Stevie Nicks

Her voice is incredible and very captivating. She is very deep....She is a goddess.

Stevie is the first person I readily identified with Fleetwood Mac. She is such a compelling presence and poetic songwriter that she connects with you in ways I can't begin to describe. Plus, her songs on Tusk were masterful!

stevie14Seeing her in concert with FM or solo was/is truly life altering.

She's got style and class. Her music is poetry and her voice is very unique.

Isn't it obvious? (John Kinney, Author of the The Nicks Fix)

Her characteristic voice...her mystical song writing...that voice...Haunting mystical tunes.....lyrics to her songs....

Her music is original and her spirit is free. She's very intelligent, beautiful, and truly dedicated to her music.

She has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.

Truly very very unique. Her music attracts you along with her physical attributes. Her concerts are captivating. Either you really love her or just acknowledge her. To me, she put The MAC on the world map.

She is so darn talented!...She is the FREAKIEST...unforgettable vocals

Her music has meant so much to me. When I feel depressed her voice puts me in a good mood. I think her music is very spiritual.

I love her voice, the way she looks, and the things that she sings about.

Because even in your darkest hours, her voice comes to you like an angel turning your nightmares into your greatest dreams...and she's hot!!! :)

Her songs truly speak to your heart. It's like somebody you know is singing these songs.

I love her music...but I love Lindsey, Christine, Mick and John too!!!!!

She is by far the most charismatic honest and talented performer there has ever been. She pours her heart and soul into her music for everyone to witness. There will never be another woman like her.

"Fingers find the ivory keys and a song begins to begin, like a wolf on the run. And you will find while in the wind something that you lost; the dream was never over, no, the dream was only lost...."

Most of my experiences were with Stevie. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her and be in a video with her. She is a wonderful lady. [A picture from the set was sent to us by Cara Smith; she appeared with Stevie in the December, 1985 video of 'Talk to Me']

There is no equal for pure emotion in music. Stevie projects an image of vulnerability combined with an ethereal quality that is compelling.

Her voice is magical. Every time I hear her, chills come over me.stevie15

I like the songs she sings best, especially "Gypsy".

She is passionate, she is strong, and her music inspires my heart and mind.

Stevie is a fantastic song writer. Her words really touch me.

She is an inspiration (and I like her shawls too)...She's very pretty.

No song writer possesses her originality, intensity or style.

It's kind of a tie between Stevie and Christine, because they're both excellent singers and songwriters.

I've always liked her a lot since I was 4 years. old. She was my childhood idol!

I love her romantic and haunting visions that she portrays in her songs.

She is the most intriguing. She can really captivate an audience.

She's a Witch, and so am I! Also, I love her voice, and it is what helped me develop my own without fear of being too strong or too weak. A very inspirational woman!

...because of all the dreams and storms I have suffered through in my life-- "I have never ever been a blue calm sea."

She's made up of this magical soul essence that pours out of her when she performs. She's like no one else. Although I know a lot of people slag her, I think it's because they can't relate on a level of passion that she communicates. It makes some people uncomfortable, so they dismiss her as hokey or flaky.

Her presence on stage & in her music. She is just an amazing talent. Maybe its my perception but I don't think she gets enough credit for her solo work. The record company doesn't seemed to promote it much at all & her CDs don't get the credit they should.

Exceptional songwriting and haunting vocals. Truly magical in performance and quite a nice lady in person.

It's hard to say exactly why she is my favorite member of the Mac. I've just always loved her and her writing. I even have an original pressing of Buckingham Nicks.

There aren't enough hours in the day...

I love her voice and the way she could be so sick and still sing so great like on "Gold Dust Woman"; my favorite song...

The first time I heard Rumours my favorite songs were all by Stevie. I have NEVER heard a song of hers that I didn't like. Interestingly, when I first heard Bella Donna I hated it. It's now my second favorite Stevie solo lp after The Wild Heart.

She sings every word of her songs like it's the last life raft on the Titanic! I read this in some magazine article, and I loved it. It so true!

Her lyrics rock. I'm only 15 years old, but I relate to everything she writes about. I would give anything to just talk to her. She is a beautiful person inside and out. There's just too much to say about Stevie.

Her music has helped me through the rough times.

Her voice is on great turn on and her songs can send you on a wild trip alone.

She has a very unique voice, and dresses neat.


Her songs rule! I feel like I'm floating when I listen to them! She's kind of weird and in 1979 wrecked a concert experience for my mother by changing clothes after every song, but other than that, she's pretty cool.

She is all that FM ever had.

The lyrics to her songs have a way of touching you deep can relate even if you take it in a different context.

Even though, it is the group "Fleetwood Mac" that had put together the style of music I enjoy listening to. I found Stevie Nicks gifted voice had put it all together. When she had left the group I still continued listening to her music.

stevie16She goes beyond all average expectations; she isn't a woman - she's a phenomenon!

My mom said if I were on my death bed she would get in touch with Stevie, because she would give me the will to live.

She contributed so much to the group even though she was not particularly wanted in the beginning.

She has the best voice. It's tragic and haunting and filled with meaning. The lyrics she writes don't make sense if you just read them sometimes, but after you hear her singing it, it all comes together, like she's singing lyrics that are totally clear. It's really kind of spooky.

Stevie has always been an inspiration to me. All of the concert experiences I have had watching and listening to her have been unforgettable. Especially, Chicago, July 18, 1994 at Poplar Creek Music Theatre. The Best that I've ever seen of her. She will always be in my heart forever.

I love her voice and the way she expresses the emotion in her songs. She loses herself in the music.

Her beauty, her voice, her lyrics and her clothes have inspired and influenced me since I was 8 years old. There are countless memories. With her songs she can take me to every palace or kingdom or heartbreak I could only dream of. I even named my daughter after her song Rhiannon because of what she did to her vocal chords trying to get it perfect for the album!

She brought a very unique and mystical quality. She has a very spiritual connection with her audience.

One cannot put a finger on the magical mystery surrounding Stevie Nicks and why she is attractive. I love to sing along with her and her songs.

Her songs are usually my favorites although I need the whole band working together on them!

Although I admire the talents of the other artist very much, Stevie's lyrics capture me in a way I can't explain (not to a computer anyway). Her songs are so personal and when seeing her perform live she is really trying to communicate with her audience through her song, telling them a true story. She is definitely a talent of today with old school qualities.

When I first heard 'Storms' completely fit a situation I found myself in. I literally bawled.

She is a captivating, honest, beautiful soul. Though I love all of the members (Rumours era), Stevie is the one I identify with the most.

She's talented, has endured the test of time, and is someone that the younger generations can look to for guidance

Stevie Nicks is an original and captivating perfomer. Not only is most of her music engaging, but as a performer there are few artists that have given me "goosebumps" when on stage..:) and Lindsey...their on-stage chemistry is amazing...I'm so impressed with them when they perform together...when they're doing solo projects, it just isn't the same.

I can relate to her songs...they all take me someplace. Some of her songs make me think about past loves (both good and bad). While other songs just make me want to dance and twirl! To me, she is the greatest singer/songwriter out there.

I think that she has an amazing talent for songwriting. Her songs are extremely beautiful, and I appreciate the sensitivity and experiences behind each of her songs. I admire her because her songs are so special to her.

She has a unique, gritty, powerful voice, tons of charisma and a great wardrobe.

She is so sexy & mysterious. I love her voice, the blond hair flowing, the lacy outfits she wears, her stage presence, & so many other things.

While I like all the members through the years, Stevie is who made Fleetwood Mac a household name, she puts so much emotion into her music which makes one appreciate the music much more.

Her music and singing are outstanding. Her solo efforts outshine any of the other fellow band member's solo projects.

She moves my heart when she sings. There has rarely been a female singer with such raw animalistic emotion. She is truly a goddess.

I love all of the lyrics in her songs. Especially 'Silver springs' and I think her gypsy style clothing is fabulous.

We both have long blonde hair, no children and not married. We both like crystals and Victorian stuff!

She is the main reason I started listening to the band. Her songs are the most inspiring, caring, sweetest songs out there. I would love to meet her and compliment her on her work that has made a difference in my life.

Truly a great rock figure. The first song I remember hearing by Stevie was 'Leather and Lace,' and at the time it was the perfect way to describe a relationship and even though that relationship no longer exists, for both of us it is still a meaningful song. Even though all the member of FM are great, Stevie has to be the best. Her voice, style, dress, actions and life are fascinating.

She is woman, and she doesn't try to be anything else.

..she is also very amusing during interviews..

She is awesome!! The songs she has written are so compelling and thought provoking. Stevie Nicks is so interesting.

I feel like I identify more with her music and messages [than Lindsey's].The lyrics and music she writes, along with all the rest of FM is so true and can be so easily adapted to anyone's experiences. She is so strong and beautiful and though I am only 18, I feel a strong connection to her music. I hope to be just like her someday.

She sticks to her music and doesn't let anyone change it just because it's not "in". That music that she makes is the kind that Stevie's fans love!!

"SilverSprings" is the most incredible song that has ever been written, and Stevie Nicks gives me chills when I hear her, especially when it's live.

Stevie has a voice of ellegance, strength and grace that will always reach the heart of many.


She is a goddess! Her music touches your soul and strikes a chord deep within it. Once you here her, you love her!


because I saw her show and it changed my life. Her music is inspiring and it keeps me going through 7th grade every day. It did before in 6th grade too!

She represents everthing that is beautiful in the world. She is utterly fascinating. She is beautiful to look at and listen to. Who doesn't love her?

Her music has helped me through some very dark periods.

She's my inspiration--enough said. .

Cuz her songs seem to put into words stuff I can't. She's so amazing. Whenever I feel depressed I listen to her and she can make some of what I'm thinking go away. As my mom's friend put it listening to a Stevie song on your walkman with your eyes closed makes you feel high. All I can say is hell yeah!

Because I really love her voice. Don't get me wrong though, I like the other members too. [oh.. ok! ;)]

I like this artist because of her personae; she lights up the stage. She is also a very strong and courageous person.

She moves me in her vocals, and seems to touch a person, which no other musician has ever done to me.

She has the staying power that most female vocalists lack to make the transition from the 70's, to the 80's and now into the 90's.

She is completely herself--with absolutely no apologies--and she is so fabulous!

She seems to have the perfect song for whatever mood your in.

Her life is her music, and her music is her life. She clearly gives so much to her music and shares so much with the whole world. I truly admire her honesty and frankness with the public. I think that she has great dignity about herself.

(Stevie and Lindsey: ) They're both so talented. I could listen to all their music for days on end.

I think it's obvious! LOL!

Her words come from the heart. . .to be able to show your heart's emotions to everyone is truly amazing!

She is the best person because she gave up everything to be a singer and entertain people.

She followed her dream and never gave up until she got what she was searching for.

I would say Lindsey, but he's an ***hole. Stevie is not only a talented musician, she's a nice person. Good combination.

she is THE queen of rock-n-roll

She is so talented and I love her voice and she has been around as long as I have ! (I liked it with Lindsey Buckingham, John and Christine McVie, Mick Fleetwood, and of course, Stevie Nicks.) Not that they are not great now, but the old stuff brings back GREAT memories of my partying days ... of long ago!

She is just amazing! Beautiful, talented, the voice, the poetry...she is my ongoing inspiration. I am only 15 years old but she has changed my life...

Stevie defines that mystical part of Fleetwood Mac. Everyone loves her voice is like an angel whispering in my ear. But that's just what I think.

She's f***in' awesome and she's a goddess.

it's a cliche, I know, to say Stevie is my favorite, but of all the members, I connect with her the most. She's definitely the most charismatic member of the Mac, which really makes me pay more attention to her and her songs.

She is so amazing. She has been through so much, not to say that the other members haven't been through hell and back also, but there is just something about Stevie... her voice and her ways, she will always be the reigning queen of rock.

She is her own person (well it seems that from what I know )

She is such a creative force. I feel like I can relate to her

With some people you can close your eyes and no matter what kind of day it was her voice washes over you and that day of whatever the problem is you just forget it and the whole world is perfect. She is one of those people.

She's magical...and I think that's enough of an explanation.

seeing her front row, learning about her - grabbing her hand in concert during edge of seventeen....etc.

her words, music, and beauty was my salvation growing up. She's a totally cool person with major talent

she is my all time idol, I love the way she sings and her whole style!!!!

She writes the only songs that can effect a persons feeling and judgement

She wrote my favourite song and she's friends with Billy Corgan.

Something in her touches me, hits home like no other. I can always relate to what she is singing about.

She has been through everything and still manages to keep doing her magic to this day

I think that she is one of the greatest female rockers and She is my main inspiration.

She seems like a nice person and i can relate to her songs. If it wasn't for her i wouldn't have confidence in myself to sing!!!!!!

She has such range in her talent

When I was younger, and not into FM at all--I saw her on TV a few times and she never seemed to smile (because she was so into whatever she was singing). It's nice to see that she smiles now, seems to have a surprisingly down to earth personality and a fabulous rapport with her fans. She's just really special

She rocks. Of the five most famous members of the group, she was the only one to have an amazingly successful solo career. Also, people tell me that I look like her

She reminds me of my best friend. Seriously! They're a lot alike

Stevie is my angel in the wind... she has written the best songs and inspired me to write many of my own...rock on gold dust woman...

It's the poetry in her music

She cares for and appreciates her fans more than any other artist in music

She's the S**T! Plus my sister and I are named after her and the song! (Rhiannon-Lynn & Stephanie-Lynn Nicole) I know my parents are sick, but I think its kinda cool!!

I can relate to her. Her words have a quality to them that is very meaningful to me

her songs inspire thought

Her honesty with her fans is refreshing, whether it be about her personal life or professional life, she lets you in. Her voice takes you along with her in her stories, it's amazing

She is a legend, plain and simple

she has an outstanding stage presence and all eyes focus towards her whenever she takes the stage.

she is a goddess..I love all of her work, both as a member of Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist. Her chemistry both on and off stage with Lindsey Buckingham is inspiring to watch. She is most definitely a role model for me and I look forward to all of the wonderful things that she will do in the future.

her spirituality and mysticality set the band apart from others even as talented.

Her voice is so original, no one could ever replace her even if they tried!!! I've been listening to her (and Fleetwood Mac) since I was a little girl.

She has faced a lot of crap in her time and has had the power to overcome it all and become a stronger person... she's a great role model for people....

Stevie takes us all away to land of heroes and dreams and to where all things unreal are real

Just because.Can you really describe how incredible Stevie is? I could be poetic now, but I won't, because that would just be scary...

..She brings her raw emotions to her songs and it's like you can feel what she was going through when she wrote the song...

Her songs can make me laugh and cry

She takes you by the soul and holds you captive

...She is the only singer who can pull of the witch look without being tacky

Because she cares about her fans!

'Bella Donna' was released the year I was born and has been so special to me all my life. Stevie is the epitomy of what every female musician should be. Being a musician I aspire towards Stevies's monstrous success, drawing inspiration form her optimism and perseverance

Her songs make me cry tears of joy, and tears of sorrow

Although she may be the most famous or at least "in the news" member it seems as if she is still underrated as a performer/song writer. The same can definately be said about Christine McVie yet even she gets more critical "respect" than Stevie. There is no question that Fleetwood Mac is a "team" effort but Stevie is and has been as a vital and integral member of the band.

There's no explaining her

She defines the phrase "Queen of Rock." I've been inspired by her music since I discovered rock and roll as a young child. I used to put on a black cape and walk around with a tambourine, pretending to be Stevie Nicks

When I watch her sing there is so much emotion in her face

I want to marry a women exactly like her

Just by reading what people have said about her, it is easy to see why Stevie is so special. People from ten to one hundred find something in her that touches their hearts, be it her music, style, or courage. "Landslide" made a profound impression on me. I heard it for the first time last year when I was going through a bad time and I cried and felt better. It's full of pain and yet it's so beautiful

She is someone to look up to. She has done so much, like 7 Fleetwood Mac albums (not including live and Greatest Hits), 7 solo albums and multiple guest spots. She is always out touring. She looks great and didn't stop singing because she gained weight. There are so little women out there showing that women can still be talented even if they aren't a size 4, 20 years old, or married with children

I probably would not have even heard of the band if it weren't for Stevie Nicks.

Stevie writes about things in our lives as though we have gone through it just as she has. When someone writes something that touches a persons heart that not only makes them feel good but also cry, that to me is very special! When Stevie is on stage singing you feel as if those songs were written for you only. So I look forward to every new thing that is written by Stevie!

She continues to create after all these years, and her creations are not diminishing in greatness.

... I know that no matter what happens I'll always have her amazing music to listen to.

... Although I usually don't know what her songs completely mean, I think they are great! I write songs, and I just wish I could write like her!

... [she] has always done what she liked, even if it was against the flow.

...And Because She Is ~Just Like The White Winged Dove~

...It's just that she's got this unforgettable voice...

...I remember seeing the Gypsy video when I was about 3 or 4. I told my mom that I wanted to be the lady in the shiny clothes in the magical forest

... she's the poet in MY heart!

.... I also know she is very giving to good causes and cares about everyone in the world.

Because she is mysterious - because she was hurt, and lived to write wonderful music about it. Because, most of all, she has a beautiful voice

Whatever my feeling or situation in life, there is ALWAYS an SNsong to mirror it

There is nobody else in rock music who appears to be out of fairy tale land

She has the most amazing voice and she has a way of being sweet and innocent and getting her point across through her lyrics. You can tell that when she sings how much these lyrics mean to her. It is very touching!

...her poetic mystical words that are forever frozen in time...

Stevie's lyrics have mirrored so many rough times that I've had in my life. It's almost "hauntingly familiar."