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West Palm FL

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Whole Night Rocked

Written by  Jun 17, 2008 at 11:55 AM
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First let me say that my first Mac concert lived up to all of my expectations! We got there early--about 6:00 and tailgated until people started lining up. This concert venue is an amphitheatre, so it is all open and as we lined up, we could hear instruments being warmed up. Feeling my excitement rising, I wondered if it was the Mac themselves or the roadies. Then at about 6:30 we heard bits of The Chain and Dreams. Talk about coming out of your skin with anticipation--we knew we had about 2 hours until showtime! One observation was that I saw many people wanting to buy tix, but saw only one seller the whole time we were in line. The crowd ranged from elementary-aged kids to people in their 60's. They finally let us in about 7:00 and the Mac came on at 8:50. It was a perfect night--clear and cool! Now on to the show:

Stevie's voice did sound a bit strained as others have noted. But she still sounded awesome and the crowd loved her, cheering for her loudly every time she came on stage.

Lindsey news: I have never seen him play live and all I could do was sit mesmerized and watch through my binocs. He is a GENIUS AND ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! At times it was as if he was possessed by the guitar and the music. As you sit there listening, you just can't believe that all of that music is coming from one human being. It has been said on the board that Lindsey hasn't gotten his due for his exquisite musicianship. But, I can tell you that from the comments of those around me, the man was getting some respect last night! Most times the loud applause did not begin until a few seconds after he stopped playing because the crowd, like me, was in a trance. Two moments that I thought were nice were when the majority of the place gave him a standing ovation after "I'm So Afraid'" and " Big Love". We really meant it and he seemed genuinely touched. I thought he looked a bit worn out during some songs (but who wouldn't with all of the energy he puts into the show). There were times that he just would stare out to the crowd while playing with an expressionless face for a few minutes. I do think it was just fatigue because there were times that he smiled and seemed to really be enjoying himself . During Mick's drum solo, he did lay on the ground and act goofy. He then crawled to the edge of the stage (and there is no pit those lucky fans were sooo close) and looked into the crowd. He then laid on his back and hung his head over the edge upside down for a minute or two. The few fans who approached him were asked to move back by security.

S & L moments: As sorry as I am to say it, I saw mostly friendship and respect between them. Many times they were close to each other on stage and didn't even look at each other. Stevie did look at him more in the beginning of the show with just a few quick return glances from him. So by the time "Landslide" came along, I was dying for some interaction! There was just the quick hug and kiss at the end. Then during SS, they did not really look at each other (well, Stevie was trying) until the end. He didn't begin to walk over to her until the last line "You could be my...". He then stood kind of side to side with her and put his head on her shoulder and covered half of his face with his hand. I couldn't really see if he was smiling or not, but Stevie was giving him a gentle smile and he kept his hand on his face until he walked back to his mike. He did not say anything and Stevie said "We thank you very much". Oh yes, I forgot, right before he walked over to her at the end, he was doing that thing where he would strum the guitar and then hit his chest with his hand right over his heart. I did notice him shaking his hand after one of the songs near the end--I hope he's okay!

During GYOW, when the "packing up, shacking up" line came up, Stevie did not sing. She came in loud and strong with the next line "If I could, baby..." and then they looked at each other. She seemed to have a little smile on her face as she looked at him and purposely did not sing the line. Maybe she was trying to get his attention because he hadn't given her much eye contact.

Christine looked beautiful and I particularly enjoyed "Songbird" at the end! She and Lindsey seemed to have a lot to chat about. He came over to her side many times and you could see them talking and laughing with one another.

The whole night just totally rocked! It's amazing that some of the music is 20 years old and still had people dancing and screaming!
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Lasting Memories

Written by Tammy Patterson Jun 17, 2008 at 11:54 AM
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Well I have not come off my cloud as of yet. I have just gotten home from one of the best concerts I have ever seen. They rocked tonight...I still can't talk and I still can't hear but complaining this is how my night went and bear with me cause my mind is still rocking away: We got to the stadium about 6:30pm anxious to get we were pulling up you could hear FM in the background warming up..let me tell you I got chills that exact instant to know what I was in for tonight. Well the doors didn't open till 7 so we all were out in this massive line. Let me tell you that I was amazed by the variety of ages and ethnic groups there (just shows you great music crosses all lines). So we got inside about 7:20pm and we were ready to rock. The show started about 8:50pm, and let me tell you once it hits 8pm, the excitement really hits here we go at 8:50 we hear the opening of "The Chain" and the show begins..

footnote: by the way..the temp was in the 50's tonight..burrrr...remember this is Florida! I am not going to go song by song but will tell you what I noticed during some of the songs.. The whole gang looked great and from where I was sitting (10th row) I could see the smiles and the it me or does Christine look more beautiful everytime I see her? By the way, her hair is longer and looks much better than in the Dance.

I would like someone else's opinion who went, but did Stevie's voice sound very sore tonight? I thought so. She couldn't hit all the notes she did in the Dance, but she still sang great..what a performer she is...I have to say that she was the crowd favorite with the greatest applause, and I love her long jackets she wears.

Ok now for the S&L news....During the whole beginning of the concert, I did not see any type of emotion out of Lindsey at all..he looked very tired..mind you he played absolutely fabulous but you could tell he looked tired. Stevie looked at him throughout the whole concert but he only briefly looked at her. I saw no real affection there but just friendship. Some of their moments were: SWEETGIRL - He turned and they sang the harmonies together which is still perfect, but I saw no real major eye contact or facial expressions.

LANDSLIDE- Stevie didn't face him but once during this song, and he hardly looked at her..then the end they hugged and shared a brief kiss (that was nice).

SILVER SPRINGS- Stevie looked at Lindsey many many times during this song but he didn't look at her till the very end...a big pause..he comes over to her and puts his head near her shoulder and she sings softly to him "you could be my...flashing. Very Very nice moment..the crowd went nuts...after she sang that to him he had the cutest smile and he put his hand over his heart like he was gasping..very cute. GO YOUR OWN WAY- Stevie looked at him a lot through this song but he rarely looked...but an interesting moment during this song was, when the part "packing up, shacking up" came up, she didn't sing it with him...he wasn't looking at her then when the line" IF I could baby I'd give you my world" came up..she belted it out and stared at him and he turned and they sang that together looking into each others eyes. Another nice moment.

Then during the end I think she gave up with really looking at him so at different times he would play next to her and lay his head on her shoulder and walk by..brief moment but nice.

Some other observations:

Lindsey totally rocked the house. I have NEVER seen anyone play the guitar like him..the crowd was open mouthed just watching him..he never missed a beat and his facial expressions are just so amusing..He would make faces and smile and just be goofy at times then the next moment he would have his eyes closed and just really get into the music and feel it! What a man! I have to say that he and Christine must have a great friendship because during the whole show he smiling at her and talking at points.

STAND BACK rocked the joint..period!

Oh Lindsey changed his speech about them getting together again..he simplified it...(he still gets amazed by the crowds response about them being together again,,you can see it in his face). The Mick and Lindsey solo was too funny!!! Lindsey fell down and laid on the stage and I swear half his upper body was hanging off the stage..he had a towel over his face so darn I couldn't see the facial expression. Then Mick came on stage and danced around..too funny to watch, especially in those tights, lol.

A cute John McVie act happened during one of the final bows...he was offstage and was surprised to have to come back so soon and had a cig in his mouth, and couldn't hold the group's hand..they were laughing and looked surprised when this happened..He took it outta his mouth and just dropped it..luckily one of the crew crawled over and put it out...just so funny to see his face..a mixture of surprise and embarrassment..

Oh by the way....Lindsey hurt his hand somehow tonight..his right one..I noticed that after one of the songs near the end (sorry can't remember) he was shaking his hand, then at the end when he came out after Songbird and they played "Farmer's Daughter" He had it wrapped and he wasn't using it too much on the guitar...hum???? Wonder what happened?

Well all in all, I have to say that this was one of the best concerts I have seen and it still hasn't sunk in that I have seen them, cause as of two days ago I had no tickets and tonight I was there and just 10 rows from them..what a dream come true...the concert lasted about 2 1/2 hours but went so fast.all of you who have yet to see are in for a big treat! Lasting memories of a truly great rock and roll band...have a good one and I am off to bed...listening to FM of course :)
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