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Cleveland, OH

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My Review of Cleveland's ENCHANTED EVENING

Written by BLY Jun 09, 2008 at 02:54 PM
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The Enchanted tour was the sixth solo Stevie Nicks concert I have attended. I must say it was her best. Not just because of the EXCELLENT stage, lighting & sound but because Stevie really connected with the audience. I was in the 9th row/center(the best seats I have had in 20 YEARS of attending MAC/NICKS shows. The addition of songs to her usual live song list was the highlight for me (actually the whole acoustic thing was it) Garbo, Sleeping Angel, Rose Garden & After the Glitter Fades could have been the whole show for me. I have never heard her voice sound so clear and crisp! She hit ALL the high notes (hello 1970's). I must say even Stand Back, a song that always rocks live, was taken to a much higher level. She danced & danced and was so enjoying every minute. Twisted was awesome! I'm glad I decided to fly to Cleveland to see the show and not have this tour be her first solo tour that I miss because of a hectic schedule at the end of June when she comes to my home town. This tour shouldn't be missed.
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A Younger Persons Review

Written by  Jun 09, 2008 at 02:53 PM
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June 2, 1998

I decided to submit my review of the June 2nd show because I thought it would be interesting for people to read a younger persons take on the concert. Let me start out by saying that the night did not start out well. I was going with two friends and one of them lost her ticket in the midst of remodeling her room. On top of that, it was storming, hard, and even though we had pavilion seats, I was afraid the concert might be delayed or canceled. I had decided that I wanted to try and get a flower to Stevie. I settled on a large, pink rose. I also wrote her a note that I hope she reads. See, during the Street Angel tour, my aunt and cousin were able to meet her and since then, my cousin has sadly committed suicide. Stevie's music and words really seem to help my aunt get along and I wanted to thank her for that. I had no clue when, how, or if I would get the rose to her, but I decided to try.

We left and on the way it, thankfully, stopped storming. We arrived at Blossom, parked and bought all our T-shirts and souvenirs. Our seats turned out to be a lot better than I had expected. We sat through Boz Scaggs, who I enjoyed more than I thought I would. The audience loved him, but it was evident that they were there for Stevie. She started out with her "Outside the Rain"/ "Dreams" combination. It was awesome! Everyone was out of their seats and dancing. Stevie then mentioned something about how she was happy that a tornado hadn't come through (a reference to the terrible weather). Then "Enchanted" started. Everyone, including me, was singing at the top of their lungs. During the next song, "Gold Dust Woman" (which was absolutely fabulous) I got up and talked to some security guards about taking my flowers down to the stage. They told me to wait until everyone was seated and I could get down there easily.

"Gold and Braid" was 10 times better than on the boxed set. One of Stevie's guitarist, Carlos I think was his name, really got into it, dancing across the stage and playing like a wild man. Stevie's other guitarist did a great job singing Tom Petty's part on "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." After that song came Stevie's acoustic set. She first sang "After the Glitter Fades," which was also better than on the boxed set. Then, "Garbo" started. I figured it was now or never and got out of my seat to walk down to the stage. All the guards were very nice and let me through immediately. I set the rose on the stage looked up at Stevie (who looks so great close up) and then walked back to my seat. She finished up the acoustic set with "Rose Garden" and "Sleeping Angel," which were both incredibly beautiful. Then, she ran back to change real quick.

The next song was "Stand Back." Stevie danced around twirling like magic. It was great!! We knew by the opening strands of the next song that it was "Rhiannon." There was a little girl sitting in front of me that couldn't have been more than 4. In the middle of Rhiannon, she put her little blanket over her shoulders and started twirling around in the aisle, exactly like Stevie. It was so cute! After "Rhiannon," Stevie introduced her band to everyone, and then started into "Whole Lotta Trouble." Everyone looked at me strange on this one because I was one of the only people dancing. I couldn't help it, it's a great dancing song!

I noticed that my rose was still at the front of the stage and started to get worried. "Landslide" was next and even though it was beautiful, it wasn't the same without Lindsey backing Stevie up. She then did a totally different version of "Twisted". It was amazing. I liked it better than the version on the boxed set and the version on the Twister soundtrack. Stevie ran back to change quickly while Lenny started going wild on the bongos. I could tell that "Edge of Seventeen" was about to start. Stevie came out and launched into the song. The whole place was on their feet, singing and dancing. Sharon joined Stevie at her microphone when the part starts that goes, "Well, I hear you (Well I hear you)...." At the end, Stevie went to the front of the stage and started gathering flowers and other gifts in a box while the band kept playing. It was then that I realized that would have been the right time to take down my gift. Stevie finished collecting things and the box was placed on the side of the stage. My flowers were still at the front, in front of Stevie's microphone.

For the encore, she did Tom Petty's "I Need To Know", which rocked and then she did the beautiful and haunting "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You". At the end of that song, after the band had taken their bow, Stevie's guitarist picked up my flowers and handed them to her on the way out!! I was thrilled. The concert was absolutely fabulous. I only wish I could see another one. Stevie really is an enchantress.
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