his back and kicked his feet up in the air. At one point he started walking behind Mick acting like he was going to scare him. The band was having more fun than the crowd it seemed. On the second encore, Lindsey mentioned that they were going to Dallas the next night and thanked us for coming. That's when the majority of the crowd who sat down and were quite rude to anyone who stood up and gave a standing ovation actually started dancing. The band played a performance I will never forget. I waited a long time to see FM with Stevie and Christine and it was worth the wait. Especially to see Stevie and Lindsey hug each other after Landslide and hand in hand on the stage walking away to go to Dallas.
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