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Denver, CO

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Fiddlers Green

Written by Lauren Leichter Jun 10, 2008 at 01:09 PM
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July 21, 1998

Well where do I begin? Let me start at the beginning and I will try not to bore anyone! First of all this is the first concert I've ever seen by myself. It was fun though and I would do it again, especially for someone whose music I adore! Save for me not being able to find my car for 45 min after the show (will get to that at the end) it was all wonderful.

Stevie played Fiddler's Green in Denver, CO. It's an outdoor venue in a very residential area. Not too far from my house, actually, which was great. I left my house at 5PM to get gas, mineral water, etc. I brought a plastic bag for my Stevie "goodies" (thanks Blackcat for that recommendation!!). So I get there about 6PM and park and go stand in line with my water, purse and Gap bag (oh and umbrella - just in case!).

I got a tourbook and a teddy bear (they are sooo cute) and I collect teddy bears so it was perfect. I am not a big T-shirt wearer. I have 2 from the Dance tour and hardly wear them so I passed on the shirt but did get one for Ava per her request and one for Gypsy as well. I got my Best Buy Coupon (by the way, does anyone know if there are Stevie songs on this? It didn't say, just a 2-CD Collector's set) and went to find SRhiannon (Brenda). I got to her row and she was not there (she told me what she was wearing but no luck). So I went to my seat in the third row (yeah). It was on the edge, right in front of the stage. I love sitting on that aisle seat (I had an aisle seat for the Mac too - same row but farther left).

Again, I made friends with the security guards. I have discovered this is a great thing to do! Comes in very handy when you want to get close to the stage, too!

Boz Scaggs came on at 7:30 pronto! He was wonderful, but the sound from his keyboardist or drummer was very muted or off. It was bothering my ear and so I got ear plugs from the guard. I didn't need these for Stevie at all so I contribute it to Boz' sound and me being so close to the speakers. But the man is fabulous! His voice is the same as on the records - it has not seemed to have changed. He did "Lido Shuffle," "Love, Look What You've Done for Me" (from Urban Cowboy and my fave!) and some new ones. A new one called "Sierra" was nice. He did "Miss Son" as well.

After Boz I went to look for SRhiannon again - still no one in that seat that matched her description. Oh well. I should have told her what I was wearing and where I was sitting so she could have tried to find me too!

Anyway, Stevie came on right at 8:30! Her brother, Christopher Nicks came out and read to use what "Enchant" meant in the dictionary. Then came Stevie! Everyone went nuts and she started with "Outside the Rain." I did not have the set list memorized at all like the Dance and that was very positive, the element of surprise was always there. I did know ahead of time what the first two songs were and loved how "Outside the Rain" went into "Dreams." It started to rain on us during this first song too! When she got to "Dreams" and sang the line "thunder only happens when it's raining," she lifted her hands to the sky and smiled at us - we all went nuts as we got soaked (at this point I got my umbrella out!). I don't know the order of all the songs but during "Gold Dust Woman" at the very end, the electricity went out! Some man yelled out in the front row "Stevie, come talk to us!" So she did. She was telling us she was crossing her fingers and it would come back on or they would do the acoustic set! She was so cute. Always talking to us and seemed so happy. Her outfits were just beautiful too!

The acoustic set was great. She told stories in between. She talked about Lindsey a lot, and the Buckingham Nicks cover before "Garbo" and how she wrote "Rose Garden" at age 17. She talked about "After the Glitter Fades" which I just love!

"Rhiannon" was great, but I do feel it was missing something without Lindsey's guitar. I felt that mostly on this song and "Landslide." The musicians and guitarists were great though, and this was her show. Stevie dedicated "Landslide" to Debbie again (the same dedication when the Mac was here in October) who she said is one of her best friends. She told us that both "Landslide" and "Rhiannon" were written in Aspen, Colorado in 1972.

"Stand Back" was wonderful! I think it was before this point that I moved up to the second row. No one was sitting in front of me from my third row seat and I figured "why waste the seat?" "Gold and Braid" was great and I thought of Hayley as I know how much she loves this song. I am not a big fan of "Whole Lotta Trouble" but it was great. I can't recall all the songs or the order, so just mentioned the one's I could recall.

Right before the first encore, the security guard went to the first and second rows and told us "she wants you up front!" (meaning Stevie!) I nearly died as I went up to the stage and stood against it. Me and some others were playing with her tambourine that was on the edge before she came out. Then thunder was rolling and the lights were going and "Twisted" came on. This girl was standing next to me who had moved up front, she was all alone too and real sweet. We were both so excited to be that close! "Twisted" was wonderful - I just love this song. Then we were told to go back to our seats. Not one song later, however, we were told "she wants you guys up there AGAIN" before last encore!!! So back up we went. There was a huge percussionist solo by Lenny Castro which was wonderful and then "Edge of Seventeen" came on! This song rocked!!!! Never seeing her solo live, this was my fave. Sharon came over and sang with her towards the end. The whole place was going nuts! After this she came over and shook all our hands (she missed mine, problem with being short!) but just being that close was wonderful!

She came back out yet again and said "What would a Stevie Nicks concert be like without a Tom Petty song." I thought she was going to do "Stop Draggin..." (my fave) but she didn't. She did the Tom Petty song - which I had never heard (I can't recall the name) and then finished the show with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You." It was just beautiful. I had tears in my eyes - she was so moving on this song. I had never really heard the ending words about "they ask her about the men in her life...they were poets, none were priests (think that is correct) and they were all legends." Wow, wow, wow is all I can say.

After the show I just followed everyone out and didn't realize there are 2 parking areas. I spent a good 45 min. looking for my car in the wrong lot and freaking out that it was gone or I was losing my mind! Haha! I finally went back to Fiddler's and asked a security guard and was told there was another parking lot. By the time I got there, most everyone had left, so it was real easy to find my car!

I had a wonderful time. I think Stevie is totally in her element solo. This was her show and she did the most beautiful job on the set, putting the songs together and making the audience a part of her show. Her voice is in top form, she was beautiful and seemed so happy. It was a concert experience I will never forget! I hope everyone else has as good as an experience or gets to see Stevie solo sometime in their lives too, you will never forget it! Thank you Stevie.
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