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Noblesville, IN

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Rock On!

Written by Jill Jun 11, 2008 at 12:26 PM
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MID-WEST Concert Fest..part 1 and 2!!!! Hello fellow MAC-aine-ACS!!! I am right now kicked back in the car on my way to Indianapolis..:o) (Deer Creek-4th row!). Now here we go again...we see the crystal vision!!..Dreams is cranked in the tape player..:o) Anyway, last nights show at the Palace in Auburn Hills Mi was KILLER!!! From our awesome 6th row seats--(we were so close--I couldn't believe it!!) *SIGH* I too saw people with VIP passes...there was a couple with 2 kids right next to us with passes...the 13 yr old girl sat next to me and her 5 yr old sister was next to her...they got to go back stage and the little 5 yr old got to give Stevie a rose and then Stevie gave her a big hug and kiss!!! AAAWWWWWWWWWWWW!! She was too cute!!! (the little girl-Stevie is beyond cute..she is gorgeous!!) The set list was the same as posted on the other reviews....excellent!!!!! They sounded fantastic..perfect harmonization!!! Gotta take a break here for "Landslide"..ok back...GO STEVIE!!!!! All you guys waiting....get ready to have your "socks" blasted all the way to the Fleetwood Mac Moon!!!!! WARNING all you fellow road trippers...there sure are a lot of cops out so be careful!!!!

Anyway one thing that really disappointed me was the fact that I was the only one standing up--dancing--waving and carrying on like the wild and crazy fun loving--die hard FM fan like I am!!

("Where would you go if you had the time..crossing some crazy-state line somewhere"..we just crossed the Indiana state line...can you hear me belting it out? hahaah). I was upset that more of the people weren't up on their feet showing our Idols their united eternal and unbridled devotion (like I was) that they so richly deserved!!! And I send out a BIG apology to those who did rock and dance...too bad you didn't have the killer seats that I did...80% of the people in the front sections sat down almost the whole show!!! I simply could not believe that!!!! But it did make for some "Fall flat out on your face EYE contact between Christine, Stevie and I!!! DIE-and-EEEKKKKK!!!!! That was way too coooool!!! Break...time for Jill's drum solo on the dash..."Tusk" just started...LOL!!! I could tell that Christine and Stevie really appreciated my genuine infectious enthusiastic (sp?) dancing and screaming.

Unlike the people sitting behind me!! They were really Pissed off because I was standing up and dancing my A** off...I gave them a few dirty looks but after they tried to get a security guard to make me sit down..(of course they didn't make me sit..after all you are entitled to stand on the floor...haha) I could not "resist" turning around and politely sticking my finger in the guys chest and getting right in his face and saying this---"I just can not believe that you can even SIT at all--after all this is FLEETWOOD MAC for cripes sake....Let the SPIRIT take you!!!) Jeez...I am a seasoned professional "Concert Attendee" this being my 96th show...I just saw the Stones on Sept 23 in Chicago and believe me--not ONE person sat down from start to finish!!! So here is a little tip for all you people going to the Nov 21st show..(I will be there again..8th row this time!)----Get up off your butts and let the magic of band take you the band some appreciation!!!! Believe makes a world of difference to the band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't know how to rock you a** off..just look for me..8th row Isle seats..I'll be the one dancing my a** off!! Again my sincere apologies (?) to the real fans who were there

dancing and rocking that I couldn't see. Well gotta stop for now just got to the hotel...time to get ready for TONIGHT!!!! "Now here we go again...we see the Crystal Vision!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part 2; freaking gosh!!! The Indy show was MORE better!! (if they could be any better!!)....WHEW.....WOW.... YEEEE-HAAAA and K-ZAM!!!!! At least the crowd was totally way more into the show than in MI...These Indiana people KNOW how to rock and roll!!!--------GO-INDY!!!!!!!!!! Although right at first there was another guy that kept hollering...sit down...we paid good money for "OUR" seats..well sorry I do respect that but I too paid GOOD money for "OUR" seats...4th row and I just can't sit down...what is wrong with these people who expect to sit during a concert anyway?? Watch the video if you want to sit!! I was in total ecstasy!!! The band seemed way more into Sunday nights show..Atten Michigan fans...maybe it had something to do with the response from the front sections????

Our seats were again way to awesome again...thank you Fleetwood mac Gods!!! Again in front of Christine and Stevie....MORE KILLER EYE CONTACT!!!!!!!! I'm sure Christine recognized me!!!

I had on the same outfit..(washed of course hahahaahah) Same long crimped hair..same glow stick...much cooler than a lighter..I've learned that...burned way too many thumbnails on lighters at previous concerts in the past!!! Lindsey totally "KICKS ASS"...he was ssooooooo charged up you could almost see the sparks fly off of his golden finger tips!!! HE WAS ON FIRE!! Christine was beautifully flawless and statley. John and Mick were perfect...the BEST---bong--bong...boom--boom!!!!

Simply body-slamming KILLER! *SIGH* Stevie---ooooohhhhh-----GO STEVIE! You are my shining over ocean "Sweet Girl" *SIGH*--her voice is truly profound...smooth as as butter!!! "ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN"!!!*SIGH* They were in superb form Sunday night simply PHENOMENAL!! They seemed to rock harder,sound better and get into it so much more than the night before!!! Hummmm...all you Mac fans waiting for Nov 21st!

at shows end...while they were rolling Christine's piano up front for "Songbird"..(Awesome)....I delicately stepped over the remaining 3 rows of seats and ended up 3 feet in front of Stevie-practically right under her nose...DIE---FREAK---EEEKKKK!!...had to get my shit together...adjust the spandex pants...whip my 2ft long hair back--and prepare for the immortal---melodic "Farmers Daughter".

OOHHHH---WHOOAAA--there really is a Fleetwood Mac god and I thank them again and again....:o)...THANK YOU---I AM MUCH OBLIGED....IT'S BEEN MIGHTY GRAND...I DO(I WILL) HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN...FARMERS DAUGHTER!!(sorry if I'm a little off voice is fricked!) Then the HIGHLIGHT of the 2 shows happened...the unimaginable happened to ME......Stevie and I locked eyes and I screamed THANK YOU...WE LOVE YOU STEVIE!!! And SHE LOOKED RIGHT INTO "MY" EYES AND SAID (QUOTE)

I LOVE YOU TOO! That's it-- I fricking lost it! dropped half way to my knees in the Fleetwood Mac worship position...trying hard to hold back the tears......I almost DIED right there on the spot! SQUEAL...FREAK...DIE...CRY....SQUEAL!!! Then they took their final 3 bows and smilingly left the stage. NO..NO...Don't go...STAY!! SOBBBBB...SOBBBB!!! Well ok...I guess I'll have to wait until Nov for the Chicago show...(I'm going to that one too..although I have nose bleeds..who cares?? I will be there!!!). Then when we were waiting to leave Deer Creek...we heard sirens and GUESS WHAT??????? They were coming from the police car that was leading the bands limos out....and they were right in front of our car! Of course I stepped out in front(well not quite in front of the cars..I am still alive!) and started my KILLER whistle again and bowing and so on and STEVIE stuck her hand out of her window and gave me the thumbs up sign!!! OH MY GOD------the HIGH from these 2 back-to-back shows will last me a life time...I can't wait till Nov! Well all my beloved friends..we are almost home..I hate to see this end..(for now!!) anyway my scrawny butt bones are now embedded in the car seat..hahaahahahahahahahahahaha!! So long for now and I have a favor to ask of all you people going to the next shows...will you do just ONE ------------- GO STEVIE for me?? A REAL LOUD ONE???? as my voice is toasted!!! And I want to say a special thanks to Marty and Lisa for all their time and devotion to this site...It is THE best site I have found since I flew into cyber space!..OOOOOHHH you make computers fun!!! Well until Nov....take care all and ROCK ON!
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