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Columbus, OH

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Written by Torri Jun 09, 2008 at 03:07 PM
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June 7, 1998 (Posted on Ledge 3)

Well, I'm back from my 7-8 hr. road trip for the Columbus show and I don't know if I can find any words to do Stevie justice...but I promised Keith so here you go...

First, it was COLD! Had to buy the Enchanted sweatshirt (oh, darn)...I met up with Stacey from the story list and as we walked in, there were 3 guys selling the tour asked if we were buying one and we said, of course...then he says he knows the guy who designed it...Stacey asked who?...and he pointed to a guy sitting was Chris! So we talked awhile...and I just have to say...Chris is very nice and cute, too...just my type...LOL!

We were quite a ways back...but with quite a few die-hard fans who we shared stories and our excitement with...Boz was good and the woman with him seriously wails! Then...finally...Stevie... You all have heard about the set...but to see Stevie...and she, awesome...see, they are no was pure bliss!!! The crowd wasn't all that in to it from where we were but this did not matter to me...I was in awe...I love hearing Stevie live and she was as good as I knew she would be...maybe even better...there wasn't a song that didn't sound great...and she seemed happy and was having a great time...talked a lot about the different songs...and sang and touched our souls as only she can...

I'm not sure the smile has left my face yet...and it will just have to stay until next we come!
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