John McVie

john8He's steady and solid.

Because he's honest and forthright and has been so devoted to the band through the years. John also has a great sense of humor.

No one plays the bass as he does.

He's the best bass player ever and even now he is still really good looking.

As one of the founding members, he is not preoccupied with being in the spotlight. He just wants to play incredible music with the best bass lines in the business. He drives FM's songs to their fullest and adds so much from the shadows.

He is the consumate bass player. he doesnt have to be in front, just next to the drums to make the best rhythm section in music!

Because he is an amazingly talented bass player, and he is funny, too. He's happy to take no credit whatsoever (like a lot of bassists). Except in his case, he deserves a lot.

I want his arm...the one with the penguin on it.

I want a penguin tattoo, too

He was the single most influence for me taking up the bass guitar. He is an all-time great bassist

John McVie is one of the most underrated Bass players ever, and he is the BEST Bass player ever. And he's just so cute!

I think John is the best Bass player there has ever been. He just has a way of making the songs really work. And he just happens to be a very good looking man!