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Mountain View, CA

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One Big Love Fest

Written by SPARKLE3 Jun 11, 2008 at 12:49 PM
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Just read Aaron's review and had to "pipe" in a bit.The show was great and the weather could not have been any nicer.I guess the setlist was similar to all the previous shows."Not that funny" into Mick's drum solo thing was exceptional despite what reviews have said.Lindsey actually laid on the stage while Mick played. Towards the end of the drum solo,Lindsey was sneaking up on Mick who was totally unaware .You could tell everyone was having FUN!

BTW- The wole band was quite affectionate with each other during various moments of the show.I guess it's still one big love fest!!!
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Great job Fleetwood Mac!!

Written by Aaron Loo Jun 11, 2008 at 12:48 PM
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As far as the concert goes, I must say that it was all put together very well. I did not notice any mistakes in terms of lyrics as I have read from the other concert reviews. All together the band just sounded incredible. Seeing them live in the concert is a totally different experience than listening to a CD, or even watching a video.

The concert was actually scheduled to start at 8:00 PM, but never really got started until about 8:15 PM. Soon after, the lights started to dim, and we started hearing the sounds of crickets with blue and purple lights in the background. We were all ready and everybody was screaming and cheering for them to come out.

The band basically followed the setlist posted on this webpage, so I'll give a run-down of some of the highlights of this awesome concert:

"The Chain" started the set off as usual, and was actually very much played the same way on the Dance. Because this was the first song, the crowd was really alive, and we all cheered as John McVie played his classic bass chords on "The Chain." "The Chain" really got the audience going I must say.

"Dreams", Stevie Nick's signature song, was also very excellent. She added "me" into "Have you any dreams, you'd like to sell me?" which is a little different from the way it is off the Dance album. We all new the song all so well and it was just amazing to hear it live.

"Gold Dust Woman" was also neat as the stage was painted with a gold yellow color with smoke (dry-ice) filling the air. Stevie added her gold shaw to the collection as she opened the song and later span around as she did in the Dance video.

"Gypsy" was one of Stevie's best songs played in the set in my opinion. It started us off easy and started to build up to bring in the rest of the instruments. It definitely got us all standing and tapping to the beat. Christine was also perfect at playing her well defined notes on her keyboard to "Gypsy." Stevie added a "Say hey!" somewhere in the song too...Can not remember where at the moment...But it was really neat...

Lindsey recited a short poem for all of us before he started "Go Insane." It added a nice touch to the song! Not sure if he did it in the Dance video. I don't think he did.

Stevie dedicated "Landslide" to us especially as we were in the heart of where Fleetwood Mac "all began." From what I can recall, Lindsey's roots are from Palo Alto, CA.

"Sweet Girl", being one of Stevie's new songs got us all standing again and singing along. It wasn't played very much different from the original version, but it did start a little differently than the Dance version.

I especially liked Stevie's "Stand Back" with all of the purple glitter and lights shining down the center isle of the Amphitheater. She had us all singing "Stand Back" every time the verse came around. Stevie took control as the song came up to speed and brought us into a trance into "her" realm. It was ultimately the best with its fast beat.

Things started to simmer down when Christine started "Oh Daddy" I personally think the version on Rumours is great, and she sang it with ease like there was nothing to it. She gave the song her own personal touch to it as she sang the lyrics. When everything came together it just sounded incredible! Christine also said "Ohhh Daddy..." and laughed slightly at the end of the song. "Oh Daddy" is definitely one of Christine's best songs.

"Not That Funny" was actually one of the songs that I think should have been substituted with something else. The song had its good parts but Mick's drum solo in between seemed to go on too long. I didn't like it as much as I did the other songs, but I felt the audience still "ate it up."

Stevie's classic "Rhiannon" was also one of the high points of the concert, as we combined Christine's keyboards, and Stevie's powerful imaginative lyrics.

The classic "Go Your Own Way" and "Don't Stop" got us all standing again and singing along to the major key verses. You could feel the intensity of the crowd as they all sang "You can go your own way!" "Don't Stop...Thinking about tomorrow..." It was truly too cool.

Christine's classic "Songbird" was also incredible. She dedicated the song to her fans, "us" and she started it off. Mick came back and hugged Christine at the end of song and they both walked off the stage, later for them all to come back to play "Farmer's Daughter" which finished the set.

As I mentioned before the band members were just about at their very best last night. Lindsey's vocals and guitar playing were truly excellent. Christine sang the songs in the same fashion as she did in the video. She didn't deviate from that much, nor did Lindsey in the format and his "commentary." Stevie's voice seemed too high like she was trying too hard in parts of Silver Springs. But all in all, it was still very good. Mick's drumming and percussion were awesome as he kept the beat to all of our favorite songs. We can't leave John out with his signature bass chords either. He had us all cheering for him, as everything came down for him to play his chords. The something about those low tones of his bass guitar that make Fleetwood Mac indeed who they are.

All in all, I must say this concert was very good to excellent. It's funny how 2 1/2 hours goes by so fast when your having fun listening to Mac songs. If you don't already have tickets, or are contemplating on whether to go, I highly recommend that you make every effort to attend because it is truly "that good" if you even remotely like Fleetwood Mac! It's definitely an experience you'll never forget!

Let's hope they make it back again next year!! Great job Fleetwood Mac!!
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