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Grand Rapids, MI

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I will not forget this night

Written by Jenny Jun 10, 2008 at 12:55 PM
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July 13, 1998

This was my first concert I have ever been to, let alone a Stevie Nicks concert in my entire 15 years on this planet. On the eve of the concert date, I had my own Stevie marathon. I watched all of my compilations, etc. Each video built up more and more excitement in me.

Monday, July 13...

The day is finally here. I live in WI, so we left at ten in the morning. All the way there my dad and I listened to her CD's and some bootlegs I have collected of her. At five o'clock we were finally in Grand Rapids. I walked into the arena and I was overwhelmed that I was actually in the same building as Ms. Nicks. I did the normal pre-concert routine - got t-shirts, tour book, walked around. I saw a handful of Stevie look-alikes. One girl had on a Wild Heart tour t-shirt. I saw a Street Angel t-shirt and a couple Dance t-shirts. My seats were pretty good, too, but too far away to rush the stage in "Edge...".

Boz was great, I especially liked Lido Shuffle. The crowd was standing for him and was really into the music. It was getting closer and closer to the time I would see Stevie walk on stage. All of a sudden, Chris Nicks came out and read the definition..."Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Stevie Nicks" When she walked out I just couldn't believe it was her.

This was the same girl that lived with Lindsey, that knows lots of famous people, that is famous around the world right in front of me. Wow, breathtaking. I just can't describe it. During OTR she sang "and Mick says to Stevie well it's one more link in the chain." After OTR/Dreams she welcomed everyone and said the box set/if you blinked thing and she said twice during the concert how great it really is to be indoors after all the outdoor venues. Enchanted was awesome as was Gold Dust Woman. Actually every song was tremendous and the crowd stood for the entire concert except for the trilogy. During Gold and Braid she held up her hair. She did a lot of dancing and hand gestures while she sang, too. Oh, the back drop was neat and very Stevie-oriented. No Stop Draggin' again. Rhiannon was great, but it seemed short to me. The trilogy was awesome. In After the glitter fades she had to run back to the mike to sing the next verse and when she sang the word glitter she shook her hand like she was sprinkling glitter - very cute. In Stand Back she did an awesome leg kick. After that song she said, "Thank you...Pretty good for an old lady". Her clothes were so neat - lots of changes. When she introduced the band she said this about the following people:

Don Boyette: "someone very special in my life right now"

Sharon Celani: "I met her in Hawaii - Aloha - I call her my Sharona, Miss Sharon Celani

Carlos Rios: "My honey (She giggled after she said this)

Land Richards: "When Mick Fleetwood wasn't going to be my drummer he said I should make sure to get a good drummer... Mr. Land..."

She greeted the fans during Edge, but I couldn't understand her lyrics at the end. She then said I know you know my favorite song writer is Tom Petty so I have to do a song by him tonight. Then came I Need To Know (I looooooove this song) She really sang it with lots of power. The last song was already here. It seemed like the concert had just started. She sang "Has anyone..." so gracefully and with so much passion. She talked the part about the men in her life (she also talked a part of Edge where it goes the clouds never expect it...) She said I hope you stay well so we can do this again. She whisked away out of my sight just like cat in the dark. This night was truly amazing. Thank you Stevie. We all adore you and love you. I will remember you, Stephanie. Thank you for what you have done tonight and for the rest of my life, Jenny.

Poet...Priest of nothing...legend
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