Rick Vito: Early 2003 Updates

Poster: Johnny Stew

February 08, 2003: Rick Vito dropped us a note and updated us on many different things:

  • His artwork is featured this past year in the gallery showing "The Art of Music" at the Avalon Gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show is sponsored by the Grammy Foundation and also features work by Lennon, Entwistle, Bowie, Ron Wood, Jerry Garcia, and many others. Rick is currently working out the details to offer RV originals and prints to fans online if they are interested.
  • Rick is in the wrap up stages with a distributing and marketing company to release a US version of "Lucky Devils" which actually features songs from "Crazy Cool" and a couple new ones, all remastered.
  • The German label, Hypertension Music, will release yet another RV CD, tentatively called "Band Box Boogie" this spring.