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Raleigh, NC

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Written by Juli Jun 10, 2008 at 12:04 PM
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I saw Stevie Friday, June 26th at an outdoor amphitheatre in Raleigh, NC...Fabulous! I was in the 5th row to begin with, but when the first few notes of "Stand Back" began, we all ran up front and remained there until the sad end.

Stevie did not sing "Reconsider Me" or "Silver Springs" I disappointed? Not in the least! She was vibrant, humorous, talkative, energized, emotionally charged, and yes, I was one of some who had my hand held by Stevie...

Every song was delivered with her commitment to the lyrics, the soul, the being of the song. Stevie has never sounded so strong, so self-assured, so happy. I have lived for this night, and I will continue to live as I am charged by it.

To hear so many rarities, wow...I felt so personally honored! see so much love and pleasure in her, performing these songs...

The show was 5 stars! I had to say "Thank YOU" to her as she took my hand...for thankful I am to have been blessed by that show!.
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Round Two

Written by Travis Jun 10, 2008 at 12:03 PM
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After typing my long review of the Manassas, VA show I went to bed. That was around 2:00 a.m. I get up at 8:30 a.m. Friday morning the day of the Raleigh, NC show. I couldn't believe I was up that early but I guess it had to do with the excitement of traveling and getting to see Stevie one more time.

stevie_98_raleigh3I'll try and make this review not as long as my other reviews. I got ready and I left my house about 11:30 a.m. Since George and I were heading south that meant I had to go to his house for a change but I had to head north first to get my pictures from the Nissan Pavilion show from Wednesday night. You all know the story of how I exposed the film. Well, the pictures did come out but not without error. The color is sorta bright and the pics lost some of their detail, but they were still worth getting. I don't know if they would scan for you all to see but I don't have a scanner anyway.

So I get the pics and head back south. I make it to George's house around 12:30. I pack my stuff in his car and notice his tambourine. I had to laugh because I too brought my tambourine that he had given me as a gift a few years ago. We were definitely in a Stevie mood. I also brought with me a picture my Dad drew in 1986 that I never did bring to that concert. I was only 15 at the time and I didn't really appreciate the drawing at the time but now when I look at it, I'm quite pleased. My Dad is not even an artists but he did a good job. So we head south and make a stop at Burger King after we crossed the Potomac River Bridge. Neither of us had eaten so we wanted to get that out of the way. "Two fish combos please, with cheese" Ummm!.

sn_98_raleigh1So we take 95 south then 85 south. The drive was pretty uneventful. We listened to all of Bella Donna, The Wild Heart and Rock A Little on the way down. When we finally get to Raleigh, we stop at a Hardees' to get a soda. We asked a sweet older lady how to get to the Walnut Creek. She told us somewhat accurate directions. We eventually did find the place but they were turning everyone away because they didn't let people in until 6:00 p.m. We were there at 5:45 and thought it was pretty ignorant that they were not allowing people in. Cars had started to back up on the side of the road. Oh yea, before going in, we noticed people on Jones Saugage Road that were holding up signs saying they needed tickets. I didn't think Stevie had sold out and wondered why they just didn't see what the box office had. So many people have been getting real good seats that way. So we get in the parking lot area and just sat in the car for a few minutes with the AC on. We knew it was going to be a doozy out there in the heat. Since we didn't know anyone we had more of a laid back time. No real tailgate party. When we finally decided to go in, we stuff our cameras down our pants. This time I bought one of those disposables cameras. We get inside the venue no problem. The security seemed to be more on the ball as opposed to the security guards at Nissan. So we were not sure if we would be able to take pictures. We made our way over to the merchandise booth and this time I finally got two shirts. I got the black one with the I Can't Wait out take pic with the stairs and the one with the head shot from the Enchanted booklet. My guess it is from the RAL era. I also got a button and a postcard. Next we go check out our seats. Great view - 4th row section 2 in the middle. Ok, we watched Boz play his first song then it is time for Travis to get some food. I was delighted to see they had corndogs. So I get a corndog and a bottled water. I'm done with the corndog and decided I wanted another one. George just shook his head. But I got fries instead. We then walk on the other side of the venue to check out the interesting breed of folk Stevie attracted to this show. We come full circle and I go to use the restroom. I come out and there is Torri talking to George. So the three of us talked for a while then we all headed to our seats. Torri lucked out at the box office. She got seats in section 1 (whatever the left side is) and something like 5th row. Way to go Torri! I told myself before the show that I really wanted to get into the music this time. The other shows I got distracted a bit. Well, no I guess I didn't really get distracted in Camden.

The lights dim and out comes Christopher. He reads the definitions of Enchanted and boom, the music starts. "It's only a dream". 4th row -wow. Stevie looked great of course. I was up most of the time. I don't recall any rare moment at this minute, but I was really enjoying the show. The crowd was a bit different compared to Camden and Manassas. This wasn't a Lynard Skynard concert people. One guy was making this sound that sounded like an animal dying the whole time. Real annoying but I wasn't letting it stop me from enjoying the show. I think Stevie could hear him though. It seemed like she was trying not to loose her place while talking.

stevie_98_raleigh2 Ok, the acoustic set is next. When she gets to Rose Garden, you know the line referring to a small gold band on her finger on her left hand?, well there was this cute little guy in front of us that held up his lighter in front of his left hand which displayed a ring. He was showing it to Stevie and I thought that was sweet. Oh yea, there was a line in Rose Garden (I forget which one) when she turned to Mindy and they sang the line together. I thought it was nice because it made me feel that Stevie was making Mindy feel like she had always been with her just as Sharon has. During all of this I was able to take a few pictures. We did see some people doing it but not nearly as much at the Manassas show. When Stand Back began, the guards let the people up front as if it were Edge Of Seventeen. I turned to George and jokingly said, "I wonder if they know that this is Stand Back and not Edge Of Seventeen". At a live show when everything is going on those two songs do sorta sound the same in the beginning. Stand Back was great. During the guitar solo Stevie and Carlos were really into it. Oh yes, how could I forget to mention Don Boyett. He is so damn sexy. He came out in this white tank top and black sweat pants (sorta like sweat pants anyway) which showed how built he really is. Sorry, had to mention that :-) Oh yea, I'm remembering more things now

At the beginning of the show when Stevie came out with her flowers that she always gives to someone, she ended up giving them to this one woman in the front row who was sitting down the ENTIRE time and acted like she didn't know what was going on. Poor Stevie! What are these people thinking?.

So Twisted is now on and I know that is my cue to move closer. I was determined to get some good pics this time since the film got screwed up of the Manassas show. So I get closer without any problems. Lenny starts his percussion solo. Here comes the White Winged Dove. Ok, now I'm really psyched Is that how you spell that? She starts to make her way over to me (I'm on the right side of the stage by the way) and I'm taking my pictures. She's close and I'm snapping away. I was able to grab her hand but she really didn't grab mine. I take another pic when she is right in front of me then she looks at me, but she keeps smiling. I have to say I feel so bad. I mean, I'm sure Stevie expects it but still, here I am right in her face with my camera. But I just couldn't help myself though. I hope Stevie isn't mad.

Ok, now it's time for the encores. I'm right at the speaker on the edge of the stage when I Need To Know is being played and it is loud. It made me feel like I was drunk or something and I actually lost my balance for a second. I had to move away from the speaker. I did make contact with Frank Sims though. He really seems to be enjoying himself on this tour. Has Anyone Ever Written... is being played. The line when Stevie speaks, "So when they ask her about the men in her life, and they do ask her. She says" then someone in the audience yelled, "Screw them", Stevie smiled and pointed. Stevie was in good humor but I wonder how she really felt. They are really different down in the south. Not to make it sound bad but I don't think Stevie is used to that. I know she has had her wild days though.

The show is over and we meet up with Torri. We all enjoyed the show pretty much. I was so thirsty afterwards I stopped to get two waters, one for Torri and I. They came warm. Yuk! But they served their purpose. We walked outside and I asked Torri and George if they were interested in finding out where the tour buses would be coming out. They said sure. We think we found the spot but there were no other fans there. People that we didn't know why they were standing there were there so we just left because it was just a weird feeling.

So we head back to our cars and say goodbye to Torri. We stayed in the parking lot for a while to let traffic die down some. Right before we left we asked this couple parked next to us what was the best way to get back on 85. They told us. The wouldn't believe we were going all the way back to Maryland. So then we chatted with them about the show. They were there to see Boz Scaggs but they said they really enjoyed Stevie. They must have been in their late 30's or early 40's. They were real nice. So George and I leave and we hit 40 then 85. We only stopped once on the way home to get gas and a soda. I felt so gross I couldn't wait to get home and take a shower. George drove the whole way back. I couldn't believe it. I was tired and feel asleep at one point very briefly. I had put in The Other Side Of the Mirror and I must had dozed off during Rooms On Fire because I woke up during the last song Ghosts. It was my own tape and I put Ghosts as the last song. Whole Lotta Trouble is actually the last song on side 1 on the tape. So we get to George's house around 4:50 a.m. I then head home and get their around 5:20 a.m. It was already starting to get lighter outside. I come home and take a much needed shower and I hit the bed around 6:00. I woke up around 1:30 George and I had made plans to get our filmed developed today. We drop off our film and then we go to lunch. We come back to get our pictures. For the most part, mine are pretty good. I got a couple of close shots. I may mail them to John Kinney of the Nicksfix so he can scan them.

Well that is it fellow ledgies. I don't think I'll get to see Stevie anymore on this tour. The rest of you are in for a treat.
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What A Week

Written by Torri Jun 10, 2008 at 11:58 AM
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What a week this has been...thanks to Stevie, I've had the dream vacation...Camden with Keith :) ...Charlotte and Virginia Beach...Then Nissan...Keith asked me after that show...which was my favorite so far...and I answered Camden...but they are all different and now I have to say, it's a tie...Nissan...the crowd was SO in to it...and Stevie seemed to be really enjoying herself and the energies exchanged all around were powerful...and also knowing and reading all the other Ledgie's was a night I will always remember...and Stevie's words..."We'll all be young at heart forever"... And my journey continued...left for Raleigh about noon...only a 5 hour drive this time...the gates didn't open until 6 so...many people were driving around the back roads...I found a softball park and hung out in the hot weather...and listened to some Stevie live and Street Angel (thanks, Keith...the time was right)...and waited... Got to the box office about 7 and asked for best available...and the good Stevie road trip karma was working again...I got 3rd Row, Left side, seat 1...on the aisle...way too cool!!! :)

Decided I'd never find Travis and George in the parking I went in to look for AJ without success...I did, however...see Frank...he was roaming about and talking to the security guard...I think he thought I was brave enough to talk to him...I just smiled and said hi...he smiled back and waved and I walked on...and I went to check my seats...decided they would do...and headed back out...then saw Chris and decided to be brave and make an idiot of myself...he was just standing around in the middle of the food I walked up and look like you're lost or something...and he said smiled and said... "nah"...and I babbled something about meeting him briefly in Columbus and wanted to say hi...and he kind of laughed and said, "Hi!" Made my night...very nice eyes! So I said "thanks, and see you"...and went back to my seat smiling...when I got there...someone was in my I sat next to him...later...he realized he was in the front row...I offered to switch with him...he just smiled and moved on up...he was a very happy man..... About then Boz came on...and I thought I saw Travis and George I waited for the solo but just have heard it one too many times...and followed...we had met so briefly at Nissan that I wasn't I walked up and asked...George...and soon Travis joined us and we hung out and watched the crowd... Then to the show...I'm counting on Travis, George, AJ, and other lurkers to tell you more details...I can never remember...but I figured I'd try to share my highlights with those of you who keep telling me you enjoy this...especially you, Maureen...and Travis says Keith will make me do it ;) goes...

Chris introduced Stevie...and the crowd stood...Outside the Rain/Dreams... she sang..."replace me...and if so, take it away, take it away"...and everyone was dancing and kept checking tickets...but they'd give people a few minutes to woman with a wild heart t-shirt visited and danced with me off and on throughout the show...Enchanted...this song is just beautiful live...the first few rows are still up and dancing...and I glanced over at Travis and George...and saw that smile on George's face...and mine got bigger as I listened to the incredible harmonies...then GDW...this is Stevie's power song...and yes, spider fingers...of course :) ...and Stevie sang..."pick up the pieces"...hit it...and wailed! Next Gold and this point, I swear only the die-hards remain standing...but we have to...this song live...has a life of it's own...soon, Hayley...and Sharon and Mindy really sounded incredible at the end...Stop Draggin' My Heart Around...the band seems to have so much fun with this one...and the crowd is up and dancing again...what a sight...the beauty of Stevie and her music...and how it moves people...Stevie then explained why and how she picked the trilogy songs...about how Hollywood affected her as a woman and a songwriter...and that she knew what she might have to give up...but she always had her music...and she wrote this song "in case" the glitter fades...I have to say I just love this part of the show...someone mentioned the camp fire gathering feel it has...and I have to agree... Garbo...she mentioned that she wrote the song 'the day that Lindsey and I did the BN cover"...and that she thought about all the girls and herself...who thought "how did I get here, what am I doing here?"...I loved that...and this song...I am consistently amazed at the vocal harmonies of Stevie, Sharon, and Mindy....and Stevie doing the..."walk away"...and Marlena...just wow! Rose Garden...she started to tell the story...and stopped herself...and're going to go home and say you didn't think she really talked but now we know..."it's an untapped energy"...and laughed...and continued and introduced it as..."'s...You Never Promised me a Rose Garden"...I'm still dancing and singing...and feeling like a princess in my time...Sleeping Angel...about now...the security guard in our area started motioning to some people he's talked with earlier...I look over and see Travis and George standing tall...singing along...another guy looks at me and smiles...everyone is having so much fun...and Stevie thanks everyone for being patient and tells someone to fix the microphone...doesn't that roadie have GREAT know the one if you've been to a show... :)

Then Stand Back...and security tells us we can go to the stage...and we move...I looked back and saw George...Travis was gone...and missed you, Keith...I ended up in the second row...a woman brought her son up and set him up on the stage...Stevie waved at him...I'm not sure what was more interesting for him...Stevie or watching all of us...but he enjoyed himself...the man on one side of me had some vintage plates...never could see what they said...anyone know...and my smiling friend from earlier was on my other side ..we were packed in but giving each other lots of dancing room and talking...while the band took a break...then Rhiannon...this song...everyone knows it...and sings...what is more powerful than many voices raised in's that soul thing...dreams unwind, love's a state of mind...always one of my favorite lines...and this is one of those songs that I love every version I have ever heard...and Stevie's...don't leave me now...gets me every time...and then Stevie said something about Rhiannon thanking us...because she is only here for that moment...and then she introduced the band...I, of course...have been instructed to listen to every Sharon tidbit...she mentioned meeting Sharon in Hawaii and that Sharon had a 'fabulous tree house'...then Whole Lotta Trouble...this one gets everyone moving...from our 2nd row close vantage point...watching this band interact...they seem to really be enjoying each other and playing together...and getting more comfortable with it...oh, and I do want to mention that again, it was very HOT...and about this time...I'm starting to feel...I'm too old for this...I sweated more in the past week...ok, enough...but it's true :) ...and Carlos was pouring...Stevie kept mopping her face with a towel...and one point, powdered her nose...very comfortable...and then Landslide...Stevie takes the of these days...she will play it for just know she wants to...and she dedicated it to Meredith...the guy next to me is singing along and looking at me occasionally...I think my bliss was scaring him...hell, even you guys are a little scared, admit it ;) ...but touches all of's universal...and so pretty...and what a group sing...and Stevie ends this is what summer is all about...yep! Then the storm...the one guy says Sweet Girl?...I nod no...and say Twisted...what an anthem...oh, and I like the light show...The band breaks...and the crowd creeps smiling friend turns to me and must be a real fan...I smile...he know all the words to every song...what to say...yes, I love Stevie...this is my 7th show...only you guys understand that...and wish you had great jobs that gave you a lot of time off so you could do the same...I just smile at my new friend...and the drums started...I love this's very tribal...and they are good...thanks, Lenny!.

Edge of Seventeen...ok...I'm way too excited at this point...people are holding up gifts and flowers... I'm thinking...I might get to touch her...and wonder briefly why it is I want to...this is semi-groupie thing is new for me...and as I watch her start shaking hands with people...and see her face...I realize it's a selfish thing...she has touched so many much good energy exchanged...and I wanted to touch that power...that soul behind the when she got close...I reached up when the women ahead of me did and we did a group hand hold...later Travis told me that same sort of thing happened on his end....didn't get my chance to look at Stevie and say thank you...but the women in front of me did many others...and I did get that brief moment...thank you, Stevie for giving us that give just a little of that energy back...she ended the song..."I know what it sounds sounds like you"...then did an a cappella line..."so deep in the middle of the night can I tell you" cool...and thanked everyone...and told us to stay well so we can do it again...then I Need to Know..."talk on the town says I might go solo"...I've always been more of a FM fan...enjoyed the chemistry more than any of the Stevie solo shows...but this are a good band...and in good spirits...and I love Stevie ending this song with...take your violet and blue mornings with you...and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You...well...she has...and I am so grateful...then it's over...and I smile at my concert friends and go and find George...Travis makes his way back...and well...there's just nothing quite like reliving your the height of your Stevie high...with fellow's a trip...did you hear that part...didn't you love when she did...and did you see...Travis was excited that he got more pictures...and he, George, and I walked around to where the tour trucks were parked...then walked to find our cars...we parted ways so I could look for mine...I discovered I was only 2 rows back from you guys...and then I made my way home...listening to Stevie all the way....and trying to remember everything so I could write this review for Keith...and I remembered at the end of the concert, Stevie looked over in my direction and pointed and then mouthed...I don't the guy with the vintage plates...wonder if that was the guy on the NicksFix who mentioned he might try! So my Enchanted journey is interrupted for a few days...have to go back to work so I can afford to continue my road trip...but then I'm off to Tampa...Keith, did you decide yet? :) Hope to meet John L and any other Ledgies there...
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