Greeny Biography

Poster: Mario

A third edition of "Peter Green - The Biography" by Martin Celmins is already in the shops.

This new edition is "revised and updated" by acclaimed biographer Alan Clayson.

But, basically, it is the same as the second 1998 edition. Clayson only wrote a short introduction and and a brief epilogue which is not very interesting or detailed and the book is budget-priced at Gbp 7,99 or Usd 10,95.

Martin had different ideas and actually didn't know anything about this third edition.

He did a very good and long exclusive interview with Jeremy Spencer (Christmas 2001) and suggested to the editor that it would be a great addition to the book for a third edition.

In Martin's own words: "I left them tel.number and new address and the assistant I spoke to said she would pass my idea about Jeremy and my details on to the new publisher and editor. SHE DIDN'T DO THIS!! So they couldn't contact me. The assistant no longer works there and they have apolosiged- bid deal (!!). "

It's a pity because it's a real missed opportunity for the biography - the interview with Jeremy had a few new perspectives on the Peter Green Story and it would have been very interesting for Greeny fans.

Anyway the deed is done and the book is now out. Greeny fans must be pleased it has made it to a third edition and will still be in the shops.