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Virginia Beach, VA

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An Incredible Show

Written by Nancy Jun 09, 2008 at 04:56 PM
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June 23, 1998

Just wanted to tell everyone that last night's show in VA Beach was incredible!! You all know the set list so I'll just go over some of the highlights.

First of all, after I think it was Dreams, her microphone cut out on her. It made a really loud noise and she was trying to talk into it but of course no one could hear. Seconds later, out came another microphone. It was funny and she handled it well. Later she got caught up on the tassels that hang from the microphone and nearly brought it down to the stage. She gave it a look as if to say "stay" and seemed to think it was funny.

Second, she was VERY active and danced a lot during Stand Back. Lots of kicks and really into the music.

Third, someone caught her attention from the audience as she was introducing a song and she made a very loud smooching kiss sound to them. Hysterical. She was having a great time. Fourth, since I had a front row seat (I got sooooo lucky with that one!!) I was right up there during Edge of Seventeen. I was able to shake her hand and she made such great eye contact. It is so clear that she really cherishes her fans. And that brings me to the last and best highlight of all! Right after she finished shaking hands with everyone she was crying--big time! Not just a welling of the eyes but a streaming tears. She was barely able to get out the last lines of Edge after she returned to the mike. Before she left the stage she said in a very serious way and still crying that it is so hard for her to reach out to everyone and spend time with us. Of course, this made me shed a tear!! When she walked back to her band they all looked so concerned for her. Returning to the stage for I Need to Know she told us all that she had regained her composure and was ready to go on. It was so sweet!

An evening I'll never forget, can't wait for Nissan tonight!! Nancy
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