Mac Music Mystery Montage

Try your best on this all new Mac Mystery Music Montage! Can you name all 11 songs in this short MP3 clip? Listen to the MP3 music clip.  Fill out the form below and submit your answers.  You'll be e-mailed with the correct songs.

This is a great time to practice, flex and hone your Name That Tune skills because later this year we will put up a whole new game comprised of solo songs by the Fleetwood Mac members.  It won't be easy, because the solo songs will be from everyone, Peter, Bekka, Dave, Bob -- not just Christine, Lindsey and Stevie.  Entries for that challenging  Mac Mystery Music Montage will be scored with big prizes to the ultimate winner.  So, train now in preparation!
Thanks to John Fitzgerald for creating the sound files.

Click Here to Play