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Minneapolis, MN

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Concert Highlights

Written by Pat Jun 11, 2008 at 12:29 PM
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It's Thursday morning, and I'm sitting here trying to sort out the many highlights of the wonderful show my wife and I experienced last night in Section 236 of the Target Center, Minneapolis.

It was great to see this band playing together again. Lindsey really was the star of the show, with Mick a close second. Even from where I was sitting far away, it was obvious he was having a good time, especially during the guitar solos on "I'm So Afraid", "Big Love", and "Go Your Own Way". Lindsey sounded a little hoarse when singing, though, especially during "My Little Demon". I think he recognized that fact, though, as he didn't push his voice too hard during the demanding portions of songs. Mick was having a ball, too; I liked his drum vest solo during "Not That Funny", which was used primarily as an excuse for Mick, John, and Lindsey to JAM. Christine didn't miss a note - her vocals are so smooth and pleasant, and she really seemed to open up to the audience when speaking between songs. Stevie was subdued at the beginning but became more animated as the night went on; she rocked the house with "Gold Dust Woman", "Stand Back", and "Rhiannon". She looked beautiful in black chiffon and sparkly bracelets. Her singing was flat in a few spots, however, most noticeably during the beginning of "Rhiannon". Once the main portion of "Rhiannon" began, though, she was back in tune.

Highlights of the evening were Lindsey's guitar solos on "I'm So Afraid" and "Big Love"; "Landslide"; "Stand Back", complete with swirling white lights; Mick's solo during "Not That Funny"; and of course Christine's "Songbird", beautiful as always.

Some things I observed: Great crowd response for Stevie's "Sweet Girl", after which Stevie put her hands over her heart and mouthed to the crowd, "That's my song!" Nice lighting on the ooohs and aaahs of "Big Love" (spotlight on for ooohs, off for aaahs). During "Stand Back", only Stevie and the background singers sang - the rest of FM just backed them up instrumentally. Nice guitar work by Lindsey on "Oh Daddy" that wasn't identical to the record. Stevie contributes many of the "ba, ba,..." background vocals on "Second Hand News". Beautiful blue-green lighting when Stevie sings "blue-green colors flashing" during "Silver Springs". There wasn't as much interaction between Stevie and Lindsey as I expected, except during the obvious spots in "Landslide" and "Silver Springs".

The crowd was interesting. The age ranged from teens to age 50, but most of the people were in my group, age 35-45. Very few people stood up and danced, except in about the first 10 rows. And the sound was not good, probably a combination of arena acoustics and TOO MUCH BASS. I could not understand most of what the band said in between songs. The quieter songs such as "Silver Springs" and "Songbird" were much clearer sounding than the rockers.

If FM tours again, I think I will try to avoid reading concert reviews until after I see them. The element of surprise was non-existent as I knew just about everything the band was going to say or do before they did it. I don't want to be too negative, though. I really did enjoy the show. These five people are fine musicians and it's a joy to see them performing and enjoying themselves. Hopefully it won't be another 17 years before I get to see them again.
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One of the Greatest Nights of My Life

Written by Ryan Brown Jun 11, 2008 at 12:28 PM
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What a night last night in Minneapolis! Words can't describe how great this concert was. Since I am just 20 years old, this was the first time that I had the chance to see the REAL Fleetwood Mac live, and it was worth the wait. I was in heaven for two and a half hours. The crowd was nuts from the first bass drum kick on "The Chain" to the last harmony on "The Farmer's Daughter". They really gave the Mac the love they deserve, and you could tell that the band was really touched, almost surprised even, at the audience's reaction. The band was really into it for every song last night. Here are some specifics:

The setlist was the same, but it never seemed mailed in. The crowd really seemed to like the new stuff, especially "My Little Demon" and "Bleed to Love Her". The onstage dialogue was a little different this time, which was a surprise because I had read reviews where people said it was exactly the same as "The Dance". Lindsey was the most talkative, then Stevie, Christine, and even Mick was pretty vocal. He introduced the backup players and thanked the crowd at the end of the show. John was silent, of course, except he said a few words before "Say You Love Me".

Stevie was great. My mom, who I went to the show with (thanks for the ticket!), and I were afraid that she might begin to wear out her voice after all these shows the past few weeks, but she sounded great the whole night. Every time she'd do one of her patented spins the crowd would go nuts. The crowd stood for every one of her songs except for "Sweet Girl", which I really liked. She looked great, too. At the end of "Landslide" (which my mom liked the best), where the guitar stops before the last verse, she turned to Lindsey and smiled. He put both his hands over is heart, and smiled back, and then she turned to the crowd and smiled. Everyone went crazy! Then she finished the song and got a huge standing ovation, and she and Lindsey hugged and said something to each other, but not into the microphone, and Lindsey walked away from her laughing. It was a great moment. "Stand Back" and "Rhiannon" were awesome, although I wish Lindsey rocked out more on "Rhiannon" like he used to.

Christine was her usually beautiful self and she sounded great, too. "You Make Loving Fun" was awesome, with Mick really pounding away, and Lindsey doing a lot harder guitar parts than on "The Dance". "Say You Love Me" was great. Everybody was dancing and singing along, and you could tell she really appreciated people getting into her song like that. "Oh Daddy" was cool, and "Songbird" was beautiful as ever. Before the song she thanked everybody for making it a specail show, and wished us all a great rest of the year, and rest of our lives, which struck me as odd, but oh well. At the end of "Songbird" Mick came up behind her and gave her a big hug.

John was his usual silent, back in the shadows self, hanging out by Mick's drums. His bass work was awesome, though. You have to see him live to really appreciate what a great musician he is.

Mick was unbelievable! I used to think that the late John Bonham of Led Zeppelin was the greatest drummer ever, but now I sing a different tune. Mick hits the drums so hard, and with such precision, that he just drives the whole band. And he was really having fun out there. During his solo part in "Not That Funny" he had a huge grin on his face, with those insane looking eyes egging the audience on. He looked so funny with those red shoes dancing around, banging on his vest. He went to each side of the stage and got everybody to stand up, while Lindsey lied on the floor at one side of the stage yelling into a microphone, "Go Mick!...Yeah, Mick!" It absolutely rocked. Mick is so crazy and so cool!

However, I reserve my most glowing praise for the greatest guitarist on the planet, Mr. Lindsey Buckingham. Every one of his solos just kicked ass (especially "I'm So Afraid" and "Go Your Own Way"), and after every one the crowd cheered wildly. He's such a presence on stage that my eyes were on him almost the whole concert (besides the fact that I think he's the coolest guy on the face of the earth). His voice also was great, which was a surprise because I was a little disappointed with it on "The Dance". However, last night he was back in great form. He was his old shrieking self. He hit all the high notes on "Go Your Own Way", which he most certainly did not on "The Dance", and on "Big Love" and "Go Insane". Here's a little story: There was a group of four or five women sitting right behind me at the show who were obviously there to see Stevie. Before the show all they talked about was what songs Stevie was going to do. However, after "Big Love" and "Go Insane", one of them said to another, "I want him so bad! He is just the coolest guy!" And the rest of the concert they talked about how great Lindsey was. And he deserved it. I have never been so enthralled in my life as I was at that concert. Lindsey, you're the best!

To anyone who hasn't gotten tickets, but wants to, I say get them! They are worth the sixty bucks. Last night Fleetwood Mac restated emphatically what many of us knew already: There is not a better rock 'n roll band on the planet! Thanks Fleetwood Mac for one of the greatest nights of my life.
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