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Indianapolis, IN

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Not What I Expected

Written by Jessica Jun 09, 2008 at 03:21 PM
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June 7, 1998 (Posted on Ledge 3)

Hmmm. Well, the concert was not quite the experience I thought it would be. Stevie sounded great. She was very, very gracious and appreciative and seemed to be having a wonderful time. From what I could see through my binoculars, she also looked great. Boz was good, too.

However, what ruined this show for me was threefold. For one, the music (not the singing) was way too loud and distorted. Also, I had terrible seats and spent most of the evening just trying to see. And, this was about the rudest imaginable crowd. All they did was get up and leave over and over again to get beer or something. The same people were up and down, up and down so many times throughout the show that I lost count. I couldn't believe beer was the most important thing to them. That was so rude and disrespectful not only to Stevie and esp. to Boz (who had about 1/2 the crowd most of the time), but it is rude to the people who have to stand up every time someone decides to make a beer run.

This sounds terrible, but I couldn't wait for her to finish so I could leave, and I have zero desire to attend another show. I suppose I am a bad fan for letting outside factors get in the way of my enjoyment. In fact, maybe I'm just not a concert person at all. But, my hats off to Stevie, she did a wonderful job.

Some things I noticed:

# People wearing FM Dance t-shirts or t-shirts from past SN tours.
# A few ladies dressed like Stevie.
# There were a lot of people there who were big SN fans.
# There were a lot of people who didn't know any of her songs.
# Someone gave her a big doll during Edge of 17.

This show did make me realize how phenomenally popular Stevie still is. I was glad for her that so many people came out to see her. She seems very grateful about it, like she still can't quite believe that people come to hear her. She deserves it.

Another interesting note: On our way home, we stopped at a gas station, and what caught my attention was the music playing. It was Rhiannon from Enchanted. I never expected to hear that version, and the fact that I heard Stevie right after the show was so eerie to me.
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The Best Time of My Life!

Written by Vicky Jun 09, 2008 at 03:14 PM
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June 8, 1998 (Posted on Ledge 3)

First of all, let me say I had the best time of my life! I'm not going to go over the set list because, of course, you already know it. I'll go over the highlights of the night. My seats were GREAT!! Better than I thought they would be. Boz Scaggs was very good, as usual. All of her songs were excellent but, Stand Back, "stood out". I loved how she danced with the guitar player. She was actually "dirty dancing" with him! I could tell she was having a great time. She also kept saying how much of a pleasure it was for her to do this. The highlight of the night,for me, was during Edge of Seventeen she walked across the stage and collected the hundreds of flowers from her fans. I reached my hand up to her and she carressed my hand. She didn't shake my hand but, you know, carressed it. It's hard to explain but I'm sure you know what I mean. Her hands were so soft, like silk. Oh, one more thing that I thought was funny. First of all there was this girl there with her mom sitting next to me. We were talking and stuff. I noticed the keyboardist (the guy that played the accordian) was looking at her (the girl, not the mom)! He was winking and all that stuff. When they did their bow and everything he gave her 2 backstages passes!! At first I was like I HATE YOU!!!:) Then her mom said "I hope he realizes my daughter is only 13!!! I just thought that was so funny! Over all it was a fantastic and enchanted night. I want to become a roadie now. I want to go to the Florida show now!
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