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Atlanta, GA

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Concert Photos

Written by Angie Larsen Jun 10, 2008 at 12:14 PM
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Pictures from the concert



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My First Stevie FM Experience

Written by Lindsay Walters Jun 10, 2008 at 12:12 PM
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June 27 1998

Hi all. My name is Lindsay and I am 18 years old, and I attended the Stevie Nicks concert in Atlanta on Saturday. I am just now getting home, because I live in Panama City, Florida, and it is Sunday afternoon. I attended the concert with my mother, my sister; Heather, and a good family friend, Nan. Mom, Nan and I left to go to my sister's house on Thurs. (She lives about an hour outside of Atlanta). After 2 days of Antiquing and shopping, we checked into our hotel. We at lunch at this place that I think was called Bertucci's and we went to the concert. We got to the Lakewood about 45 minutes before Boz Scaggs came on. i walked around and got a shirt, a keychain, a tourbook and a postcard. I met this lady who had on an old dress that had an old FM picture on it. It was really neat. Then Boz played. He was actually pretty good. He started at about ten till 8 which surprised me. He played until 8:45 and then the stage was set up for Stevie. It was incredible. I had seen pictures of it and saw it in the tourbook, but it was just so beautiful when you see it in person. I have to say now that we had lawn seats, but we could see everything. We really had pretty good seats. Stevie's band came out at about five after nine and then she came out during the intro to Outside the Rain. She was wearing what looked like from where I was sitting an outfit similar to what she had on when she did the Letterman appearance. I will spare you all the details, since it is pretty much the same as all the others, but I will tell you the major highlights for me.

OUTSIDE THE RAIN/DREAMS- Wonderful!! they sound really good together. I liked it :)

AFTER THE GLITTER FADES/GARBO/ROSE GARDEN: Excellent! I really liked her little "acoustic set/ Hollywood trilogy," as she calls it.

RHIANNON: Really cool. I liked it. It was somewhat similar to The Dance last year, but it had its own uniqueness. It was really good. this song, Dreams, and Edge of 17 my mom, Nan, and Heather were singing along with Stevie!

LANDSLIDE: Really good. Stevie let Frank Simes, her guitar player, pick someone to dedicate it to. He was really good, but no one does it better than LB.:)

STAND BACK: I love this song!! She went backstage, and the intro really didnít give it away, and I was so excited when she came out in the Stand Back cape and It was great. It sounded really good, similar to the Leno performance.

GOLD DUST WOMAN: I was so excited when she came out with the Gold Dust Woman Shawl on! It was sooooo beautiful. Even though it is older than me, You could still see it sparkle from the lawn. Of course, this is a their generation song, so my family was singing along to this one, too.

TWISTED: This is my absolute favorite song. I thought she did this in the "acoustic' set, and I was really disappointed, but then after Landslide she went backstage and changed clothes,(this black long spaghetti strap dress and a silver long jacket--it was really pretty) and the band started playing and I didn't know what song it was until she started singing. I was so excited. It was great. A little different from the demo and what I've heard of the duet from Twister, but I really liked it.

EDGE OF SEVENTEEN: My sister was so happy when she sang this song. She had told me her fav. Stevie song was Edge and I didn't tell her she was going to do it. After the end of this song of course she went to the front row and accepted gifts and flowers, and then she went back to her microphone and told us she loved us and that we should all do this again soon.

Then it was time for encores. I liked I Need to Know and Has Anyone Ever Written was great!! it was even better than Letterman.

The evening came to a close and I was sad because I knew the next day I had to go home and go back to work and come down from my Stevie High (Oh, by the way there was so much pot in the air I thought I was going to get high!), but it was a wonderful 1st Stevie?FM experience.

Peace and Love to all, Lindsay
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Kick It, Stevie!

Written by Tracy Garner Jun 10, 2008 at 12:10 PM
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June 27 1998

"I read from the dictionary: the word 'enchanted' to cast a spell over, to charm greatly, to delight, to enchant, entice, allure, to be brought to the point of tears. Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Stevie Nicks!" -- Chris Nicks introducing his sister to the ecstatic crowd at Atlanta's Lakewood Amphitheater.

But let me begin at the beginning...

We arrived at the Amphitheater promptly at 6:30 p.m. I wanted to ensure that I would have time to purchase a few mementos and check out the ladies room prior to Boz taking the stage. Once we had secured our tourbooks, pins, and postcards, we ventured down to our seats. We were in the seventeenth row, and I was surprised at how close we were.

It was hot (upper nineties), but it just didn't matter. :) (Stupid grin which remained on my face the whole night). I was really impressed with Boz Scaggs. I didn't expect to recognize so many of his songs. The crowd really responded to him after the first couple of songs. I understand now why Stevie says his music is "sexy".

Brief intermission...we watched the roadies set up the stage for Stevie. We had to scan the crowd to see what type of audience Stevie had drawn. To our surprise, many women had dressed in full Stevie regalia. I can only imagine how hot and itchy that chiffon and velvet must have been. Then the lights dimmed...the crowd roared...out comes the Gypsy herself.

Outside the Rain/Dreams -- Finally, OUR concert had really begun! And she sounds absolutely wonderful. She simply can't be fifty!

"Welcome! We are so pleased to be here. We are so pleased to be here with you Atlanta. I would like to tell you a little bit about my show tonight because it's probably different than any show I, I absolutely have ever done. And probably will ever do again after this because this is to back up a box set, which is, like, all my songs which I have sung before. So, I am taking the opportunity, first of all, to actually talk to my audience for a change. It isn't that I didn't always want to...and tell you a little about what I'm feeling. So, if you hear a song that, uh, that you don't recognize you were just sleeping, you blinked, and there was, like, there is something new for you. So bear with me and thank you so much for coming." -- Stevie greeting her adoring Atlanta fans

Enchanted -- One of my favorites this tour. It sounded wonderful! Everyone was on their feet singing with her.

Gold Dust Woman -- Out came her beautiful golden shawl. The crowd definitely recognized this song. (Yes, blackcat, she did wail! And spider fingers and twirls, too!)

Gold and Braid -- MY song! It sounds every bit as energetic as it does on the In Concert video.

"So the next song is really special to me because it was written by my favorite songwriter and by now you probably know that that's Tom Petty...and we call this song an argument on stage"

Stop Draggin' My Heart Around -- O.k., so I got a little bit distracted on this song. But, I do know that I had adjusted enough to the fact that I was AT my concert to realize that Stevie has a really great band.

"As I told you at the beginning of this show, this will be different because I am, I am going to kind of share with you all of the things on my box set of my work...So, let's kick back on all of these songs, three songs that I have written about Hollywood and leaving Hollywood...Lindsey and I...and...figuring out what we wanted to do and it made me mad. I really don't know how I can have more fun...I love to sing...I love to sing more than anything else that I have ever done...I wrote this song, it's called After the Glitter Fades."
-- Stevie

The acoustic set -- The audience sits for the first (and only) time to fully enjoy these songs. I had a chance to take in the elegant set and lighting. I love how she had her band sit around her in a semi-circle...quite affecting.

"For the second time tonight, I am going to tell you something. I can tell you some things, right?...Well, the day that Lindsey and I went to have the Buckingham Nicks cover Hollywood, and it occurred to me that maybe movie stars Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo and...might feel like on that when I got home from that photo session, I wrote this song. It's called Garbo."

"Alright, so the very last, last part of my little trilogy here, I wrote when I was seventeen years old. And I knew something was coming, but I wasn't exactly sure what it was. I knew things would be great, and I knew that I would have to give up a lot of things. I knew that nobody would ever promise me a rose garden., I wrote a song, and it's called You Never Promised Me a Rose Garden." (She didn't call it 'Rose Garden'.)

During this set, Stevie proved once again what a consummate performer she is. I never liked the melodies to Garbo or Rose Garden, but tonight she gave me a new perspective on these songs.

Sleeping Angel -- Another one of my favorites, and Stevie sang it well. She was obviously enjoying herself.

"Thank you so much. And, this is the end of the acoustic part, so I'll be right back."

Stand Back -- She wasn't kidding! This song did, does and always will rock. The lights flared, the guitar swelled, everyone was back on their feet, and this time they were dancing with abandon. Stevie was dancing with us. She even did one of her high kicks! She gave her all at the end. "Why don't you taaaaaaaaaaaake me home!"

Rhiannon -- Each time I hear this song, I am affected differently. I can't explain it, but surely I don't need to explain it to any of you. "And you still cry out for her, after all these years. Don't leave me, don't leave me now."

Band Introductions -- "I never thought, you know, when I wrote Rhiannon, and I think I wrote Rhiannon up in, like, Colorado somewhere in 1973. I never really thought about the fact that I would be singing that song for the rest of my life basically. I would like to introduce you to my band because a girl cannot go on the road without a band. So, to my far right, a good friend of mine from Phoenix, Arizona, on keyboards Mr. Kevin Stoller. Right next to Kevin on the right, we have somebody who has been playing music for me for a long time, and who only when he wasn't there did I realize how much I really missed him. So, my bass player, Mr. Don Boyette. Right behind me, uh, one of the first things that Mick Fleetwood ever said to me was that you need to get a really good drummer. So, I did, Mr. Land Richards. We've got a bass drummer that's also been with me for a long time, and he plays extraordinary percussion, Mr. Lenny Castro. Right next to Lenny, over here somebody who went on the Fleetwood Mac tour with me so when we got together we said you have got to play, on keyboards, Mr. Brett Tuggle. Over here, uh, the ladies that make this fun for me because I already told you once that singing is my favorite part of this, so my two favorite girl singers. On my far left, the beautiful blonde, Miss Mindy Stein. And next to Mindy is somebody who has been working with me since, like, the very end of the seventies. I met Sharon in Hawaii. And she is my Sharona, Miss Sharon Celani. Right next to me, you already met him on vocals one time, on lead guitar and vocals, Mr. Frank Simes. Right over here, someone who has been playing music with me for a long time also, and, uh, who I have to tell you cause it's very important you know that he stuck with me even in the bad times. I love this man. My lead...and guitar player, Mr. Carlos Rios. That's the band. Thank you."

Whole Lotta Trouble -- How can people sit through this song? It was awe-inspiring. The best part of this song was when I saw the couple sitting next to us slip down toward the front. I knew it was my chance. I followed them down to the front. STEEEEVIEEE! So this is the view from the first few rows? I thought I had great seats, but this is the best!

"So, this next song is a song that we, uh, like to dedicate to our fans, and I can't tell where to start. So, Frank find somebody...So, we would like to dedicate this song to Brittany. And it's called Landslide and it's for her."

Landslide -- No Lindsey, but it's Landslide! Some of the best lyrics written by Ms. Nicks. Everyone sang with her. When she said 'I'm getting older, too' the crowd roared, and the lady smiled.

Twisted -- I didn't recognize the intro. I really like the arrangement she is using for her tour. "I think we are the demons...crazy men and crazier women, ooh, they are crying out for love. You'd like to save me, ooh, but you just can't give it up."

Edge of Seventeen -- This is the best song! At this point, I was pushed up even closer than I had been before. When Stevie came around to our side of the stage, I was just about carried to the front. I didn't even try to shake her hand. It was enough just being that close to her and being able to smile at her when she glanced at me. She was radiant. I never thought I would be so close to her! This is a dream, right?

I Need to Know -- This song is too short, and I know the evening is coming to an end. Bittersweet.

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You? -- I know you did, Stevie. And, no, we won't forget you. She sang the 'poets, priests of nothing, but they are legends' part three times. She is a legend.

Stevie Nicks personified the word 'Enchanted' tonight. Her spell has remained unbroken.
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