Lindsey Buckingham

Gads, what a horrible choice to have to make! I guess 2nd place goes to Peter and Bob and Stevie and Chris and...

He's an excellent, innovative producer...he adds a certain coolness

His guitar style is awesome. Also, the way he produced and shaped FM over the years is undoubtedly brilliant. Give the man a lot of credit: he's awesome!

He's better than the rest!

Um...Innovative, incredible guitarist, 'n' all that stuff... :)

He's an incredible musician and he ain't too bad to look at either!!!!! I love his music and it has gotten me through some very rough times in my life!

He is Fleetwood Mac. Not to say that all of the others aren't. He is captivating, exciting, and an awesome singer, songwriter, guitarist, and most of all he is soooooo sexy!!

His guitar playing has always mesmerized me. I think he is one of the best acoustic players I've ever heard.

He was the heart of the band in its best period.

I love all his songs. He made Fleetwood Mac what they are.

He's so sexy...he writes great stuff

I feel he is by far the most talented musician I have ever heard! From his Buckingham Nicks project to Out of the Cradle, his solo music is the most inventive and his production genius is second to none.

He's an outstanding musician. He was the brains behind the hit making.

He looks so hot in that tan linen outfit with vest and hat a la 'Hold Me' video. Oh, yea, his voice and guitar too!! Hee hee hee

He is the best thing that ever happened to Fleetwood Mac.

A tossup between Lindsey and Peter Green. What makes the both of them so beautiful is their ability to take a song and pump authentic emotion into it, instinctively. What I love about Lindsey is his free-lance finger picking style and hyper-drive voice.

He is a supreme guitarist and he is so me he was Fleetwood Mac.

He is not afraid to try new things musically, especially with his voice which is very underrated. His song 'Teen Beat' on the The Chain box set is at once hilarious and rocking.

Probably one of the most underrated guitar players, along with say, Steven Stills. Blues, rock, folk and acoustic; all played with a skill that shines on every recording.

Incredible guitar versatility and energy (particularly from '73 to '80)

I really enjoy his sound--he's a musical genius!!! I feel he is responsible for what most of us today would call Fleetwood Mac.

His writing and sound is different than anyone else on this planet. It is from the heart and he is not afraid to take a chance.

He is a studio wizard, knowing what little sounds to put where, he has the most honest/emotional voice of the group. Whatever he is saying conveys so much emotion and he is my main reason is his guitar playing. Knopfler and Clapton are great, but I do not think that they are nearly as versatile or moving/exciting as LB.

Guitar playing style, great live performer, music arrangement, and production...

Lindsey is a brilliant musician with a real drive to push his musical boundaries. Fleetwood Mac really benefited from this and are still good but not nearly the inventive outfit they were when he was involved. Plus, he has great hair.

I believe that while every member is absolutely important to the band, Lindsey really was the architect of the band's sound, as well as the group's best songwriter and a hell of a singer and guitarist, too.

Lindsey is truly unique and I like his singing and song writing. It's as simple as that.

He's not afraid to take chances with his music. He can pick an acoustic guitar like no one else I've ever seen. He's a talented singer, songwriter, guitar player and producer. He has gorgeous blue eyes. He puts on one hell of a show with Mac and solo.

I feel he was the prime creative force behind the band's best work.

He is a genius, a great singer, a great songwriter, and quite simply, very cool.

He kicks ass! He could write better songs in a coma than Eddie Vedder, Gavin Rossdale, or any of these alternative idiots can.

Lindsey Buckingham has mastered a mysterious art in his ability to compose lyrics and music which speak for our souls better than we ever could. His songs mirror our own lives -- our light and our darkness, our hope and confusion, our love and our fear -- especially when joined by the other great players of Fleetwood Mac. And this, after all, is the truest measure of an artist.

I think he has the best song writing skills of the band and also has a great voice.

Well, I'm kind of biased... (Lindsey's niece)

He wrote some many of FM's songs and he's just so cool!

When he is good, he is very, very good. Creativity is unbelievable.

He can take the pieces and make them whole...never breaking the chain.

He has a good melodic and orchestral sense to music, and he obviously co-wrote all the songs from 1975-1987 (look at the sh*tty Behind the Mask album for proof and compare to Out of the Cradle -- which one sounds the most like Fleetwood Mac?)

As far as I'm concerned, this man is one of most underrated musical geniuses of our time. It's obvious that his music is a passion. Careful listening reveals new wonders every time.

He's a musician whose music captures that feeling of the sharing of a common experience. And he has always been ahead of his time. Though 'Tusk' was described as an experimental album in 1979, today it sounds as fresh as...well today!

Lindsey is the Greatest! I love his songwriting, arranging, producing, guitar playing, singing, style, and he's just a great guy. I saw his show in San Juan Capistrano for the Cradle tour and it was the best show I ever saw!

His guitar playing and songwriting ROCKS!!! (Plus he's a huge Brian Wilson fan, just like me.)

He is a great songwriter, musician, and was the driving force during the band's peak. His solo work is also very impressive.

His music is haunting and memorable. Lindsey is the most musically talented and musically relevant member of Fleetwood Mac, then or now.

He is an awesome guitarist, like myself! (Just kidding!) Great lyricist too. (Like you?)

Are you serious? Not only is he handsome, he has the voice of an Angel and eyes of the Devil!

Proved that FM music can be FUN!!! Plus, the memories I have of the late '70's,(my High School Years) whenever I hear a selection from the White Album, Rumours or Tusk, takes me back.

lindsey12He is not only an incredible musician and songwriter but he is also incredibly hot!

When I was little his voice amazed me and now I can appreciate his amazing guitar skills...

He has such a passion and talent for his work. He is so pleasurable to watch. His guitar work is unmatched. He is THE reason FM is back!

Nothing competes with Lindsey's guitar playing and raw intensity.

It is my opinion, with how Lindsey plays the quitar, that he could shoot a rubberband and make it sound heavenly. His playing just sends chills up my spine. Also, I LOVE Stevie Nicks voice!! If only I could sing like that, and her music writing skills just blow me away, she's so imaginative. I just wish that Lindsey and Stevie would get back together, then I would be really happy! :)

Well, this is going to sound stupid, but he's my fave because if I had been alive twenty years ago, I would've had the BIGGEST crush on him...not to mention he kicks butt on the guitar.

I'm in love with Stevie, but Lindsey is a bad ass (i.e. Out of the Cradle). Lindsey made the band.

His guitar and emotional singing just gives me the most goose bumps.

He's the most entertaining with his amazing guitar work.

I try to idolize the way he plays guitar, and because he seems to be the most level-headed member of the band.

He is one of the greatest guitar players of the century and he is just plain interesting to hear about.

He's so amazing with his guitar work and captivating vocals! He's also a looker with fabulous eyes, which doesn't hurt his appeal AT ALL!! :)

Lindsey was the creative force in much of Fleetwood Mac's work. He's a very underrated artist (and the fact that he's extremely handsome can't hurt).

What he has done for me..... There is no one who can compare...

he is very versatile. he easily plays many instruments

He is the fuel behind the band--(if Stevie is (arguably) the natural star, and mick is the glue that keeps them together, then Lindsey, in all his rage/passion/unending sexual frustration defines what rock is. And he's also very beautiful

He is the best guitar player in my book.He's brilliant! His music is wonderful and I think it's because Stevie that he doesnt get the recognition he deserves. Stevie is way overrated. Also Lindsey is handsome now and was sexy in his day

Fleetwood Mac was lost without him. He carried that band. He's a brilliant musician and. Not to mention he has the most mesmorizing eyes...

Like most people who took this poll, I think that Lindsey Buckingham is the most amazing performer and over all musician that I have experienced in my short life. I say that Lindsey's music is an experience because he utilizes such passion that to listen to his music is to know the experience. And like every other woman who took this poll I think Lindsey's the sexiest man alive

He is overall amazing. His guitaring is masterful whether it be lead, breaking out with mad solos, or just as an accompaniment and filler. It evokes a reaction, or emotion, unlike most people I've heard. Also, his songwriting is phenomenal, as well as his production skills. He's one of the more rounded, not to mention, more skilled, musicians around. Strange as it sounds to many guitarists around me, I can say that Lindsey is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, influence on my guitaring style and technique, as well as songwriting

He is like a giant, living musical note. Music just flows out of this brilliantly creative, hugely talented man in his guitar playing, singing, songwriting, arranging and producing

I consider his songs to be the best that Fleetwood Mac has written and he doesn't annoy like Stevie can at times

He is the coolest guitar player in the world

He feels the music and has gone through a lot but still is willing to tour with them and has not changed his music to be hip

Do I have to explain myself? Well, it is close between Stevie and Lindsey, but Lindsey's solo albums are just so great! I love him!!

He is a guitar god and I love him and I want to marry him....(j/k)

He is the most awesome, underrated guitarist EVER

[Stevie and Lindsey: ] They're both so talented. I could listen to all their music for days on end

If it weren't for him that band wouldn't even be around right now. He is the creative force behind that band and they need him. Not to mention he is the best guitarist alive, and he's very easy on the eyes...

Lindsey is the all-time greatest guitarist and has a marvelous voice to go along with it!!! (not to forget his looks!)

He is just awesome! Need I say more? [no, that'll do;-) ]

He's the real genius. I love Stevie, I like her songs and listening to her, and I certainly love Christine's slick-styled music, but the real madman/genius is Lindsey

He's an artist with talent and integrity

Think about it that band was the best when Lindsey was in. Look at "Behind The Mask" He is a wonderful guitarist and is passionate when it comes to what he does. He is also very sexy

I think he's talented, attractive, and he brings a new vision to the world of music!

He is the most gorgeous man! But that's not the reason. He is a thoughtful, passionate person who loves what he does. Fleetwood Mac stunk without him. He did just fine on his own. He is a brilliant guitar player too

I never really appreciated his music before. Especially drivel like "Trouble". [ahem!] Seeing them live without him in '87 was a great experience, but seeing "The Dance" video showed just how much better FM is with him in the fold. And he deserves to be considered one of the finest guitarists in Rock. Highly underrated player, darn fine songwriter, and bizarre conversationalist. (Isn't that WEIRD????)

I love his unique style of guitar playing, his lyrics, and his voice. He is a very deep man, full of sincerity, and musical brilliance

He's the man that makes it all come together, and he's the wild energy that's latent in this band all the time

Extremely talented. A very underrated entertainer

I completely admire and respect his ability to pay attention not just to his section of the song, but to the song as a whole and how it sounds

I learned to play the guitar by hearing the Fleetwood Mac albums

I don't think I have to say anything, there are millions of reasons why

I'm a guitarist and Lindsey is such an outstanding player.. Truly a great idol for anyone!

He is one of the best guitar players of all time!! Actually I pattern my playing style after him

His guitar style and use of fingerpicking is so much greater than any guitarist I have ever seen

He's still just an average-guy, even after all the years of fame and money and disappointments. Not to mention, the man can wail on that guitar! =-)

I love the way he plays, and his whole attitude of not selling out and being true to what he believes in

because of his devotion to create incredible music

While the luminous list of names makes it hard to choose, I have to say Lindsey because the quality of his production is unmatched, his touch rivals other american masters (like Brian Wilson)

He is such a sweetie!

He is an amazingly creative and innovative artist. Addendum: Very friendly and courteous besides, with great sense of humor!

He puts more soul into his music than any musician I have seen. His music is not artificial in any way. There is a little bit of him in every note of every chord, and every wailing note of his music

His songs grow on you, to become classics in your memory, and as an artist he's truly respectable and unique

..I soon became fascinated by Lindsey's songs because they are soooo heart-renching. His personality is almost 'British' - aloof, and some-what arrogant. (I can say that as I'm British!!!!) I find it fascinating that such an individual can bear his soul so publically through his music

..I think Lindsey is really the added touch FM needed, he is such an incredible guitar player, studio guy, and song writer ...

When he performs "Big Love" in "The Dance" video, WOW, THAT is TALENT

He makes me melt

Super guitarist and so outstanding musically. Every song is so intense

His unique style on the guitar and the magic that he gives to his fans

He is an awesome guitar player. And he is a very good looking man. What more could you ask for in a rock star

Because he is the brilliant producer who made everybody else's songs so outstanding

... it is always interesting to hear what he comes up with next in music

He embodies all that is good about music - his spirit, passion and a mixture of raw and developed talent (and is he sexy or what ?)

He plays those strings like they're part of him!

He plays with soul, heart and above all, CARES PURELY ABOUT THE MUSIC. A man to look up to and admire in a time with so many plastic performers. He was for real, still is

...where to start! I must say he has been the biggest guitar influence on my life! I would LOVE it if he would give me lessons...

His lyrics are often what I'd like to express