Christine McVie

She has a great voice.

...because although her personas is that of mature adult, she is not staid or stodgy, oddly enough. Also, her piano playing is as gently rocking & ingratiating as her voice.

She has the most unique voice...great tunes and great voice

She has a beautiful voice and a sleek, sophisticated style.


Well, others are awesome, but Christine makes a lot of my favorite music!

She carries the band through good and bad times on record.

She is a great singer and songwriter. Her songs hold a lot of meaning.

I want her to "Hold Me" because she'd "Make Lovin' Fun"

The woman has been writing and singing great songs for over 20 years, what other reason do you need to like her. She's done great things since she started.

I like her voice, but I also like Stevie too.

Christine and Stevie are tied in my books because they sing all the best songs!

I like Christine and John because I think they were a cute couple!

She had the most beautiful, heavenly, sexy voice that almost makes me cry every time I hear "You Make Loving Fun".

I don't know why, but I have always liked her style.

Her voice gets even more beautiful with age.Stevie and Christine are equal in my book because of Stevie's writing.

To me, she is the personification of class and always uncompromisingly & genuinely herself.

She writes the most incredible songs--lyrically & musically a joy to hear. She has one of the best, most soothing, & certainly most unique, voices in pop music...and she can rock! Or she can play the blues. Or she can do a ballad like nobody else. As a singer/songwriter, she's the entire package. She can probably make a sneeze sound pleasing.

Christine McVie is my favorite member because of her many talents she brings to the group. She helped redefine the image of women in Rock and Roll in that she is not exceptionally flashy.

She seems to really mean it. Her songs are not always so perfect. Sad Beautiful. Cool.

The songs she writes are the prettiest, in my opinion, and her voice is just beautiful.

She's the one stable person in the group! Plus, she's the most talented. Look at the range of her music over the years.

She plays awesome keyboards, is really a cool personality, and can sing beautifully.

She held the group together through so many years and changes in personnel, and her contributions were consistently good on every album.

Her music helps me get through some days. She's the best singer around.

I love her songs and she has a great talent for the piano.

I love her lyrics and the sound of her crystal blue voice.

She is underated.

She is a very wonderful lady

Seems that most of her songs have a nice, upbeat quality to them...Stevie is good also, but I tend to get depressed after listening to her songs.

Christine is the most unique musician I've ever heard. She has an absolutely haunting voice. Mick is right up there as well. There isn't a more creative drummer in the business

Her soulful singing, and her songwriting touch me.

She seems to be a great asset to the band and I don't think she gets much credit.

I admire her singing, songwriting, and personal strength. She's a beautiful person.

I never knew before what a cool voice she had!!!

Her voice is outstanding and she has instrument talent

I think she has the prettiest voice and she writes songs everybody can understand.

Her voice is constant and unchanging and I love the songs she writes.

She's beautiful, has a unique voice-and a kind heart.

She's such a talented songwriter/singer/pianist. Her songs really reach you. She and her style are totally attractive and unique. Her songs get stuck in your head...I hope to someday have half of Christine's talent.

Elegant, piano playing goddess. Love her voice to death. Everyone knows who Stevie is, but what about Christine?

From the quotes I have read of hers, she seems to have a great sense of humor.

I love and respect with them all, but for some reason I seem to connect with her in a profound way. I adore her music and her presence.

Whenever I hear her voice, I immediately think of the times when I was growing up...and many fond memories of my childhood and things such as that, listening to the radio and hearing her Fleetwood Mac songs. To me, she is and will always be the true voice of Fleetwood Mac, although I love Stevie and Lindsey and everyone else very much...she is just very dear to me that way.

I really can relate to Christine's songs. Her voice is somewhat haunting, and very mysterious. I also like her unique style of singing, constantly changing notes without missing a beat.

Christine has a haunting voice and her songs are so emotional, you can't help feeling something when you listen to them.

I also like Christine, because she looks exactly like my spanish teacher

Her song "Songbird" was my wedding song

Because of her Beauty, Grace and Heart

Her songs and voice are what takes Fleetwood Mac to the next level. Her songs leave a lasting impression in your head and heart. If there was one person from Fleetwood Mac I would like to meet it would be her. What can I say, I dig her.

Three words: Christine Christine Christine.

Once you get past "The Chain" and "Landslide", her songs are at the top of my list of favorite FM songs

As she is just the greatest. She is my inspiration for all of my music, and I just wish to God I could play piano like her

Christine has proven her worth as a member of Fleetwood Mac. Her singing, in my opinion, surpasses that of Stevie Nicks (although Nicks is undeniably good in her own right) She is also a talented keyboardist. As a soloist, she more-than-deserves to be successful...

I think she has held the band together over the years, although the fame goes to Nicks and Buckingham. Her singles "Say You Love Me", "Don't Stop", "Little Lies", "Over my Head", and "Spare me a Little of Your Love" really define the Mac.

I fancy her. mmmmm Christine McVie 4 me!

Her voice is brilliant, and relaxing, her song-writting ability is outstanding and her piano.... Let's put it this way, I play the piano, have an alto voice, and try and do both at the same time, I don't succeed!

Great songwriter & musician and my favorite mac song all seem to written by her

Her Voice Is The Most Beautiful Voice Ever!

Christine is really a key member in creating that very well known Fleetwood Mac "sound" along with Lindsey, many of her songs are definitely instantly recognizable as a Fleetwood Mac song

I cry everytime seeing her sing SONGBIRD

She has an excellent voice and is beautiful and nice to her fans and I *love* her !!!!!

Two of her songs on her solo album helped to change my life

Her voice, her voice, her voice...