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Camden, NJ

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Written by Marissa Jun 09, 2008 at 04:46 PM
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June 19,1998

Enchanted....boy, Chris Nicks sure had that one right. "One who almost brings you to tears." Well, she did that and a whole lot more. She brought the crowd to its feet. I danced and sang the whole entire time. And yes, I even cried. Her most powerful song; Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. It was truly magical. I arrived at the E-Center with my mom at 6pm. We weren't allowed in until 6:30. We stood at the doors to the pit and waited with four other people. Our seats were section 102 row Y which were pretty good. It seemed that everyone used the other doors to get in though. We were one of the first people to our seats. I noticed a man walk out that resembled Lenny. He was talking to a couple who he evidently knew. Sure enough! It was Lenny Castro. I walked over there and asked him to autograph my tour book. He said "sure!" I then asked him if he could get me backstage after the show and he told me "sweetie,I would let you but we've got a hit and run tonight." He wasn't kidding cause after the concert they all flew out of there like a bat out of hell. I did ask him if he could give Stevie my letter (this isn't the first time that I had written her so I was kind of hopping that she might remember me)and the silver dolphin ring that was attached to it (I decorated the envelope and it looked really cool. I was quite proud of myself, lol). He was like "I sure will." I was SOOOO happy!!!! So Boz came on and did his thing which was really good much to my surprise. So Chris read the definition of Enchanted ....yada, yada, yada..... you guys know the set list by now and I can't rave enough about her. She just rocked!!!! She was REALLY talkative and energetic with us all. The final song..... WOW. I loved how she changed the words to "if it's all I ever do. I want you to remember me." It really made me sad though to know that this had all come to an end. At the end of the song she said something like I've known or I've dated many men (something to that effect) and they've all been poets, priests of nothing, legends (that was pretty cool). She looked beautiful and she was GLOWING!!!! It was such a great night. Everyone had left and I got my mom to stay and wait for the tour bus to leave. We stood near the gate (15 other people were near me) and out comes Lenny and Frank Simes!!!! I also got Frank to sign my book!!!He asked me what my name was and after he signed it I said "thank you SO much!" and he was like "no problem." they hopped on the tour bus and drove off. I never saw Stevie get in but that was okay for some reason. I really sat down and thought more about it and about the song "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." At first I couldn't get what it was all about although I knew that I loved it. I finally got it after going back in my mind and thinking. I understand the changes made to the song. I mean, grant it, I have no idea what she was feeling when she wrote the song. I think that I felt more with this song than anything that she had sang all night. It wasn't because I didn't like everything else or because it was the final song. I really understood what Stevie is saying in that song. Especially,"I want you to remember me." She doesn't want to be remembered for the drug problem she had, she doesn't want to be remembered for having an affair with Mick Fleetwood or dating Lindsey Buckingham. She wants to be remembered for her music. It's what she's sacrificed her life for. And she's doing it for us; that really is what Stevie's all about. Her mission in life is to make other people happy. Each song that she sings is like a lesson. She touches our hearts, souls, and minds. She is a beautiful person inside and out. To her, it's all about the music. Her gift to the world. And if it's all she ever does, she wants us to remember her. She's the poet, she's the priestess, she's the legend.For the first time in my 14 years of life I understood why it is that I like Stevie so much. She's genuine and for that, she WILL be remembered. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH STEVIE!! YOU ARE SUCH A WONDERFUL PERSON!!!!! LIVE LONG, ROCK ON, AND PLEASE; NEVER GO
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A Night I Will Never Forget

Written by Janet Jun 09, 2008 at 04:45 PM
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June 19, 1998

It was a very hot muggy day ...but if you turned on the radio---all you heard was news of the upcoming Stevie concert--and it made the heat disappear---she had an interview on one station---people calling and requesting songs--she was everywhere--and the heat added to the excitement--its summer--its Stevie--nothing could be better.

When you arrived at the parking lots--you saw a variety of ages--young girls to older couples--it was great. Some in plain Jean shorts--others geared up in their Stevie attire--unfortunately, the heat made it difficult to wear anything too heavy.

But everyone was hanging out--eating...drinking..smoking...blasting Stevie through their car was adding fuel to the fire of what was to be an awesome night.

The E-Center was not crowded--it was a half to three quarters filled up-but everyone a Boz Scaggs left and they transformed the stage for the queen herself--the crowd got restless....

Then she came could see her smile and her hair--and just feel her presence from everywhere--whether out on the lawn or in the front row..

Outside the Rain--Its always hard to hear the first song of a concert--the screams and cheers from the crowd drown it out always..her voice was so strong and steady--she owns the stage and the crowd.

She says hello to Philadelphia PA ( well it was actually Camden NJ but that's ok) and raises her arms as we screamed STEVIE!!!!!--pure adulation went over her I'm sure--she deserves it.

Dreams--perfect--her band gives it their own touch--makes it her song instead of a Fleetwood Mac song. Again perfect on her part also.

Enchanted--this started and people stood still for a second not quite sure...but its so rocky and has such a great beat everyone started moving and can tell she's really loving this whole set list.

Gold Dust Woman--people knew this song and begged her to twirl--every time she even threatened to go around everyone screamed. She sang it just as strong as she did for Fleetwood Mac--you miss Lindsey's guitar, Mick's drums and John's bass--but again she has a great band that add a flavor of their own.

Golden Braid--again people stood for a second--but the long time fans knew this song and started moving again. She didn't move around as much as she did for her Wild Heart days..but it did rock and she still does it just as well.

Stop Draggin My Heart Around--it was hard to hear her sometimes--her speaking voice was very low and raspy and she was smiling so much you really couldn't get every word...but I believe she mentioned Tom and how she loves this song--but she and her guitarist sang it perfectly together.

Now her acoustic set--she is wearing red and looking marvelous. She seems almost shy and apologetic--like here are my songs I love--I'm sorry--but I have to do it...but its beautiful as her band all get in a circle--she likes people--but she breaks away sometimes--you can tell she needs her space...

After the Glitter Fades--her most critically acclaimed songs I believe...she mentions that its just about Hollywood---a way of telling us what its like..

Garbo--here she mentions Lindsey--and what she wanted fame to be--and its such an amazing song and she did it so perfectly---if you closed your eyes you wouldn't imagine it was live.

Rose Garden...I think it almost scares Stevie how prophetic this song is--she was like--I wrote this when I was 17 and now look at me..and I looked at her up there--she's surrounded by people--but I felt sad suddenly--because she isn't with a man ( as far as I know) and I just found myself hoping that she does find someone to spend the rest of her years with...but its scary--the song gives her everything but true love--she's had true love--but not lasting love...she is so strong but she also lets us see her vulnerable side.

Sleeping Angel--one of her most epic songs--she sang loud and clear--didn't go off in the end like she does originally--but goes off with the lines.." like a soft silver chain"

She tells us now this is the last of the first set and she's going to change now--she's so cute and she kind of just stands there and waves us off to go get we are her friends at a party in her house...

Stand Back---nothin gets the crowd moving more than this song...everyone leapt at this song and you can tell she does love doing it live--and she still wears the same outfit--and she moved around but again not as much as she used to.

Landslide...I missed Lindsey the most here..but her guitarist was great and she gave him a little hug in the end...not the hugs in the Dance tour--but this song takes on a different meaning for this tour..

Rhiannon--the lines "once in a million years a lady like her rises" came to me as she was doing this song..its true--at 50 she is so strong beautiful--such a survivor--I'm sure in 1994 if you told a critic that Stevie Nicks would lose 40 pounds--and tour and sing perfectly--they wouldn't believe--but there she is--singing every note perfectly --doing her trademark song.

Twisted...everyone seemed confused, not quite knowing what this song was until she started actually singing--but the smoke and mood it gave was not what I expected--but it was great--I even said out loud that is very cool--because it was.

Whole Lotta Trouble--I wanted to stand up--but everyone stayed seated in my area--but she moved a little--got down--and sang her heart out--this is a great live song and she really belts it.

Edge of 17--dressed in white--like an angel---she does this awesome song and everyone just lost it by now--the front row rushed to the stage and she let them touch her--one girl actually got on stage and Stevie seemed apprehensive--she wasn't as into it like when I saw her on the Rock A Little Concert--but she still went across the whole stage--and tambourines and roses and a few stuffed animals were thrown up...I could see people rushing and screaming after they touched her..I got insanely jealous. But when she was singing this song--I could barely hear her--but I heard that she messed up and corrected herself. I thought it sounded very strange--as she was speaking--but she does that a lot--but she was actually trying to remember what words to sing. I love her!!

Here she and the band bowed--we screamed--we knew she'd be back--but she walked off and we screamed her back out.

I Need To Know--a great live song--and she did it the same way she always does--everyone just moved and clapped---

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You--this is so sad--the song is heartbreaking and the fact the concert is over--she sings perfectly--she's wearing a most beautiful shawl--white glitter and she looks truly like an angel--her hair so long and light--she was glowing....

My over all impression is that the heat could be felt --I'm sure she was hot and feeling sluggish...but she was very on and very alert--she never wandered in her speeches or her songs...people got out their Bics on quite a few occasions--its either rockers or ballads with Stevie--but not one person left untouched...she was so very good and so very honest--you felt like you had a new friend when you left--and you were amazed at how great she still is--maybe the best she's ever been.

It was a great night I will never forget--my first Stevie concert--it was awesome--I was enchanted....
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