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Nashville, TN

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The Nashville Show!!!! Wooo Hooo!!!

Written by Holly Jun 10, 2008 at 12:50 PM
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I know this is a little late...I flew from San Diego to Nashville to see the show with Laura TN, and as you can see she is rubbing off on me =) (and if anyone is wondering...Laura IS as enthusiastic as her posts! hee hee) I had a blast hanging out with her and her mom. Stevie's entourage was staying at the same hotel as we were. We saw several lighting people, Pamm - the Best Buy roadie reporter, and Laura's mom helped Boz Scaggs back-up singer, Lisa pick- up some stuff she dropped while in the elevator. On to the concert..

It was a hot and humid night with some scattered rain but it didn't seem to bother anyone - they just donned rain parkas or umbrellas. A few fireflies, or as Laura instructed me to say - lightening' (lie-Nin) bugs, gently buzzed around (we don't have those in San Diego). Boz Scaggs was great. I really enjoy his music and have been a fan for many years. But I was still getting antsy to see Stevie. They changed the stage very quickly. .All of the past reviews everyone have done really do cover the show very well. The only things I can add are - she didn't seem to dance and twirl that much, but it was VERY hot. She wiped her forehead and fanned herself with her hands quite a few times. She said something about her grandfather would be pleased that she was playing Nashville. Laura and I did go down to the stage during the bongo solo - we were on the right side. When Stevie came out to do Edge of 17 she walked right by us. When she came by to shake the fans hands these two huge 7 foot (well they seemed that big) goons shoved past me - and even with my platform shoes on I couldn't reach her - damn!! But Laura was a little further down and was able to shake her hand - YA LAURA!! After the concert Laura shook my hand to "give me some Stevie" *sigh* - LOL!! I have been a fan for over 20 years, but this was my first time ever seeing her! It was totally awesome!! She looked radiant and with total peace with herself. Thanks Stevie.

Alright Laura and Rachael - 2 more weeks and we do it again in San Diego - WOOOO HOOOO!!!!.
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Starwood Ampitheatre

Written by Laura Jun 10, 2008 at 12:49 PM
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The night was hot and muggy. A light drizzle had started to fall on the gathering crowd of gypsy worshipers! People of all ages 50's 40's 30's 20's teens and babies were all starting to gather for what was to be a very "Enchanted" evening. Ladies dressed in black chiffon and gypsy skirts were peppered thru out the crowd. Old timers (I say this affectionately) and teenie boppers and babies were all out in great numbers. I my self with my mom of 48 my good friend Holly 30 "something hee hee" and me 21 were all dressed in our own personal version of Stevie adornments. I had put my self thur trials and tribulations to find a top hat of just the right shade of black with just the right scarf to hang elegantly down my back. All these people had gathered in Nashville for one purpose and that was to see the GREAT GYPSY ENCANTRESS, QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL AND MAKER OF HAPPY HEARTS STEVIE NICKS!!! We were all gathered for a concert but what we got was a piece of heaven!! I dont think we mortals could even hope to imagine what was in store for us!! From the time her brother Chris steped on the stage and read the defintion of Enchanted until the time she held my hand and smiled at me and right up until the end of her last song and last graceful bow I was lost in a sea of love!! Or should I say "I was drowing in a sea of love" where everyone from all over the south had come to drown. Now let me tell you now I came willingly and I didnt fight it because it was the most sinfully sweet pleasure to the ear that one could ever hope to hear!! Stevie shared with us her heart and we shared with her our pleasure!! Her songs were beautiful, sweet, sad and fun! They were mystical, fairy like and beautiful. Steive sang with a passion I havent seen since I watched my bootleg tape of Mirage sent to me by my friend Janel *snicker*. Never has there been an entertainer who put so much soul and love into her music and never has there been one like Stevie who does it all for her fans! Stevie shared with us in and acoustic set some of her favorite most personal songs that she loves and holds dear to her heart. I along with most of her adoring fans felt so honored and greatfull just to get a peak inside of such a rare soul. The music ROCKED and it ROLLED it FLOWED and it DANCED it weaved in and out of the humid hot summer night like the "lightin bugs" that had also gathered for the "enchanting event". Stevie gave us so much with her songs but still she wasnt done. After all her wailing and singing and pouring out her musical soul she took the time to shake the hands of her adoring fans!! What a selfless and honorable thing for her to do!! She could have been Garbo or Marlana (sp?) or even Monroe, but world would never survive with out STEVIE! "She rang like a bell thru the night" and we loved her!!! Thank you Stevie you dont have to be anyone but yourself.
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