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San Diego, CA

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Stevie Rocked!

Written by Silver and Kathy D. Jun 10, 2008 at 01:21 PM
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Stevie ROCKED San Diego last night! ;-).

Well, Gooood morning Ledge 3!!.

Kathy D. and I are here to give you our brief report on San Diego. (A side note--I must say that Kathy is one very cool lady. We had a blast together yesterday!).

We were in the fifth row of the orchestra, on the far right side. We were sitting in the front row until "Dreams," when we were so *rudely* asked to go back to our own seats. (Hehe) Still, our fifth row seats were so close, we could see the detail on Stevie's shawls. The crowd was sizable, but it wasn't a sell-out. I don't think San Diego even compared to the enthusiasm of Universal. Stevie put on a fantastic show, nonetheless!! Kathy and I screamed ourselves hoarse and danced 'til we dropped.

Kathy says these were some of her personal highlights:.

1. Stevie held out her hand dramatically while singing the "Rose Garden" line about not having a "gold band on her left hand." Very cool.

2. On "Garbo," Stevie made an incredible high note ("...Marleeeeeeena") and held it forever. Her voice is actually GAINING range as the tour goes on!.

3. During "Gold and Braid," I thought of Hayley.

4. "Has Anyone..." was completely MESMERIZING!! I was just standing there with my jaw on the floor!.

These were some of MY highlights:.

1. "Stand Back" - Whoa, baby! Could this song get any more energetic? Stevie was sooo into it. She did another high kick that had Kathy and I looking at each other in utter disbelief!.

2. During "Rhiannon," Stevie was repeatedly mouthing, "Yes, you would!" to the audience in response to the musical question, "Would you stay if she promised you heaven?" (Although I could swear she was singing, "Would you ever change?").

3. During "Landslide," we saw that some of the people in the first couple of rows were moving to the edge of the stage, so we decided to go for it! We ended up right in front of Mindy and Sharon, literally pressed up against the edge of the stage. It was unbelievable! Kathy and I just could not believe our good fortune. We got to stay there for the rest of the concert. Stevie would come over to change her shawls RIGHT in front of us. We were yelling stuff like, "WE LOVE YOU, STEVIE!!" (She is soooo beautiful!).

During "Edge of 17," the guy behind me started shoving me in the back, trying to get closer to Stevie. I was kind of worried that he would break my ribs. As usual, Stevie worked her way from one end of the stage to the other. Both Kathy and I held out our hands when she got to us, but she missed us both. :-( Still, it was incredible experience. Those red platforms are something else!! :-).

Now, I'm not sure if this happened during "Edge" or "I Need to Know," but the guy who was shoving me in the back apparently decided that he wasn't close enough to Stevie. He put one hand on my shoulder, one hand on another girl's shoulder, and literally CLIMBED over Kathy to get on stage. I remember seeing his hand on my shoulder and seeing Kathy cover her head with her arms. It happened so fast! This guy got on stage and tried to run at Stevie. A security guard grabbed him and they fell to the floor in front of us. Another guard came over and the three of them wrestled momentarily. I think a third security person came over and they dragged the guy away. It was very frightening, but Stevie didn't bat an eyelash. She kept right on singing during the whole melee. I was shouting at Kathy, "Are you alright? Are you okay?" She was, luckily. We both hope that jerk was arrested. I should have slugged him when I had the chance.

So that's our story! Irvine, here we come!!.
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