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Irvine, CA

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Full Moon

Written by Anthony J. Duke Jun 11, 2008 at 12:53 PM
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The show was perfect, flawless and beautiful.

Everyone in the band was amazing, but it was Lindsey Buckingham who stole the show. He is a guitar playing genius and plays his best with Fleetwood Mac.
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Didn't Want it to End

Written by Derik A. Larson Jun 11, 2008 at 12:52 PM
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Well, I went to the Friday, October 17th show in Irvine Meadows, and it was all that I had hoped for all these months! My friend and I arrived at the venue at 5 pm, just as the parking lot was opening. We quickly munched on sandwiches because we could not bring our food (or blankets or beverages) into the theater. Then we joined the line at the gate, and were pretty close to the front. We chatted and relaxed until they opened the gates at 6:30. While waiting, I noticed that in extreme stupidity I had purchased tickets for the Saturday show and was there for the Friday show! I felt so stupid, but my friend was convinced she could get it to work out. Well, she was right. We ended up exchanging our tickets for the right show and were on our way.

We had to wait again inside -- a huge mob of people anxious to get the best unreserved lawn seats they could. When they finally let us go up to the lawn (at 7) there was a huge rush as we all pushed our ways to the top of the amphitheater. My friend and I ended up getting relatively good seats, we were in about the fourth "row" of the lawn and straight out from the stage. The next hour and a half passed slowly, but finally they turned out the lights and the first chords of "The Chain" started to pound! Although the band members looked incredibly small, I could see their movements and the sound was great!

"The Chain" was great as always! It was followed by "Dreams" which is one of my favorites. I thought it sounded excellent, even better than on "The Dance." Next was "Everywhere" from "Tango in the Night," it sounded good at first but on the "Oh, I"s it seemed that things were not quite in key. It was still great, though. Next, Stevie excited the audience with "Gold Dust Woman," which rocked hard! People were standing despite the constant "sit down"s yelled by rude, lazy people sitting behind them (editorial comment, I think standing is totally appropriate at a concert). Lindsey followed this by rocking HARD on "I'm So Afraid," which is such a cool song and it just sounded excellent. Then the band performed the new songs "Temporary One" and "Bleed to Love Her," which didn't get too much of a rise from the crowd although they rocked strongly!

Next, Stevie resumed her witchy ways in performing "Gypsy" which got the crowd excited again. It sounded good, but Lindsey's voice seemed to be a little overwhelming at the end. He followed this song with his two acoustic numbers, "Big Love" and "Go Insane." "Big Love" was my favorite number from "The Dance" and it sure sounded great. Then he read a poem which I couldn't hear too well, and followed this with "Go Insane." I had never heard this song before the concert, but I would have to say it is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in my life! I really enjoyed it! Next was "Landslide" which was great and had the audience swaying. Christine then brought "Say You Love Me" back from "Noah's Ark" as she put it. It was performed with banjos just as in "The Dance" and had us dancing and cheered us up after the previous bleak songs. Stevie then sang her new song, "Sweet Girl," which I have a new appreciation for. The song didn't particularly strike me on "The Dance," but it was strong in this show.

Next the band rocked on "You Make Loving Fun" which really seemed to get everyone excited. Christine's voice sounded so smooth and beautiful! Next was "My Little Demon," which rocked hard although Lindsey seemed to be losing his voice. Next was Stevie's solo hit "Stand Back," which had the crowd back on its feet. After that was the rather obscure "Oh Daddy" from "Rumours" which I thought sounded great. I was happy to hear this song done in concert. Next was "Not That Funny," which was just hilarious. It was evident that Lindsey had not lost his voice because he was belting out all the high parts and really enjoying himself. Lindsey, John, and Mick all had well-deserved solos, and it was great. The highlight was the "drum suit" that Mick wore in which each part of his outfit made a different percussion noise. At the end of the jamming session, Mick's drum suit "did battle" with Lindsey's guitar, it was certainly funny!

"Rhiannon" began next with the slow piano solo as in "The Dance," which was quite a contrast to "Not That Funny." All I can say is that this song ruled! Then they played "Second Hand News" which seemed like an odd choice for this point in the concert but it was a nice segue to the rest, and it sounded good too (of course). Next was "Silver Springs," which is an absolutely beautiful song and it sounded SO GOOD! I had tears in my eyes throughout the whole thing because there is so much power in those words and I could really feel the pain Stevie must have been feeling when she wrote the song. Next was "Tusk" which was good but just not the same without the marching band. Then the band played "Go Your Own Way," which had the crowd up and jamming. They wished us a good night and left the stage. Some of the less experienced concert-goers left, while we who knew how these things worked waited around for our encores!

And we got them, all right! The band returned to the stage and played "Don't Stop," which sounds so much better live than it ever did on "Rumours." I have a new found respect for the song now. Then everyone left the stage except Christine and she played "Songbird" at the piano. I cannot believe how beautiful her voice sounded! The emotion from "Songbird" was very strong again and I just ate it up. Christine wished us a good night and then left the stage. Well, the crowd continued to cheer so the band returned for one final song, "Farmer's Daughter," which was an appropriate end to a great concert! The almost three-hour concert passed SO quickly, and I certainly did not want it to end. But I was just happy to have been able to see my favorite band ever, it was great!
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