Danny Kirwan

danny3Learned my best blues riffs from listening to his playing. He had a quiet but very likable candor and seemed to be somewhat of a child prodigy.

His singing style is mystical and very soothing.

His songs were so melodic.

He could write some of the most beautiful and meaningful things like, 'Dust', or anything on Future Games...truly worth more than he is given credit for.

In spite of rather loose lyrics, the songs written by Kirwan were outstanding. The man could get some tone out of that Les Paul! He and Peter Green complemented each other wonderfully.

Danny Kirwan was a brilliant guitarist and in his first years with Fleetwood Mac, he was sooo sexy.

I really think Kirwan has been vastly underrated as a guitarist and songwriter. His best work with the band is on Future Games and Bare Trees, and he made some great contributions to the band when Peter Green was still at the helm. I really miss hearing Bob Welch music as well. I like all the incarnations of FM, but my favorite period was with Kirwan and Welch.

I guessed I'm kind of biased...he's my mum's cousin.

His music was ethereal and he was/is very talented.

best singer/songwriter

His voice and guitar playing is so lyrical and vulnerable...yet not without strength and dignity. Woman of a Thousand Years and Bare Trees and Tell Me All The Things You Do are stand-outs for me.

Great guitar player. Peter Green is also my favorite band member

He's the best singer, a great guitarist, and his compositions are so SPOOKY!! "When you say" is awesome!

I love his songs especially on Bare Trees.

His musicianship and haunting melodies