Peter Green

peter9I rate him highly as a blues guitarist

He was one of the best I ever heard...

He was THE MAN, wasn't he? Nobody could replace old Greeney.

Amazing guitar style.

I liked the blues incarnation of the band the best and Green is often overlooked for his contribution to guitar playing in general and the English blues movement particularly. His work on the early albums is at times extraordinary.

He wrote the best songs, he was their best guitarist, and he had a good voice (not as good as some later members though).

He provided the early inspiration for a great blues-rock band, and influenced many guitarists and bands.

I love his bluesy feeling and he wrote some the greatest songs: Green Manalishi, Man of the world, Oh Well! etc. etc.

He's got one of the most powerful voices and the sweetest guitar-sound I've ever heard in my whole life.

He's rated (and rightly so!) among the top guitarists of all time. His passionate writing, singing, and playing of the blues and rock-oriented material is simply out of this world. His songs are never boring, and I could listen to him play for hours on end.

Just listen to 'Oh Well part 1 + 2' what a great opus. The strength, the emotion, the feeling he put in his songs, guitar playing and his vocals, make him one of my favorite musical performers ever. Oh yeah, don't forget about: 'Black Magic Woman', 'Green Manalishi'(I'm not worthy), 'Man of the World' ( the saddest song ever!!),'Rattlesnake Shake', 'Sandy Mary' to name but a few. Peter Green changed my life: he made me feel the blues and turned me into blues pioneers as Robert Johnson etc.

He is just one of the all time most brilliant guitarists. So much feeling, so few notes. If he makes B.B. shiver...! He's been through so much and at last come out of the tunnel.

Next to Hendrix, he is the greatest electric guitar player who ever lived.

For the guitar playing of course but the 3 man guitar format of the original mac comes in second.

He is the best guitar player white black or blues or rock as far as I am concerned.

I feel he is probably one of the greatest guitarists in the world. Of course all of the people and musicians that played a part in FM are quite unique people.

Greatest guitar player in the world of all time.

He is a genius.

He is the father of the FM

One of the great 60's blues guitarists.

Talent, soul, spirit, voice.

Because . . . this fragile legend is one of the finest guitarists ever. Each note he plays comes from within. But, he's back and doing great. Just what many of us have been praying for.

Peter Green plays with soul. No self indulgence. His tone is sharp. Simply the best.

How does one best describe Peter Green? ... Passion, Grace and Fire! -- Peter Green is simply the finest blues guitarist I ever heard. His deeply emotional approach to music makes an immediate impact to the listener. His guitar playing is unparalleled -- tone, clarity, economy and precision. This man also possessed a soulful, powerful voice and excellent song writing abilities. His sudden, angst-ridden departure from Show-Biz in 1970 robbed us of true genius. It is surprising that most people are unaware of his talent and contribution to the music world. His awesome talent can best be heard on "Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac" (1967), "The Original FM" (1968), "Then Play On" (1970), or "PG's FM Live at the BBC" (1995). Of later solo works, try "The End of the Game" (1970) and "In The Skies" (1979). I was very happy to see that "The Man of the World" is playing on once more ...

He is one of the best white blues players in the world.

Much like Gram Parsons turned me on to Country Rock, Peter has turned me on to the Blues. I'm sure it's no coincidence that all three of us are Scorpios.

First, he started the band! Second, as a blues guitarist myself I think Peter was/is the finest bluesman England ever produced (sorry, Eric) And finally, The Songs, c'mon without Peter we'd have no Rattlesnake Shake or Man of the World.

There would be no Fleetwood Mac without Peter.

There has never been another guitarist, or musician, to play with such intensity and soul.

Real bluesman

He was the most sensuous and down to earth guitarist of his era.

He founded the group and is one of the four or five best guitarists ever.

There is a depth and a kind of pain to the music. The pain is evident in the way he plays and sings on those songs, and it's absolutely enthralling!

He was Fleetwood Mac

As John mcVie said: there's no one like him

Without him there would be no Fleetwood Mac; this website wouldn't exist. He is without a doubt one of the finest guitarists of that era. Mr. Green was also a fantastic songwriter

He is THE best guitar player of of his generation. I love his lyrics too. "Man of the world", "Black Magic Woman", etc., brilliant!

Not only is he an incredibly gifted song writer, and without a doubt one the greatest guitarists of all time, He will be recognized in the future to be one of the greatest "composers" of our age

Just listen to his passion and power on guitar (and voice) on "Drifting"

He is bigger than life!

He defined artistic passion with his playing. You could feel his pain in his words and music. A "true" artist who never "sold out"