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Alamodome Review

Written by Stacey Vernick Jun 16, 2008 at 05:17 PM
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My friend Karen and I had 3rd row center seats. We knew we were going to be close, but did not realize how close until we got there. Usually at concerts, there is a pit in front of the stage with a wall in front of it. Well, that was not the case here. There were a few very large security men leaning against the stage and that was it.

While were milling around before the show, I got to meet John Kinney, who does the Nicks Fix site. We chatted for a few minutes at one of the T-shirt booths.

Karen was dressed like Stevie. She was wearing a shiny dress with a black velvet cape and black velvet platform boots that look like they were stolen straight from Stevie's closet! She's already 5'11", I'm sure those boots made her 6'4"! I was dressed up as a flapper chick, with a black sequined, purple-feathered headband, long purple false eyelashes, black dress and red feather boa. I'm 5'4" and my shoes made me 5'8". I didn't see too many people dressed up for Halloween, just a few. I know this helped us get noticed by the band, since hardly anyone up front was dressed up.

After getting drinks and having one last cigarette, we went back to our seats and then the crickets started. Most of the 2nd row was still empty, which was fine with us. When those people did show up, they stayed in their seats until Go Your Own Way!

The lights went out and the crowd roared. Lindsey and Stevie came out holding hands.

The set list and costumes were all the same - here are some highlights - If I've skipped a few songs, it's only because there wasn't anything particularly noteworthy about them:

The Chain - The sound mix wasn't quite right - everyone's vocals seemed low. Stevie said, "Welcome to our party" at the end.

Dreams - The sound was much better. Stevie sounded great.

Everywhere - This was our first glimpse of the roadie who was wearing a Bill Clinton mask and suit jacket all night. When Christine came up to the front microphone, she looked right at us and smiled! Gold Dust Woman - Stevie rocked this one! She wailed the "and go hoooome" better than the video. I actually counted 9 twirls at the end of the song. Like I mentioned in my post, that rhinestone dot on her forehead looks more like a big, snowflake shaped glob of glitter. Her bangs were covering it all night, but it was definitely a large area of her forehead that was shining.

Bleed to Love Her - During Lindsey's speech, Stevie came over to John and put her forehead on his shoulder for a few seconds. I said to Karen, "What's with Stevie?" Then, she turned around and fanned herself with her hand and said to John, "It's hot."

Gypsy - A girl in the front row was waving at Stevie and she winked at her, it was cute. She sang, "Hey baby", instead of just "Hey" like the video. I think this was when Karen noticed Stevie wearing an ace bandage on her left hand, across the palm. I told her I'm sure it was only there for the tambourine. (I have a glow in the dark one just like Stevie's and I have severely bruised myself after only playing for 5 minutes.)
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