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Tampa, FL

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The Experience is Incomparable

Written by Maria Jun 17, 2008 at 12:02 PM
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Well guys, I am sorry this is long but I am ecstatic and it was GREAT! I had the night of my LIFE! AUGHHHHH! (sorry still excited.) We got there at 6 and went to the pre-concert party across the street. That was dumb but everyone said my little 8 yea old sister was adorable dressed as Stevie. We walked around the Palace a few times and I couldn't wait to see my seats! There were about 3 other stevie look alikes. The atmosphere was electric. When we got inside we saw the tee shirts but decided to buy them afterwards. Finally I stepped inside the arena. It took us forever to walk towards our seats. The tribal music was hilarious! At last I found my seat. I almost screamed! I was EXACTLY IN FRONT OF LINDSEY! 7 rows away! We placed our flowers on the stage and gawked at the instruments on stage. I was getting more excited every minute. At 7:30, when the concert was supposed to start, I walked to the bathroom, knowing that they wouldn't begin for a while. Luckily everyone on the floor got to go to this neat bathroom almost backstage. I glanced through a window that looked down a hall and did a double take. There was a man down the hall that looked suspiciously like Lindsey. Then my sister and another girl who was spying with (today i discovered online that we had known each other online for months) saw Mick Fleetwood walking around in the hall. He is very hard to miss. We were amazed to realize we were looking at the dressing rooms! Then this mean old man taped up the windows so we couldn't see down the hall. Nevertheless the girl and my sister and I took turns peering through the crack in the door. We saw Chris's hair, Mick 2 times, and John. Plus that glimpse at Lindsey. Eventually me sis and I went back to the seats. We could see the curtain where they would come out and Stevie was back there sitting down. Then as the almost sold out crowd grew louder and louder the crickets began! Out came the band! Closer than I could imagine! Stevie and Lindsey were holding hands, and they all looked great!

The Chain: Lindsey took his place directly in front of me. The lights were really neat as they started singing! The sound was incredible as well. I was already swooning because Lindsey is just much cuter in person. Stevie was very distant.

Dreams: As this song began, a started waving to Lindsey. i had a big white chiffon scarf tied to my wrist. Suddenly he noticed me! This was the first heart stopping eye contact of the night. He bent down and did that really cute face like on the cover of Rolling Stone. I started SCREAMIMG! As Stevie sang "women they will and they will go" Lindsey looked at her and made this face like "hello?!" because she forgot to look back at him. It was very funny and it sorta proved that a lot of the "love" is an act. However it was evident that they are GREAT friends

Everywhere: Chris looks great with longer hair. She had a green jacket on. I was pretty far from her but I kept waving. This song was the first time the front section sat down. From that song on I also spent most of the shoe singing and staring at Lindsey, who would frequently stare right at me and my little sister sometimes too. He was freaking me out (in a good way)

Gold Dust Woman: This was great! I was surprised at all the men dancing and doing all the hand motions with Stevie! It was cute. I love the GDW shawl.

I'm So Afraid: Lindsey is a GOD. Very intense and amazing guitar work! At the beginning of the song he did this cute thing walking towards the mike with this intense dramatic stare. --MAJOR EYE CONTACT-- I was melting.

Temporary One: I love this song. Its gorgeous. Most people stood up but the reception was not what it should have been. Once again I was singing to Lindsey. At times I felt like I was getting my own personal concert! I must mention that when Lindsey was not looking at me, he was closing his eyes, looking at Stevie or also flirting with two busty blonds. I was happy for them they were very funny and he blew them a kiss.

Bleed To Love Her: Unlike on the Dance, Lindsey was very loud. He voice was in great shape! I realllly lover this song. For some reason I am blacking out on whatever else happened during it.

Gypsy: Everyone stood up and danced for this. It was great even though Stevie didn't seem happy. She rarely acknowledged anyone waving or yelling. But it was 10 times better than on the Dance. Energetic and really loud.

Big Love: I don't even need to mention how incredible this is live! He was soooo amazing. Everyone scurried off the stage, leaving Lindsey with his spotlight. No cycles mentioned, but a nice speech. I sang the whole song staring at him, my heart jumping every time eye contact happened. WHAT A RUSH

Go Insane: The poem was incredible! Lindsey did it in a cute almost Irish accent. He seemed to be having a great time. The lights during this song were very cool. HIs hand seems fine. I saw no stitches.

Landslide: Most people stayed seated, and it was great. Stevie was very serene. Lindsey stared off into space, but when it came time for the hug, he grabbed her and turned her back to the audience, making this face like "Oh yeah! I scored!" It was very funny and very very sweet. They are soooo cute together.

Say You Love Me: I love how they all go on the front, its very cool. More Lindsey eye contact. During this song we point at each other singing. I was about ready to die.

Sweet Girl: This song has improved. I had a very funny moment. I was singing as usual when Lindsey started watching me sing, i got all flustered and completely forgot the words. Of course I started cracking up and to my amazement so did Lindsey. That was one of the best moments of the night.

You Make Loving Fun: This is always a great song. Chris is soo classy and beautiful and talented.

My Little Demon: At the beginning of the song, Lindsey did his speech and then pretended to be making the demon sounds, that was hilarious. No one stood up :(

Stand Back: STEVIE ROCKED! This song is a lot better live than I have ever heard. I danced in the isle with my sister and waved and screamed to Stevie.

Oh Daddy: Haunting intense and very good live. I pointed to Lindsey as i sang, prompting him to point back at me doing this funny finger wiggling thing.

Not That Funny: This had a great slow intro, when i realized what song it was I screamed. This is a favorite of mine. Lindsey started making all these great silly coughing sounds as he finished the slow guitar intro. As Mick took over Lindsey danced around the stage goofily, alternately pretending to dance and mimicking the movements of me and the busty girls. HE IS SO CUTE WHEN HE SMILES. He smiled a lot, contrary to what it seems he did at other shows. By then I was beginning to think I was definitely in favor with the FM gods. Mick was great, playing he body pads for ten minutes, screaming and spitting. I love that man. When he was done, Lindsey started chasing him around trying to hit his pads.

Rhiannon: Major sing along fest. By then Stevie had a great burgundy coat and silver shawl on. Gorgeous. However she turned to Mick at the end and cut the song short without going nuts at the end.

Second Hand News: One of my favorite songs again. I love it with Stevie harmonizing. Best moment of the night, Lindsey pointing at ME as I mouth his words "wont you lay me down...let me do my stuff" This was so obvious my dad started getting really pissed at me ;) and the girls behind me were congratulating me.

Silver Springs: Oh. Wow. Wow wow. I love this song. Not a lot of Stevie Lindsey action, more than enough Lindsey me action. (Lauren e-mail me we have to compare notes) At the end Lindsey was late walking over to Stevie. He got there in time to do this cute eskimo kiss like forehead rubbing thing. Then he backed away and gave her this look shrugging his shoulders like "Hey, i don't know!" It was sort of like a challenge to the lyrics.

Tusk: THis is very fun to dance to. Very very tribal and fun. More Lindsey eye contact, and lots of that cute point at me finger wiggling thing that by now I new to do back to him at the same time.

Go Your Own Way: I was about ready to run away with Lindsey. I know this sounds absurd but he still kept singing at me. It was really fun to sing this with him, its such a great song.

Don't Stop: Lots more pointing. Just like on the video he pointed, but a lot more. We had to wait FOREVER for the encores.

Songbird: I plan on having this be my wedding song some day.

Farmer's Daughter: It was over ! This song was bittersweet, but Lindsey made it OK. I think he was surprised that I know the words. I made him almost laugh twice because I was singing and making all the faces with the words. They did their second bow and Lindsey blew a kiss to the but girls. I also think he knew someone in the 3rd row. He was motioning to them as he left. Stevie took a note from one lucky girl.

Thanks for listening. We watched the limos leave, there were 4 limos,2 cops and 3 vans. I met 2 online friends and the show was the best night of my life! Stevie was not bad, just not very smiley. Lindsey was very smily. Go figure. The crowd was diverse in age but not race. If you can try to get close tickets, the experience is incomparable. :)
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Dont Miss It

Written by Brian, Charlotte, Jana & Sam Jun 17, 2008 at 11:59 AM
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A tribal rhythm, gypsy colors and passions, celtic folk melodies, and an electric edge that burned the whole experience into my senses. This band has been, and thankfully will always be about music and song, powerful, seductive and multi-colored. The blend of fire and personality on stage was truly mesmerizing. Name another group with such vocal strength, three powerful and different lead singers like Stevie, Lindsey and Christine. Name another group that can fill a song and burn a lead with only one guitar player on duty. Name another band with any better, more solid, more powerful rhythm section than Mick and John.

Their set took me from the days of the pure English, bluesy Fleetwood Mac, to the punchy, polished LA band they became. In between, the acoustic and folk sounds of Lindsey's guitar numbers, and the groups "unplugged" and up front pieces were amazing, like sitting in a London music hall at the turn of the century, or around a gypsy campfire at night.

Their classic hits were right on the money, and reminded me of all the reasons I had to go see them again. They have lost nothing, and in fact it appears that the healing of personal wounds, and escape from the drug trap of the big time road band they became has forged them together even stronger than before. This was no reunion, this was a culmination of all their previous efforts aged to a heady and potent climax. I would not have missed this, and for once felt connected to the music in a way that left me with more than I arrived with. Don't miss them, the music is too good.
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