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Phoenix, AZ

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Just Believe

Written by Shayne Bittenbender Jun 10, 2008 at 01:12 PM
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I'm back from Stevie's show!!! YAAAAAAA!!! Well actually its the morning after but that's ok. :) Anyway I've only had 3 hours sleep and I'm starting the post concert depression so I don't know HOW this is gonna turn out. So just try and bare with moi. There's gonna be A LOT of constant rambling (well you all know me by now so that's pretty normal to you right Hee hee!! Well my God HOW on earth can I describe this show!??! I'm just totally speechless!!!!!!!!!!!It STILL hasn't hit me that I just saw her!!!! AHHHHHH!! Ok well let me start from somewhere in the beginning.

Well my Mum, my friend Beth, and myself arrived at the America West Arena around 7:00 PM. We went in and of course I HAD to do some shopping!! WOO WHOO!! I bought like 4 T-shirts, and 1 keychain, pin, teddy, and calender/tour book. I know that might be WAY too much but hey it might be a while before this happens again right?? RIGHT!! So I needed to stock up!! Ok then we found were we were sitting. It was a little way back but like I said the AWA is pretty small so no matter where you sat you still had a good view. I did have my binoculars though and that gave me a FABULOUS view!!! Well Boz Scaggs came on and I tell I REALLY had a blast with him. I absolutely LOVE his music now. My mom is a fan too so we were both dancing around (well really just dancing in our seats because we were just a little cramped.) Anyway he got a HUGE reaction from the crowd and he was so amazed with Phoenix. Gave many many many "thank yous" to everyone. What can I say I'm a fan!!.

NOOOOOOOOOOW on to the REALLY good stuff!!!! WOO WHOO!! Well after Boz was finished the roadies cleared his part of the stage and started setting up for Stevie. At this moment I am at the tippy toes of impatience!!!! I just wanted to scream "AHHHHHHH GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR ALREADY!!!! I WANT STEVIE!!! AHHHHHHH!!" But I stayed still and was shaking like a good little girl. :) Well then!! Its after 9:00 PM and The lights go out!!! AAHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOO AHHHHH!! Everyone was screaming there heads off wanting Stevie to come out!! Giving Arizona's daughter the most AWESOME welcome home!!! Then I could see the band walking out and taking there places and I am nearly ready to explode by now. THEN I see Chris Nicks AND her daddy Jesse Nicks come out!! They talk to Carlos and someone else for a moment. Then Chris went up to the mic and gave his little Enchanted speech. Then Jess got to introduce "Ladies and Gentlemen. My daughter, Stevie Nicks!" Its was SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! Just like the into in the "In Concert" video ( and he looks exactly the same too!! The beauty in the Nicks family REALLY shows through!! ;)

THEN THEN THEN THEN THEN THEN the music for "Outside the Rain" starts and then ............SHE COMES OUT!!! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!! Stevie looking just ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, ANGELIC, BEAUTIFUL, GLAMOUROUS, A MOVIE STAR, DID I SAY BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!??!?!? I just couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing at that moment. ANYWAY with the BIGGEST smile on her face she hugged her daddy and then proceeded to go to the left side of the audience and gave someone a bouquet of flowers. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Then "Outside the Rain and the heart skips a beat.." I don't think I even FELT my heart because I was just totally having an outer Stevie body experience at this moment!!!! I was just floating man!! I tell ya I always watched her concert videos and always saw that she started her shows with "Outside the Rain" and" Dreams" and I NEVER thought I would get to experience that you know. I'm so glad I did though. :) She gave everyone her Welcome intro. I LOVED how much she got to talk and talk and talk and talk during the show!!! It was so cool about all she was talking about. OK now her first outfit was stunning. It was like her first outfit during the Dance tour except with a little glittery jacket and more chiffon of course!! I can't believe HOW much weight she's lost!! EVEN more!! Like I said absolutely beautiful. NO ONE else can EVER match up to her!! She is just a classic lady. OK more on the show.

I was SOOOOOOOOO psyched that I FINALLY got to her "Enchanted" and "Gold and Braid" live!!! I mean when I saw G&B on the "In Concert" video I was just so excited that I was finally gonna get to see and hear that song with my own ears and eyes. And "Enchanted" is just one my FAVORITE songs of hers so that was a pleasure to hear too!! Now "Gold Dust Woman" I LOVED as always. She came out in the gold shawl that she wore during the Dance tour of course. OH!!! Did I mention that she just sounded SUPERB!!!!! Could her voice get ANY better then it is now?!??!?!!??! I guess we'll have to wait and see!! She belted out that GAW holler with all her raw emotion and passion!! Chills just went sliding down my spine and back!!! :-o Then after the song she made a cute little comment about how she used to drive on Gold Dust Ave (or street I think) and she was saying that maybe unconscious that's where she came up with the song!! It was too funny and just so Stevie!! Ok unfortunately there was no "Stop Draggin My Heart Around". :( I was kind of bummed about that but Stevie as always made up for it. Well then came the little acoustic/electric section. They were playing this really dreamy music and I though "AHHHHHHHHHHH a surprise song!!!" But it was just the set up music for the acoustic set. I LOVE it and it was so Stevie so I'm not complaining. :) Then she walks back out in this beautiful maroon long coat. Anyway then she does her little intro to the trilogy of hers. Before she sang "After the Glitter Fades" she started talking about how that was written after her and Lindsey moved to California. As soon as she said her and Lindsey....... "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" I think there are many believers in Phoenix cuz the crowd just went nuts when she mentioned the two of them. During instrumental of that song I could see that she was looking off stage but I couldn't see what. Then came "Garbo". She started talking about the cover of Buckingham Nicks and OF COURSE as soon as she mentioned that album another big uproar from the crowd!! It was like they were trying to hint "COME ON GET THIS CD RELEASED ALREADY!!!!" Hee hee!! Then came "Rose Garden". When she sang "You never promised me a leisure lifetime.." or one of those lines she looked at Carlos and shook her head. Inside thing?? Who knows!! Again it looked like she was singing off stage but I think she was just singing along with Sharon cuz I didn't see anyone back stage from wear I was sitting. ANYWAY ATGF, "Garbo", and "Rose Garden" were MORE songs that I was psyched to hear live!! All the voices of Stevie, Sharon and Mindy just blended just perfectly. It just sends you another place you know?? I know that sounds earthy and spacey but its true!! Well now came one of my NEW favorite songs "Sleeping Angel." I tell this song just TOTALLY choked me up BIG TIME!! I don't know why. "When she sings the line "Someday when were older and my hair is sliver gray..."It just start getting all froggy and I was so ready to lose it about a thousand times during that song. I don't know why but that song means so much to me now. Well then the tears gone as soon as I hear the intro to "STAND BACK"!!! YES!! YES!! YES!! When I first heard that song being performed during the dance tour I was just stunned out of my mind. This time it was even MORE Spellbinding and Exciting and just SUPER PUMPED!!! The crowd REALLY REALLY REALLY got into this one!!! I mean EVERYONE was on their feet and just dancing there butts. How can you not with this song. Anyway it was also VERY VERY cool to see the Stand Back shawl that I've been seeing countless times on video. To see it in person was a very cool thing indeed!! During the instrumental she danced and danced! Well of course she really danced throughout the whole show but she REALLY got into this one!! While Carlos was doing his guitar solo she was just getting down dirty and just totally enjoying herself!! Then when the song came to its big end she gave Don (the bass player I mean) a big ass HIGH FIVE!!! I swear its just so wonderful to me to see her so happy. :) Then came "Rhiannon". I can't EVEN begin to describe how enchanting and moving this song is. I'll start crying again if I do. So just remember when you heard this song at your concert. Then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.:) .Then came the intros for the band. Being the kind gentle and very generous person that she is she just loved EVERYONE as always. Then came "Whole Lotta Trouble" which just ROCKED!! Then came Landslide. Ever since I heard this song live the last time she was in Phoenix with the Mac I can not help but start bawling. Its IS MY ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE song. The ONE!! Its just timeless that song is but of course it just didn't sound the same without Lindsey. But her voice was still there singing those warming lovely harmonies. Maybe its silly and selfish to think I always like to feel that she's singing that song for me. :) Then came all the thunder and lightning and you knew "Twisted" was coming. WOW!!!! This was a kind of different version. Different then on the Box set and different then on the soundtrack!! It almost made me think that Eddy Van Halen was playing guitar cuz that's what it sounded like!! It was just ROCKIN!!! She was so cute in her bright red shawl too. OK NOW that song is done now comes Lenny's kick ass solo. That brought down the house. the it seems to end kind of short and I was wondering what was going on when who leaps out from nowhere but........................ MIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!!!!! He just popped out with his single drum and started playing the drum AND the crowd with way Mick always does. The crowd was SOOOOOOOOO PSYCHED and cheering him on big time!! He had on his fiery red elf shoes and wearing back t-shirt and black jeans. Looking pretty good I must say!! Then after he was done with his little solo he walked up to Lenny's spot, picked up some sticks and they both started jamming together!! They just keeping going and going!! It just kicked ass!! Then as more of the other band members came back Mick got his little drum and then started "Edge if Seventeen!!" YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Mick stayed in for the WHOLE song just playing away in the back. Another HUGE roar to hear this one!! Stevie comes out with her white shawl and LONG silvery jacket and sang "Just like the white winged dove......." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! NEVER heard this song live for myself and it was another song that brought out the tears in me. Especially when it came to when they were singing "I hear call of a Nightbird..." I don't know why but that line just sends me this emotional mystical power that I just can't describe. Totally wanted to bawl again!! She did her walk down and handshakes with the people in front. It was funny but she really wasn't taking anything that people wanted to give. Hmmmmmmmmm?? Maybe something to do with that stalker or something. Who knows. I guess she wanted to be on the safe side. Or maybe she just wanted to shake more hands of her people. :)They just basically threw the dolls and flowers (and a HUGE yellow pinwheel??) up on stage. Then the song was done and everyone including Mick took their bows. Well then you would think after this song Stevie and the band would go off stage and wait for the encore but no they stayed on. Stevie went up to the mic and started to say "I would like to introduce someone to you..." She didn't have to even say more cuz we knew who was coming on stage. Yup!! Mr. Don Henley himself!! Now the crowd was just lost it this time!! He walked out on stage looking good (but funny he was wearing a black suit and blue shirt. Hmmmmmm?? Who's he trying to look like??? Hmmmmmmmmm???) Well anyway he came out and guessed it!!! "Leather and Lace" started!! WOO WHOO!! I'm sorry I just think this is such a cute song!! I'm sorry AGAIN but Don and Stevie looked so cute singing it too!! It was just so wonderful to see something rare that I wouldn't get to see much live you know?? While Don was singing his part Stevie stood behind him smiling and rocking back and forth. Just totally glowing (not as much as with Lindsey though :) Anyway then that song got a HUGE round of applause and Don gave Stevie a hug and they and the band walked off and came back again!! WOO WHOO!! She did "I Need to Know" which everyone got down to including Stevie with her tambourine playing and twirls ( and yes she did a good amount of them if I forgot to mention. :) Then she dedicated "Has Anyone ever written...." to Mick because "I just love him so much." Awww!! Well that song was the really choker for me. It was the first song I listened to the day that Toni died. Throughout that whole song all I did was think about her and it was finally hitting me about her and its hard to take. Its getting me all choked up now as I'm writing this!! When she sang "Has anyone every given anything to you." Through the watered up tears I was able to say "Someone sure has." Sounds corny but its what I felt. Then when she sang "I want you to remember me." That was a REAL heart-tugger for SO many reasons. Then she gave her little speech about the men in her life being poets. Soon the song ended. Everyone including Don and Mick come out for one final bow Stevie couldn't thank Phoenix enough and said that she will come back at the end of the tour. Then they all walked off and that was the end. It ended just WAY too soon. I never wanted it to end. :(.

Anyway everything was simply perfect for me last night. She just places herself on another level of amazement every time I see her. She is not human. She IS an Angel. Thank you Stevie. :) I just want so much happiness for her. I hope she's already got that now. Well now the show is over and depressing is REALLY sinking in and reality of this week is hitting me again. I hate it when those two most special hours are gone from me. So I'm gonna cuddle up with my little Enchanted teddybear (I named him Glitter:) and just cry for a long time. Well I hope you enjoyed this review everyone. Its not my best so I suggest if you want better info check out other reviews as well. Thank you all for your time. Just believe. :).
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Phoenix Enchanted Concert.

Written by Ron Browne Jun 10, 2008 at 01:11 PM
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July 28, 1998

Well here I am back in New Orleans after taking a weeks vacation in Phoenix, with the real reason of going to the concert. We saw FM in Phoenix last year, as well as figured had to see Stevie do her thing in her home town, and one of my favorite cities.

I purchased tickets through the Arizona Heart Institute, so we got to go to the pre-concert party across from the America West Arena at the Civic Plaza..Had a great 2 hours, as they had food, drinks, and a DJ from a local Phoenix station playing all of Stevie's music, plus a slide show with photos, etc.....Stevie is a big supporter of the AZ Heart Institute.

We walked across to the arena at 8, and got to our seats right when Boz Scaggs took the stage...They really did a great job of getting the crowd going, and played for about an hour. The Phoenix show was really great, and after her brother read the poem, her father introduced his daughter to the audience. All very emotional, and she was really touched by her family being in the audience!! We had great seats stage right, and could see her make her exits and entrances, as well as really watch her perform the show. The setlist is pretty much the same as posted...her 3 songs she sings with the band sitting around her..(After the Glitter Fades, Garbo, and Rose Garden), were great, and she talked to the audience about these songs and why she chose some of the material for the evenings concert..She was very relaxed, and it was great to hear her talk about her material, etc.....

Rhiannon was the full blown version not the piano. She did a great job, but it lacked a little from the FM concerts last year. Stand Back had everybody up and dancing, and then Mick Fleetwood came on stage...dressed in black jeans, black t-shirt, and red tennis shoes. His drum strap broke, but a roadie got it fixed real quick, while he played around on the stage for a few minutes...He led her into "Edge of Seventeen", which really shows how powerful a singer and performer Stevie really is.

Of course after they all left the stage, we knew we had not yet seen Don Henley, and what song was to come....When they did come on, and they started "Leather and Lace", it was like they had just recorded it yesterday...Absolutely out of this world...I just sat there watching them, and listening to what has to be on of my favorite songs.

It was a great concert, some dancing, some sitting back and letting the music flow over me, and a lot of emotion watching her do a wonderful show. Most of the crowd was my age ..40's, and it was a lot of fun talking with people about our earlier days in the 70's, and remembering Stevie when she first appeared with FM.

Only wish I could have gone to the after concert party at Vincent on hotel was only a couple of miles away, but I was too late to get tickets for that event, which was also sponsored by the Arizona Heart Institute. All in all a great evening, in a great city..Met lots of great people, and it's amazing how many locals know Stevie, or see her running around the Valley doing her errands.
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Still in Awe

Written by  Jun 10, 2008 at 01:10 PM
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I was fortunate enough to attend the Phoenix concert last night and I still can't believe how exciting it was. I am going to make this a short review because most of the information is the same as the other shows. The first thing I noticed arriving at the America West Arena was the crowd. I was surprised to see very few hard core Stevie fans as opposed to mostly country and western attired people. I had my FM shirt and platform boots on, so I was ready.

Boz Scaggs gave a great performance and had the crowd really going. There were some minor amp problems, but overall it was a smooth set. He seemed to enjoy the fans excitement.

About one hour later it was time for Stevie. I almost cried when her brother came out with their father who introduced her. Stevie gave her Dad a big hug and started the show. I can't get over how impressive she is as a performer. I think anyone who has the chance to see one of her shows should run for tickets.

The costumes and set list are about the same as the other shows except for two things. Towards the end of the concert, during Lenny Castro's bongo solo, Mick Fleetwood himself ran out onto the stage. Everyone just about lost their minds. It was so funny because the strap on his drum broke, while he was running, and the drum hit the floor. Mick went up and played with Lenny to a stunned crowd. It was fabulous. Fortunately, someone fixed the strap on his drum, and he was able to go nuts playing it.

Just when you think it couldn't get any better, Stevie came back out and introduced someone who would be doing the next duet with her. She said that thanks to people needing things, artists were able to get together to do benefits. And thanks to this benefit, she introduced her friend Don Henley. My platform boots just about gave out on me. People were so shocked they started screaming and jumping around and crying. It was so cool. Stevie and Don performed "Leather and Lace" to perfection. I swear they sound better today than ever.

I am still in awe of how unbelievable an experience that show was. I know I will never forget it. Stevie is the Queen of rock and roll FOREVER!!!.
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