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Dallas, TX

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Enchanted Tour Ranks Third: My Dallas review

Written by Arnold Jun 10, 2008 at 12:57 PM
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The concert was good. Stevie held my hand. She talked a lot. As a matter of fact, I have never seen her more personable during a live concert. Those are some of the good things.

Unfortunately, this tour had a lot of problems, at least in Dallas. I don't know if it was the heat, it was about 107 degrees in the 3rd row at Dallas Friday night. I don't know if Stevie was tired, she looked aloof and very uncomfortable throughout the set, save the encore. Perhaps, and I think this is probably the main reason, Stevie was just going through the motions Friday night. Nonetheless, the concert was very low-energy and not as good as the "Street Angel" Tour or the "Timespace" tour.

To begin with, the heat, I don't know how she could stand it. I was on the third row and I felt the oncoming of heat exhaustion. Moreover, I wonder if the heat is the reason for her lack of energy. She did almost no dancing. She only did a couple of "spins" in slow motion. But what really bothered me was the lack of energy in her voice. Now I have seen Stevie Nicks on 8 different occasions. I know she can hit the high notes. We all know that she can hit the high notes. She did on one or two occasions Friday night. But most of the concert was, and I hate to say it, monotone. From the opening of "Outside the Rain," I could tell that Stevie was not going to vary her vocal range. This kills me, because her music needs that higher register to carry the deep emotions of her music. She seemed to hit a high note rarely. I think that this could be called lazy singing. Also, the band was week. The drums were to loud, and Stevie was drowned out on many occasions. This was due to poor mixing.

Nonetheless, she seemed very aloof. She goofed up some lyrics, making me feel nervous. And it was not until that encore, that vocally, she seemed to let loose. "Has Anyone Ever Written..." was beautiful. Damn, it was fantastic. But it was "too much, too little, too late.".

I really enjoyed the "Street Angel" Tour much more. The "Timespace" Tour was also better. These concerts were high-energy, emotional, unpredictable, and included a better song- set. Yes, it is good to hear rarities, I love them as much as everyone else. But, there were too many. Perhaps that's why she did not look to be having fun while she was singing. Moreover, she showed more energy talking to the crowd, than she did singing.

I hope the next tour and musical direction is better than this one, because you know that we will all be there. I will be there somewhere in the front row, dancing and singing and hopefully knowing that this time she will put forth the 100 percent of effort she is capable of doing.
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