Bob Welch

I liked Bob's smokey blues style of singing (and writing for that matter). He was present during my favorite FM lineup, which included Danny Kirwan. Peter Green would be my second favorite - an unbelievably talented musician. I don't know, Nicks and Buckingham always sounded like The Archies to me.

He has very articulate songs and his music (Fleetwood Mac & solo wise) are just wonderful.

He embodied the post-blues/pre-Buck Nicks era, and was really cool!

No reason....he's just cool...

He was very kind to me at a concert in Austin, Texas during a concert at The Armadillo World Headquarters. I had been into FM since Kiln House, and Mystery to Me was my favorite record. French Kiss had just come out, and I had listened to it hundred times. His performance inspired me to be more serious about my own music.

He has a unique voice...very hypnotic.

His R & B / Jazz influence & mellow talk style singing helped re-define Fleetwood Mac & Bob Welch's status in difficul t early 1970's. As Fleetwood Mac's first American member, Bob Welch managed to keep Fleetwood Mac alive during their legal battles in the U.K. by acting as their lead frontman & manager during 1973/74. He also wrote most of the album, Fleetwood Mac / Heroes Are Hard To Find (1974, Reprise), which became Fleetwood Mac's first top 40 U.S. hit album.

He helped FM through a confusing time. He's also a good songwriter.

He saved the band and wrote awesome songs.

His work is always thought-provoking and well-written and produced, a true artist